Woke up to a snake in my drawer (Australia)

  1. Carpet snakes are your friend. They keep the nasty guys away and eat vermin. They're also chill as anything. You have to be a right royal twat to get a carpet python to bite you. I've relocated close to a hundred and never even been struck at.

  2. For what it's worth the number of deaths due to wildlife in Australia is similar to the US per capita. It's just that Steve Irwin really publicised the bitey parts of our wildlife.

  3. To be fair, my husband’s mom’s family is from bumfuck Alabama and this happened at his grandmother’s house when he was like 3 and they were visiting from out of town. Even worse was that it was two and they were trying to find somewhere to nest.

  4. Funnily enough, all our deadly stuff is generally quite small and easily avoidable (assuming they don't slither into your chest of drawers, apparently). Snakes, spiders, jellyfish or whatever.

  5. I’m right there with you. I’ve seen lots of Australia things I could overlook but a snake in my drawer!! Nope!!

  6. I offered my wife a honeymoon in Bali, but we would have to change planes in Australia. She is terrified of spiders and snakes. She nope'ed out on me.

  7. Yeah. I think we are all being gas lighted. Aussies don't want us there, but they will never actually say that. Instead they just keep reminding us of all the ways we can die, including the heart attack from finding this jewel in our drawers.....

  8. To be fair I stayed at my parents place in Texas and had a snake in my shower. Turns out my parents had a mice infestation :) snakes aren’t rare in warmer climates tho

  9. Definitely a jungle carpet python. I had one for years it was such a friendly snake, most of them are that whole species is pretty docile.

  10. In primary school (kindergarten to year 6) we were taken into the bush at the back of our school to be shown a brown snake (one of the deadliest snakes in the world).

  11. Yeah pretty much but it's about one lesson and can be taught to anyone. The lesson is, nature in Australia is beautiful, in all cases if you don't fuck with it, it won't fuck with you (except possibly wild pigs). Admire it from a distance and everything will be ok. If you don't have experience handling it, don't.

  12. I'd imagine it's similar to the U.S states like FL. I grew up in FL and I remember learning rhymes to help memorize the color pattern of the dangerous snakes. The local park had shows that taught us how to run from an alligator if chased, how to disable one in the water if needed, etc. And your parents teach you a lot of it, like big brown fat snake with a white mouth = run, black shiny snake = harmless.

  13. Having grown up in Australia I think the difference that stands out to me most is we know subconsciously to not walk in grass longer than your ankles. Like if there is an option to go around we always would especially on warm days. We did learn about specific animals but regarding snakes it was just ‘they could all be deadly so leave them all alone’ although that might be different depending on part of australi

  14. I think it’s mostly parents. Most would just start by teaching kids generally not to play with spiders, then probably tell them which ones in particular are ok or not. I don’t know how to ID many snakes, I just tell my kids stay away from them if they see them, they’re probably all venomous where I am. Although I’ve never seen one close to my actual house. Waiting til kids get to school wouldn’t make sense, they’re probably going to at least encounter redbacks before that.

  15. Yes there's a Peppa Pig episode where they are nice and friendly to a spider. I heard they don't show that episode in Australia since the spiders are more deadly. Not sure if it's true though

  16. What we have here, little white Berber sister, is a magnificent specimen of pure Maryland Blacksnake. But it ain't too goddamned beaucoup.

  17. Come to Canada. It's like, the exact same as Australia, with way fewer poisonous snakes, and spiders. Population around 40 million. Commonwealth country. Population all in one strip with big empty sections. Surrounded by water. Iffy history with the Indigenous population. Big ol' forest fires in the summer. Likes extracting fossil fuels. Pretty good response to Covid. Expensive housing. Likes BBQ. Likes vehicles with a tonneau.

  18. I lived in Australia for six months. This shit was in the news every week. Typically it was a python, but occasionally someone would go to grab their garden hose and it was a king brown. I forgot the snake that a friend of mine was telling me about that was in his ceiling and tried to attack him, but it was a mildly venomous type. They still thought I was crazy because I flushed twice before I sat on the toilet in the middle of the night.

