30 people getting coffee vs. 30 people getting coffee

  1. The description of the top photo sort of makes it sound like this line up is due to the pandemic, but I've seen line ups exactly like this for years before the pandemic. A whole lane on a major road will be blocked with a line up of cars waiting to get their coffee at a drive thru window during the morning rush hour. Cars just idling there waiting for 20 min or more, it's nuts.

  2. The "30 people getting coffee today" picture should probably be 30 mobile orders getting cold on a countertop.

  3. There's a nice non drive thru Starbucks down road from that one in Plainview. It's a great Starbucks and I recommend that one instead. Lol

  4. even though the long island picture is from covid times, the aerial shot shows that place was designed for vehicles. I'm from NYC and don't drive and can say from personal experience Long Island is not pedestrian friendly. There are sidewalks and public transit options, but often when walking to places you feel like this place was not designed with high foot traffic in mind.

  5. Thats any starbucks at multiple times of the day on Long Island. Want to grab a coffee on the way to work? Better give yourself an extra half hour

  6. Thanks for context. While I agree with the overall message of making society more social, I don’t think these images are strong evidence.

  7. So that car line is because it was peak early days of Covid and you couldn't go inside anywhere to drink a cup of coffee. Drive through was your only option.

  8. I immensely enjoy my cup of coffee and listening to a good podcast in my car on the way to work.

  9. It blows me away that my local Starbucks routinely has a drive through line that takes 30+ minutes to get through. Especially when the inside is nearly empty.

  10. Actually absolutely blame cars. Blame the auto industry for pushing car first infrastructure for the past 100 years which directly drove how these 1950s cities were built, an objectively worse and unsustable design practice in civil planning.

  11. I am fine with cars, but I hate how our cities are designed entirely around them, to the detriment of public transportation, bikes, and walking. Hopefully we start to see some smarter city planning in the future.

  12. Cities built before cars exist all over the world. Many of them, including old dense cities like Paris, were gutted and retrofitted to allow cars. The US, in typical fashion, was way more aggressive about this and made their cities into depressing, dangerous places.

  13. That is just fully false though, american cities existed before cars, then with cars but also streetcars and public transport, then it all got bulldozed so you can drive around some more. Find Not Just Bikes on YouTube, he has perfect videos about these problems and why the american way of building cities makes no sense at all.

  14. So glad to see this near the top. The top comment is, of course, some trite bullshit that was thought up in a couple seconds and could be disproven in as much time, but this is the right take.

  15. Also, the context could be massively different. If the picture at the bottom is a popular tourist destination they could be mostly tourist, enjoying their day. The above are most probably people picking stuff up on the way to do something.

  16. Many of USA's largest cities were developed and functional before cars. Model T was not released until 1908, so you had over 100 years of city development until cars because widely adopted around the country.

  17. The vast majority of the city's development happened before cars even in American cities. Neighbourhoods had to be levelled to make them car-centric.

  18. True story. I walk into a Burger King/Wendy's/Taco Bell/ etc. No one is at the counter. I flag someone down, they say I have to wait because they're prioritizing drive thru. 10 minutes pass before I am allowed to order.

  19. About 2 years too late for this information but CVS would have let you walk up to the drive thru for the free covid test

  20. Same. We do Starbucks on occasion, my wife tried going in last weekend while I waited and watched the car line. Took twice as long as the drive through line despite no one being inside.

  21. That's because they have timers for the drive thru area where they can get into trouble when cars have to wait beyond a particular time. There are no metrics on you waiting.

  22. When I worked fast food they had a metric that measured time a car pulled up to a menu to when it drove off from the window using weight sensors. The store was judged by this metric. There was a metric for walk-ins but it only started when the order was placed. Solution delay taking walk-ins so you could control your metric times... Is it shitty yes, but this is my understanding as to why this occurs

  23. I mean the Walgreens was justified. Asking coivd testers to stay in their car is sound infection control policy to prevent transmission. Not serving people who walk through a drive through is just a policy across the board because of safety and insurance issues. I'm sure if you looked on their website they made it clear that they were only doing covid tests for people with cars.

  24. When I think about it. The fact you can call an manager and complain, there is only one reason for it, it's when you're pissed at the service. Its not even about making it better, it's about relieving your anger at the stupidity.

  25. Link to it? Is it just the classic Seattle picture of showing how many people can fit on bikes/busses/trams, vs the space taken up by individual cars?

  26. Les Deux Magots is also a pretty famous restaurant in Paris, not a cafe. I ate there once. It's kind of a tourist staple, and if I had to hear one more fellow American make a dad joke about eating at the "two maggots" I was gonna lose it. But the food is damn good. The mill-feuilles will change your life.

  27. Yes but that's ignoring 80% of American infrastructure purposefully just because somewhere there does exist a coffee shop that's quaint.

  28. Both types of establishment exist in both places, but they are not represented with the same frequency respectively. Europe is far more accessible by foot, while large swaths of NA are asphalt hell.

