Russian conscript inspects his new Rifle

  1. This should be at the top, them being in Crimea means this isn't a real conscription, it's a way to kill off all fighting age men in occupied territory and engage in psychological warfare at the same time.

  2. This is my rifle. This is my gun. There are many like it, but this one is...hey this one has my grandfather's name inscribed on it!

  3. Ahh, simple American. You see an old man with a weak heart and bad knees. Russia sees decades of wisdom and experience gained through getting their asses kicked in Afghanistan back in the 80s! They know how to lose better than the Ukrainians know how to win!

  4. All of a sudden it's not so hard to imagine why Soviets lost millions of men on the battlefield. This is sadly (or not so sadly for Ukrainians) going to be another massacre.

  5. The victims of those accidents will be the fortunate ones. They all share the same fate. It's just a question of how much they must endure before they meet it.

  6. Idk if it’s forced, it’s like the older generation believing the news over here in the states. Choosing which channel determines their political emotion. Wild and stupid shit, for nothing.

  7. Instead of invading innocent people in a foreign land, I'd pop the highest ranking MFer in my vicinity. Anything to spark a revolt. There's going to be no Russia after this, unless something changes quickly in Russia.

  8. You must not have discovered the Ukrainian subreddit and seen the other side of the war. Too many children victims.

  9. It’s right up there with that scene from Two Towers, during the battle of helmsdeep when knights of the kingdom of Rohan decide to send any and all men able to hold a sword to fight the coming orc siege. When they placed that helmet on the child who looked all things confused and scared.

  10. Aragorn: Farmers, ferriers, stable boys. These are no soldiers. ; Gimli: Most have seen too many winters. ; Legolas: Or too few.

  11. I mean, that's a better analogy for the Ukrainians, as the scene in question is describing the defenders desperate drafting of anybody that could hold a weapon. These poor fucks are being made to be the aggressors.

  12. If I were a cynical man, I would say that Russia is conscripting older men who are or will be retiring soon so less will be spent on caring for them in their later life.

  13. Part of the conscription included reserves, as well as supposedly prioritizing anyone with military experience, so it’s possible.

  14. I don't know, here in italy there was compulsory military service and people with some university degree (more likely medicine) could go into the commisioned official accademy, they would do the year of service as 2nd lieutenant and automatically become 1st lieutenant. He could just be the local doctor of the town if there is the same system.

  15. You could be right on the rifles. They appear to be AKM’s based on the metal magazine, wooden furniture, and muzzle break. They went into production in ‘59 and were used until the AK-74 replaced it ‘74.

  16. The AK is still a viable(ish) rifle platform but iron sights are circa 1962 at this point. Not that infantry rifles are all that big of a factor in a modern industrial war.

  17. Three small stars means senior lieutenant, a rank they have between lieutenant and captain. He's decades too old to have recently been on active duty with that rank, so clearly he's been called up from reserves.

  18. Plot twist: all of this nonsense is actually a grand ploy for the Russian state to pay less in pensions. Apparently.

  19. I feel sorry for the 18 yo kids too. It’s basically a death sentence, if not serious mental health problems or being crippled in a country with zero social services for anyone (their commanders shoot injured soldiers instead of sending them back).

  20. These people do. I saw a video of some youngsters (19-22 tops) being told that they are only issued uniforms and armor. "Ask your mothers, sisters or girlfriends for tampons or pads... also we have no sleeping bags or tourniquets"

  21. The one with the rifle shoots! The one without, follows him! When the one with the rifle gets killed, the one who is following picks up the rifle and shoots!

  22. Good grief. I’m 50 and in pretty good shape and can’t fathom the US needing my help. I know this, if my country drafted me, we are in deep shit.

  23. I don’t know if the strategy of “keep feeding bodies into the war until the other side runs out of bullets” works against a US backed country. I mean we literally chose never running out of bullets over universal healthcare. His is not going to end well for Russia.

  24. You guys have it all wrong. That's not an AK-47 from 1947. It's a sleek, modern AK-74 from 1974. And that guy isn't in his 80s-90s. He's in his 60s-70s tops.

  25. No, It's an AKM, the modernized sheet-metal receiver version of the AK-47. Among other things, you can tell by the heavily curved magazine, the lack of the lightening groove in the stock, and in the larger image you can see it has an angled gas block and 45-degree compensator. This was was made by the Tula arsenal if we want to get picky.

  26. "You see, killbots have a preset kill limit. Knowing their weakness, I sent wave after wave of my own men at them until they reached their limit and shut down. Kif, show them the medal I won."

  27. This is not a conscript. His rank is 3 silver stars on his epaulette. This makes him a Polovnik. The equivalent to probably an American O-5 paygrade. or a Lt Col. or a Commander in the US navy. AKA the highest grade of officer that still serves on the ground with the men regularly in a tent.

  28. We didn't get live weapons until our 6th week of boot camp, and even then there was no magazine until you get to the firing line. Bullets were handed to us one by one. There are a number of people that dont make it thru boot camp for mental health reasons, the last thing you want is a FMJ Gomer Pyle with a weapon capable of live fire.

  29. The first man gets a loaded rifle, the second man gets a magazine and instructions to pick up the first mans rifle when he’s killed.

  30. Those are old. The modern Russian army uses the AK-74. The rifles in the photo look to be AKM's, which are 1950's design. The Soviets stopped using these back in the 1970's. My guess would be that they were boxed up and buried in cosmoline until last week.

  31. Rusty crusty conscripts get the brand new rifles. Why- Russia? In the end it won't matter. Ukraine has been a meatgrinder for Russia's best troops.

  32. This is so sad to see. I couldn't even imagine someone like my grandfather being thrust back into military service over some petty tyrant's whims and provocations.

  33. What a fuckin joke.Does this remind anyone of Germany in 1945 or is it just me? Not saying Russia is Nazi Germany but both countries were/are under oppressive and dictatorial rule and both countries were/are conscripting old men.

  34. Imagine making it so long in life, have kids, grandkids, think you can relax until your end of days and suddenly you’re forced into a pointless war.

  35. I don't know how many would die rising up against Putin, but it's probably less than will die fighting a pointless war to satisfy his ego.

  36. Hard to feel sorry for any Russkis, but those guys are going to be dead or maimed inside of a month. That's someone's grandpa who probably was brought into the recruiting station at gunpoint.

  37. Here I am in my 40s thinking I missed the boat on a glorious death and papa babushka here is living the dream.

  38. This is so depressing. The evil that their leader has brought upon these poor people is unmeasured.

  39. Did he inspect his mass grave too? Odds a good chunk of those people will be dead or crippled in 6 months. A sad waste of life.

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