Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy in 2019 vs 2022

  1. Although I’m sure he’s going through a ton of stress and it probably is showing, this is a bad comparison. The first one is taken with soft light which softens and hides wrinkles, the second one is taken in hard direct light which does the exact opposite.

  2. To be honest though, I prefer the later picture. He's gone from looking like a standard politician to being a hardened leader. Ukraine should be proud of him and I truly hope he doesn't have some dark side we'll have revealed later.

  3. Also very likely touched up in photoshop if this image was going to be used for widespread marketing.

  4. I'm glad this is the top comment, I'm an amateur photographer and lighting absolutely makes a massive difference in how people look.. a professional portrait will have a giant soft box for diffused light whereas the second photo is much harsher light. Also if anything it just looks like he hasn't had much sleep but other than that he doesn't look different

  5. Yes but the different choice of light/composition/cloth etc between the two is interesting to compare, because they are mean to send different message. The interest in this is not just "president look tired" but also "how war change is image"

  6. I'm sure he gets 8h of sleep a night... not... not even one night. I'm more impressed by this man's courage than mostly anyone in the last approx 70y, maybe more. He had the option to run for safety and he actively refused it. He would have been granted life sanctuary and he knew that.

  7. I came here to say he hardly changed in 3 years and you're pointing out how the composition of the photo exaggerates features to make him look more worn out.

  8. The second isn't taken with a hard light nor direct one. Look at the shadows on the face to see the direction is almost the same, and the hardness is just a little bit stronger in the second photo as seen on the shadows that the jacket makes on the chest...

  9. Also! He is wearing roughy military looking gear! Not a bad thing at all he is fighting a war and showing his people that! But it’s not as swish as a nice suite

  10. Dude voiced Paddington in the Ukraine dub of both 1 and 2, and won Ukraine's Dancing with the Stars. Also a TV comedian.

  11. The man played piano with his dick on national television, then proved he has the ball's of steel to lead his nation thorough war.

  12. Weird, totally forgot he was a comedian. I remember all the media coverage he got when running, but ever since the war started I’ve seen nothing that shows he takes his job lightly. He’s really stepped up to the role of a leader.

  13. It’s so sad. I have a family member that is all for Russia. He was even on Tucker Carlson. He believes they are nazis. Or to some extent. It boggles my mind how twisted politics and fake news has fucked up the US population so bad.

  14. So true! I always wonder if I was in the exact same situation of great leaders/heros/failures, how would I have responded? Retorical question, but interesting to think about.

  15. I remember when ukraine started kicking ass someone said that Putin was expecting a clown and not a metal comedian

  16. This has to be rough on Putin. The guy spent decades cultivating the top dog, macho man, alpha persona and then comes this Ukrainian funny man, a clown, a joke to be stepped on. Little did Putin know that Zelensky had a set of balls and a spine made of Ukrainium.

  17. If we manage to find some resolution to the war, then I think he should go on a world tour. I'd love to meet him in person

  18. When he was elected the American media played him out as a comedian and a puppet. I remember the last president putting the squeeze on him to commit fraud.

  19. Still extremely good-looking. Even more so because he has shown himself to be a man of honor, strength, intelligence and compassion.

  20. You can really tell the stress this man has been through for the past 3 years. From small time Kyiv actor to President of Ukraine, then having to defend your country from an invasion by a more powerful and aggressive neighbor. This man has gone through a lot.

  21. Its truly refreshing to see a nation get the leadership it deserves. Zelenskyy was considered by many to be a joke (a literal comedian) that would fold in the initial hours of the Russian invasion. And instead he turned out to be one of the most galvanizing leaders on the world stage in multiple generations. Its obvious that the burden of his position weighs on him, but he continues to set the standard for leadership on the world stage.

  22. But he 1.7m/5.6ft and according to most women on Tinder if a man’s under 1.83m/6ft he cant be an alpha! /sarcasm

  23. Man, to go from TV comedian/actor to leading his country against a massive invasion from one of the 20th century superpowers, and with the kind of strength of character and compassion he's shown is really something special.

  24. I feel like if he was offered it, he'd probably reject it and say that vacation doesn't bring his men and cities back, and instead help rebuild firsthand.

  25. I wonder, if when the war is finally over, if 3e would, or even could ever get back with his old comedy group. Kvartal 95 people were like a real family, that is, they all seemed to enjoy their time together on stage and off. The original 8 just about grew up together. It must have been so hard for all of them to say "Goodbye" to Vova when he left the show to run for President.

  26. A comedy series that he wrote, actually. You can watch it on Netflix. It’s called Servant of the People. It’s fantastic!