  29. Shut Up! We don't need any obvious truths here. I want to feel superior by saying America sucks based on a stupid photo of two marginally related businesses and act like they are a perfect representation of every business like that in those countries.

  30. Quaint places like this is just less common in America and where they do exist they get significantly less business than the nearest Dutch Bros or Starbucks.

  31. And how many of these quaint walkable American neighborhoods are new developments? And are these new, quaint walkable developments linked to other developments through transit? And how many are affordable?

  32. It is also completely ignoring the fact that one of the locations was legally not allowed to have people enter or sit down inside and enjoy their coffee there due to covid protocols when the picture was taken

  33. Everyone knows America has regular coffee shops. The point isn’t that France is perfect and America sucks, it’s that drive thru is a wasteful way to serve coffee.

  34. I get grabbing a coffee on the run, but what I don't get is starting on your way 20 minutes early to wait in a long line.

  35. Yeah, but then you wouldn't experience the joy of spending seven bucks every day, five days a week, four weeks a month! Who can put a real price on that happiness?

  36. It is infinitely cheaper to brew it on your own and your favorite chains usually sell the ingredients. Starbucks, Dunkin’, McDonalds, Krispy Kreme.

  37. When I was working in Paris I'd have my coffee every morning in one of these before walking to work.

  38. Exactly this. Also 30 people where walking to get coffee isn’t feasible vs. 30 people that live in a city where most things are within walking distance.

  39. Right?! I’ve lived in both the United States and France, and yes France has more charming cafes, and cities are obviously much more walkable. However, there are plenty of quaint sit-down coffee shops near my home (including three I can walk to) in the United States. And there are soulless chains and cars in France.

  40. Hate to break it to you, but these café terrasse scenes are commonplace even in some North-American cities (say Montreal for example). This would be a Wednesday 2pm vibe. Some people working at the cafe, some having a late lunch, some just enjoying a coffe in their free time.

  41. I know this was during lockdown but my local Starbucks and Dunkin’ have always had lines out of the bung hole. So it’s still somewhat valid.

  42. I know you got hit with the "it was COVID" excuse, but this is my local Starbucks line in the morning, especially weekends. Maybe not as long as this, but actually pretty fucking long. Maybe 20+ sometimes.

  43. Everything wrong with Car Culture (this pic could have easily occurred any time before or after the pandemic) in a nutshell.

  44. Having been to Paris, this is exactly what people do. They stop and have a coffee on the way to work - maybe for 5 minutes, maybe for 20 minutes. Maybe for the same amount of time a car waits in line at a drive-through. The average commute to work in the city is by metro/bicycle/scooter/foot and lots of folks stop on the way in for a coffee or quick bite. I think it's pretty similar in a lot of urban centres.

  45. It’s ridiculous how much a Starbucks line can clog a roadway, I see it all the time in my town. It really fucks with traffic, lots of accidents too

  46. 30 getting coffee during the 2020 pandemic lockdown vs 30 people who either inherited or bought the most pricey Paris apartments there are (many are likely tourists as well)

  47. So what you are saying is you expect more non Caucasian tourists at the Deux Magots? Or maybe you mean that it's not just tourists, also locals go and therefore there should be more Algerians, Moroccans, Portuguese and Tunisians? In the 6th? Now go take a picture of a cafe at Chateau Rouge and the elephant in the room would be OMG it's a ghetto, where are all the Caucasian! Almost as different arrondissements have different demographics.

  48. I am getting really tired from these dual pic post. They show you two pictures and are trying to be biased but the way type of picture is already swaying your views. Both are fine. People need coffee. There are plenty of ways of enjoying it. I enjoying it by being away from people and prefer being in a locked room from god damn people disturbing me. I also like to go to cafes during slow times to drink my coffee in peace. It's coffee, how you take it, is up to you. Everyone loves green tea but not everyone is going to go through a Japanese tea ceremony. These post are there to get people riled up over dumb things that doesn't mean anything to anyone as a distraction to what is happening to the world.

  49. Better, they aren't just cherry picked photos that are likely non-representative of reality. But they pick photos from drastically different times.

  50. The bottom picture is apparently a parisian tourist trap so it's definitely people with nowhere to be. It's also a full on restaurant and not just a coffee shop lol

  51. It's very common in Paris to stop for a coffee and a bite to eat on the way into work. Was like that every morning I was there - and not tourists. Folks heading to work. And there's generally take-out as well. This is pretty typical behaviour in urban centres, including where I live.

  52. I lived in the Deep South for the first time last year (from the PNW) and nearly every Dunkin' Donuts and Krispy Kreme and Starbucks was like this in the mornings. I really, really couldn't understand it.

  53. My car is very comfortable, I happily troll Reddit on my phone while comfortably waiting for my coffee and donuts in my car. I got seat warmers, yo and the sound system is better then what I have at home.

