Took my dog camping for the 1st time

  1. I like you.... Please stand by and tell me this every time when I'm struggling and a little sad. I'm okay but sometimes it's a little hard being an adult.

  2. Your dog is so cute and enjoying the experience by the looks of it. I took my dog camping this summer and she would only sleep with her ass in my face and the licky end facing my wife.

  3. Nice man! When we took my Shepard out camping for the first time in Montana, a moose ran through our camp as we were waking up. Dog ran straight through the screen door and left an almost perfect hole in it. Like Wile E Coyote did it or something.

  4. Did..did the dog live? I ask because I’ve heard grizzly bears want to end you, but moose want to end your generational line. Dangerous AF.

  5. I have two weiner/chihuahua mixes. Why someone chose to breed two such stubborn breeds together is beyond me. They understand everything but choose not to listen. It’s infuriating.

  6. Smart! He destroys every bed we get him but he was gentle with the air mattress.... probably cuz he got to sleep right next to Mom and Dad for the first time.

  7. I'd love to give my dog a new experience like that. But I think my boy would be far too paranoid the whole time if we slept out in a tent. He's set off if he so much as hears a car door half a mile away. Glad your dog is getting some diversity in it's life. Cheers

  8. It's funny you say that, I held a marshmallow 2mm from his nose and he didn't move a muscle.... I left it there for like a minute and he didn't move.

  9. First time we took our dogs camping, they slept through a monsoon thunderstorm where I thought we were going to be swept away in a flood in our tent. Dogs play hard.

  10. Wow, this just goes to show that you can literally post a picture of yourself laying on your back with your wienie out and make it to the front page

  11. Thankyou for that pic. You cant ever know how much that uplifted me in a time of lowness. I really truly needed it.

  12. When I go camping with my dachshund(10 yrs old) he always sleeps at the end of the sleeping bag unless it is too hot. In that case its exactly the same.

  13. My pup regularly goes camping with me. It's awesome to spend all free time with them. Pictures by campfire are the best!!

  14. You guys are adorable! This brings back memories of my dog refusing to leave the tent the next morning whenever we’d sleep out in the woods. She was an indoor kind of dog.

  15. You might like a book called “Goodbye to a River” which is about (among other things) a guy who takes a dachshund camping.

  16. I did the same thing. I have a terrier mix but he's on the smaller side and my friends and I went to lee vining in norcal. I let him off the leash the entire time and when i didn't see him I'd call immediately and every time he was at my feet, he hever left no matter where i went and we thought he was loving it. The next day I opened the car door to get something and he jumped in and layed down. Turns out my dog hates camping.

  17. Where else but on Reddit can someone get "internet famous" for a few hours just by posting a nonchalant pic of them chilling in a tent with their dog. Enjoy it

  18. Almost 5 years on Reddit...this is the most perfect picture ever. You look truly happy and I don't blame you. Bask in it bro!!!! Love this shit!!!

  19. This picture put a smile on my face. Thanks for posting. You’re dog looks so relaxed and chill and you look so relaxed and chill! Awesome

  20. This made my day and evening and will be the last image I see today. Now I can get some sleep. thanks for sharing this wonderful image. That is one pooped pupper.

  21. Thanks for this, I saw it after I got the email I didn't get a position I applied for and it cheered me up. Love dachshunds!

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