  19. But did you check under the seat for spiders? Also, spiders like to sit under water in an air bubble waiting for targets… in case you like pools and such

  20. This is a carpet python so they are in fact a very popular pet snake! Since he’s wild he’s less inbred than the pet ones

  21. It’s hilarious to me that yanks freak out about Aussie wildlife and how everything will kill you. We don’t have wolves, bears, mountain lions or anything close. All of our deadly shit is either in the water or can be handled with a broom and a plastic bin.

  22. It is fair. But your deadly stuff commonly comes around where you live. Our deadly stuff usually keeps to itself unless you live in the middle of nowhere or are intentionally in nature.

  23. Our great great grandparents made sure our dangerous species were hunted to the brink of extinction by the 1920s so we’re good 👍 /s

  24. I mean, I'm okay with snakes as long as i notice them before they notice me. And it's easier to tell of he's pissed or not

  25. I don't think you really needed to put Australia in the title. We all just assume Australia now for this kind of shit.

  26. Oh, if you don't mind me asking, what's this poisonous cobra doing in my underwear drawer? Sometimes I get to thinking' you don't love me anymore.

  27. Tired of Elf on a Shelf? For this Christmas try Snake when you Wake! Guaranteed excitement for the kids!

  28. If I had a dime for every time I see a post of snakes, spiders and other monstrosities found in random spots of people's houses in Australia, I'd have enough money to go to literally any other country besides Australia

  29. It's not. I've been here for 11 years and seen one I've snake in the wild. To be fair it was a brown and my mate nearly trod on it, but it was a cold morning so it probably wouldn't have bitten him.

  30. I saw my first snake in 36 years a couple of weeks ago. Just chillin’ and wiggling through some shrubs.

  31. Nah not most people. I live in Suburban Sydney, near a National Park but not bordering it. All I've seen today are is some garden spiders when I was trimming some hedges and the local Brush Turkeys doing their daily battle with the Noisy Mynas.

  32. Dude FUCK THAT. Could you imagine laying down in bed and waking up to a snake slithering around under the sheet? No way

  33. As someone who has never been to Australia I feel like living there would be like living a DnD campaign. Today we fight the roos, tomorrow the birds.

  34. "(Australia)" He says as if we didn't FUCKING KNOW. My man you woke up with a snake in your drawer... we knew it was Australia

  35. Hey, new roommate and friend, to be it sounds like a win. When i lived there, i ended up with a few extra roommates, which where she spiders, i how they where not venomous, but i didn't bothered them, and they didn't bothered me. I got used to it.

  36. Real question, considering it's a country full of deadly animals, why aren't houses built to be somewhat more animal-ingress-proof?

  37. I don't live in Australia myself but as a herpetologist and an avid movie quote referrer, even if houses were built to be more wildlife-proofed, "Life, uh, finds a way."

  38. That looks like a pet snake. Pretty sure we don't have ones with that colouration in the wild here. At least not anywhere near people.

  39. if you don't want to read this don't reply and say you didn't read it. It's rude . just keep scrolling. Why are you asking for attention like a troll? I'm from india and my parents got married very late so my mom told me that around the 1960s she used to get a snake that came to her house to deshed its skin. They had an old suitcase that had a lot of metal edges on it. So the snake used it to shed. They had a farm house and had ducks, chickens, geese etc. And they used to get foxes that came to hunt them and once her sister saw a fox at night and screamed because its eyes were glowing and she was like 5. so her dad came running outside with his face half shaved because he was in the middle of shaving . My aunt told me this so many times that i have it memorized

  40. Is this the Australian version of having a cat adopt you? Congrats, you have a snake. Now, get a heat lamp in there. It's chilly

  41. I’m Australia isn’t this like the tooth fairy? Find a snake in yah drawer and you get a free jar of vegemite and a high five from a wallaby??

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