Originally done 2/3/19 (right pic), 2/7/19 (left pic), please share any experiences and stories. It’s still a bit swollen and sore but do you think it’s placed correctly? Or my ear shape is right for it? I’m worried it’s too close to touching my ear where the bar is.

  1. I remember my industrial being swollen for about a week or two. It looks like it’s placed just fine, just curious have you been cleaning it?

  2. Second to the one nipple that was pierced correctly, my industrial has given me the biggest fits as well. I also feel like mine is incorrectly placed, because I feel like the inner ear half is too far down the forward helix portion of my cartilage, slightly lower than yours even, which makes it hell to change the jewelry. Secondly, mine was pierced September 26, 2018, and I’be battled irritation off and on since then. The worst being most recently. I changed from my shop jewelry to gold I had bought, 8 weeks post piercing. My ear became irritated from the changing, and then grew infected although I cleaned it with my piercer’s preferred method (Renu contact solution with added sea salt) once per day. I tried to change it again today and I got some wonky barbells (zig zag and spirals) and I couldn’t get either style to go into my cartilage on both sides, only one. My holes also tried to close and I had to force the bar through. This left my ear more irritated, so I just reverted to my original bar. My problem is I’m a side sleeper. Before I got it pierced, I was sleeping on my left side. Well I’ve moved around and sleeping arrangements have changed so I’m sleeping on my right side, on the piercing a lot. Unfortunately I’m constantly taking sterilized tweezers and plucking wound up hairs from the barbell closest to my skull because it rests in my hairline. Honestly, my industrial was the most painful piercing out of 10 total and it has been the worst to heal, even though it should have the second fastest healing time out of all of them. I would recommend visiting your piercer if the swelling and irritation don’t go down by 10 days post piercing and it becomes unbearable.

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