  54. Most people aren't getting simple drip coffee at coffee places, though, so your "just brew it at home" advice is pretty pointless. And nobody is waiting 30 minutes in a drive thru holy shit.

  55. People in the PNW get their coffee the same way, I’m not even from the South but this is a really stupid comment insinuating somehow people up in washington don’t do drive through coffee.

  56. Disingenuous bullshit. Half of the cars there are waiting at a light that has nothing to do with coffee. You can make this point without lying like this.

  57. I mean, If you want to compare the lives of people going to work / running a schedule vs tourists enjoying holiday, go ahead.

  58. In many countries it's pretty normal to stop for coffee on the way to work. I used to do it. My commute was train + walk, and I used to stop for coffee on the walk to work. It's not unusual in the slightest. In fact, there's usually special prices for breakfast. Coffee + a viennoiserie, for example, or coffee + pintxo, at a reduced price.

  59. I hate the fact that there’s always a huge line of cars for the drive through and no one in the store. Everyone is screaming about climate change but no one wants to get the f out of their car. In a similar situation I can’t tell you how many parents I see get in their car and drive 150feet to the corner and sit in the car with their precious kids waiting for the bus when it’s still like 70degrees and sunny in the morning. Walk a block, it builds character! Get out of the car and go into the store, maybe you’ll talk to someone and make a friend or at least make someone smile.

  60. Very well could have been a COVID image. I saw lots of place go drive thru only once some of the restrictions were lifted and they were all as dramatic as this image. I don't see anything like this anymore though, there would be at least a few cars sitting in the parking lot.

  61. Maybe we should consider that it is possible that the picture was taken during Covid, and you’re not even allowed inside the store, even if you want to go in there

  62. I almost always go in. It smells good in there, they have comfy leather chairs and free Wi-Fi. If I'm in a hurry for coffee, one of the most important and rewarding parts of my day, I need to reconfigure my schedule and/or reprioritize my life.

  63. this is just the difference between living in a downtown urban area vs living in a rural are with wide open spaces.

  64. American car culture is so weird to me as an European who walks!+/rides his bike everywhere and if its too far just takes a bus that arrives every 10 mins

  65. These pics are so stupid and clickbaity. America has cafes too. Where people sit and enjoy their coffee and drinks. We ALSO have the option for a drive through if we need it.

  66. I used to walk to work, friend offered to give me a ride. Then he gets in the drive-through for coffee. I just got out, went inside, got my coffee, and came back to the car and started eating my muffin while he was waiting to order.

  67. I've tried this several times. I pay attention to what car was the last in line when I parked and even when the inside line is shorter or nonexistent, that car usually beats me out. They prioritize the drive through.

  68. I've done that a few times. Went to a restaurant with a drive-thru with my friend. We both knew this restaurant was slow as hell, especially the drive-thru lane, so I suggested we park somewhere and go in to order. Friend was too lazy to do that and insisted on going through the drive-thru. I said, "Okay, suit yourself" and hopped out to go inside to order. Came back and friend hadn't even made it to the menu screen yet. I was inside for maybe 6 or 7 minutes. It took my friend almost 12 minutes to order her food and another 10 minutes to get it. By the time she got her food, I was almost done with mine.

  69. What an idiotic comparison. The people at the coffee shop don’t have anywhere to be and are enjoying their coffee. The people in the drive through have a place to be and who is to say there aren’t multiple people in the vehicles? It could be 100 people for all you know.

  70. Guys please stop circle jerking. As another commenter pointed out, the top image is from the middle of the pandemic and the dining area was closed, so going inside wasn't an option. The line is long because there is probably only one person working which can be inferred from the one car that is parked in a parking spot.

  71. I drive by a Starbucks that’s like that every morning. There’s a walk up window too that moves way faster so I always shake my head thinking like why the hell won’t you people just park. They block traffic on the Main Street and everything. I’m not a coffee drinker so I guess I don’t understand.

  72. I fucking hate when a starbucks line backs out into the main road and causes traffic. There's one right in front of a turn I need to make to get home and idiots pile out into the main road rather than just parking and going in, and I end up stuck trying to pull around them and back into my lane.

  73. Half the lines in my town (georgetown, ky) look just like this right now. At this very moment, there are at least 10 longer lines, guaranteed, in a town of 60k Includes two starbucks And its not even 1pm yet This, seriously, is nothing. The chic fil-a here averages three laps around the bulding, the parking lot is just a spiral.

  74. Caption should note the distinction between a walkable European city designed before cars were made and an American drive through joint.

  75. Oh look, it's my local busy Tim's, except the car lineup is making a left turn into the parking lot and blocking the intersection.

  76. Am I the only one who would rather stay in their car than spend a bunch of time in a crowded cafe full of plague rats other people who are probably unpleasant to be around and some of whom are definitely carrying Covid because they frequent crowded coffee shops.

  77. Imagine how much faster these lines are gonna move once the boomers are gone and people just have to pick up what they ordered on their phone

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