Belly Button Piercing SOS, i got it pierced about a year ago, then it migrated out from being too close to the surface, got it done again and it got infected, took it out and let it heal for a year. Now got it done again nov. purple color is scar. But pus and pain. Using sea salt and neosporin.

  1. Thanks for the advice! I went to the doctor and they put me on antibiotics and dome kind of ointment/cream. Luckily I caught it early so I may be able to save it.

  2. Back story: I got it done spring semester of my freshman year of college (about February 2017). It was pierced way too shallow and migrated out. I got it out and let it close and heal for about a month. Then later around April 2017 I got it redone and it was doing well, over that summer i went abroad and the water in China infected it because its gross and dirty. Came home and got it taken out in the fall. Now I waited a year and got it done again and he pierced through the scar tissue and it was doing well but every once in a while i get yellow/white pus that comes out of the holes. No pain or anything. Now the purple spot where the scar is is pus and bleeding and i have no idea why. I really want this to work for me and i need advice. Also on Christmas of 2018 a dog jumped on me and it bumped it which irritated it for a week or so. I do sea salt soaks. Idk what size bar but its just a normal ring for belly.

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