  27. TV show, “Servant of the People”. I just finished watching it. Interesting piece of media. A tad unusual. Definitely funny.

  28. Tens of thousands of his countrymen dying, families separated, history being erased... Ukraine is going through hell right now. Slava Ukraina.

  29. More or less the same, maybe just a little weight gained. About 3 years older. And this is considering the first picture is a campaign pro photo (makeup, soft light etc), while the second is specifically designed to look more hardcore (facial hair, stronger unidirectional lighting so there are shadows on the face etc).

  30. What gloriously fighting off an invasion from one of the strongest nations on the planet does to an mf

  31. Imagine being the guy who has to protect the women and children of your country from a psychotic genocidal piece of trash like Vladimir Putin?

  32. I don't have my glasses on and thought that was Dean Winchester. 😂😂. The phone read Ukrainian president and I was like what

  33. Imagine going from being a comedian to being President of Ukraine. Then covid immediately happens. Then a superpower decides to take over your country. This guy must be like wtf?

  34. Also, this is a better picture. His picture on the first week of the invasion, man I felt so bad for the guy

  35. If anything has come out of this whole awful situation is that Zelinsky is a true leader. Had the chance to flee and said no chance I’m abandoning the country I was chosen to represent and protect

  36. Zelensky is not small, he's just very high density. Especially in the balls. In fact, if he had the density of a normal person he would be 2.5 meters tall and still wouldn't be able to see over his gigantic balls.

  37. He’s aged remarkably well, considering what he’s been through so far. I suppose it’s impractical but perhaps science should someday explore the anti/aging properties of soaking yourself in Russian blood? Perhaps we should explore the youth/enhancing properties of embarrassing a former superpower, or perhaps there are some antioxidant properties in the smoke of destroyed Russian combat vehicles?

  38. I'll never say anything bad about this legend of a man. Puts other world leaders to shame. While they would have been hiding out in their luxury bunkers Zelensky was out on the front lines shoulder to shoulder with his countrymen.

  39. Those are pictures that will end up in ukrainian history books. 100 years from now, children will learn about him in history class.

  40. Great leader: "I need ammunition not a ride". Can you imagine if this guy accepted Washington proposal to leave Ukraine?. Fucking badass !!

  41. The human hanging from a giant set of Balls that is the Ukrainian president earned the all time manliest card when he made that public statement that he wasn't going anywhere wasn't hiding was staying right where he is and there was nothing Russia could do about it. Could you fucking imagine how terrified you would be saying that? IDK if he is a born leader, or a naturally brave person, but I do know he IS a leader and brave person.

  42. Remember when it was the republicans who were pro war all the time? People never see themselves become the enemy they preach against. Yall being as pro war as a 1950s military general is pretty disgusting. Saying anyone who is anti-war MUST BE pro-Russian should be criminal.

  43. I mean, I get there’s a war going on… but realistically, he just grew a beard and lost a couple hours of sleep and got some bags under his eyes.

  44. Jailing your political opponents ages you almost as much as being invaded. Still, Putin is a madman and I'm glad he's getting his ass kicked.

  45. Watching the country having the shit shelled out of it on your watch will do that to a face. That dude has put a lot of people to shame.

  46. Is nobody gonna point out the differences in the lighting of these photos? Or the fact that the 2022 photo was taken during a time of war and the photo OP was likely for some sort of publication so granted he isn't going to have his facial expression of that much more relaxed way in 2019. There really isn't much difference outside what minor changes you'd except in someone aging 3 years and having the photos taken in must different lighting conditions/ the events surrounding the timing/ reason the photo was taken.

  47. Worst president on that continent. He could have saved so many but refused negotiations. As the winter comes he now wants them. Fuck this guy and his ego. He's just like every other egomaniac.

  48. Everyone using Ukraine to launder their money versus being exposed that everyone is using Ukraine to launder their money.

  49. Honestly, he looks the same, he just grew a beard. This is really the difference between a portrait picture with complementary lighting/airbrushing versus harsh lighting.

  50. The first photo is a professionally shot and unpopular opinion but the first image is a professional headshot… of course he looks his best. It’s called photoshop. The lighting in the second photo is set up to add drama and emphasize any creases.

  51. I mean, making Zelensky their president tells so much about the fun loving nature of Ukrainians. I hope that jerk Putin gets a heavy beating for his misadventure.

  52. 2019 Zelenskyy: like 30% approval rating, was thought of as too soft on Putin, too weak on corruption, bumbling and ineffective.

  53. Work and worry will wear a person down. He's done a lot of both lately - not surprising that it shows. Still a handsome fellow, and an outstanding human being.

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