For the US Redditors: this is a normal European toilet stall

  1. Extend the doors on the toilet stalls at Yankee Stadium to the floor? Door comes down, hides your feet. Yes. I like it. I like it a lot.

  2. Did Seinfeld going on Netflix re-enter the zeitgeist? This is getting crazy, I’m seeing as many Seinfeld references as I am It’s always Sunny references.

  3. About 12 years ago I was in a mall in NC doing some outreach work for my job. Had to go hit the can. As I'm in the stall standing there doing my wiz biz, I hear some kids enter the bathroom. Then I hear some shuffling that sounds like someone has come up to the stall I'm in. I turn my head back and look at the slit in the frame and there's this what looked to be 12 year old kid standing there with his nose (I assume) pressed against the door of the stall and his dead ass eye just staring at me. We held eye contact for a solid 4-Mississippi before I just slowly turned my head back around and finished draining the hose. By the time I finished and walked out they had left the restroom.

  4. So much of US Culture appears to be awkward attempts to bait perverts so that perverts who pretend not to be perverts can take perverse glee in pointing out other perverts and shouting “look, a pervert”

  5. This has never once happened to me, but every woman I've known who the topic has come up with has said that it happens regularly and sometimes they will stay there looking for several seconds. Do women in women's bathroom just stare at anyone they can? Never seen a guy staring into a stall.

  6. Exactly, this is uncomfortably private, I suppose it’s ok as long as I can still listen to them have a conversation on speakerphone at full volume.

  7. I guess Americans are just more open and less insecure/judgmental about normal bodily functions. Europeans are just so repressed and conservative culturally, shame.

  8. OMG. This is why I always go to the bathroom AT HOME before heading out. Doing it in public places, especially when the slits of the stalls are .5" - 1" apart, is insane. Perfect place to catch a very awkward eye contact with someone.

  9. Go to France. I’ve heard there is place where the naked ladies dance, and a there is a hole in the wall where the men can see it all.

  10. In US many public toilet doors have a massive gap at the bottom where you can see the shoes if someone is taking a shit, even worse are the ones in cubicles where the gap is next to you. Why just why?!

  11. Do Europeans not know they can add 6 inch gaps to each side so you can see inside those stalls? And you can raise the bottom a good 2 feet and see people's feet and pants pulled down.

  12. Aww you mean an unaccompanied 4 year old can’t randomly crawl on the floor, enter your stall, stand and just stare at you, mid-shit while you tell them “no! leave! Go! Why God, whyyyy!?”

  13. I kicked one in the face once. Bent down and tried to duck under the door and look at me and I just instinctively shot my foot out and made contact with their head.

  14. I had a very tall adult man check if someone was in the stall by looking OVER the door while I was taking a shit

  15. They do, and they also help to keep the faeculent stench trapped within the cubicle. Sadly it’s not usually your own smell, but that of the lorry driver who was there only minutes before who gives off the aroma of having recently returned from a difficult trip to Cairo…

  16. This must be the reason why some of the goddamn loudest farts I've heard in my life were in the bathroom of a theatre

  17. Yes but how will I pass stuff under it? Or prank the guy next to me? Or find out what co-workers panties look like?

  18. With as many pads/tampons as I have passed under the wall, I wonder what will happen to those women that misjudge their needs.

  19. Yeah you have to make sure the stall actually has paper in it. No neighbor can politely pass you some in a moment of need

  20. My former coworker and I were on the same poop schedule. We’d share memes under the all until they put in floor length stalls. Somehow that was more awkward because the walls were reflective so I had to watch myself poop in 3rd person.

  21. Sheetz here. At least this one has normal lights instead of the blue heroin deterrent lights like the store I stopped at last week.

  22. Everyone in the u.s. knows that awkward moment when you make eye contact with the other person in the bathroom. Our stall gaps are outrageous.

  23. The best part is when they’re so poorly installed or abused that the door frame is too wide to latch. Oh also the latch is a dumb knob that puts out a maybe 6mm nub with rounded end that will definitely slide past anything it manages to catch behind.

  24. I always hear this and have rarely experienced it. Maybe when I was younger in school it happened once or twice. But never with the consistency that reddit makes it out to be.

  25. I got walked in on in a women’s bathroom at a *rest stop before; the lock wasn’t working well, obviously. She seemed very embarrassed and apologetic, but maybe try knocking next time? 🤷🏻‍♀️

  26. In addition to the nice, big door gap... in the U.S. we like our bathrooms as quiet as a library in a graveyard — so you can clearly hear the dude 3 stalls over wiping his ass.

  27. When I went to Italy on vacation a few years ago they had stalls like this, and while they had toilets, they never had seats. I’m not really sure what that was all about.

  28. I've been around most of Europe and I've never actually seen a toilet that's just a hole in the ground in my life. Except on TV.

  29. At least we don't have to pay for public toilets.... if you can find one... well maybe we would have more... and the ones we have would be cleaner.... ... you know it's not such a bad idea

  30. That is a stall, most bathrooms (at least in the few countries in Europe I have lived in / visited) have bathrooms like that, or at least similar. I have never seen the American style doors with gaps around here.

  31. Also, the US has far more public bathrooms than Europe. I'll take quantity over quality for bathrooms. Nobody cares what you're doing in there.

  32. But it's not see-through enough for that? How are the guards supposed to watch the inmates take a dump through these solid doors?

  33. Some of the worst public restrooms I’ve ever seen were in Europe, so let’s not claim they all look like this. Honestly I don’t care if someone sees my feet when I take a dump. I do care if there is a pile of shit stained socks in the corner because there is no toilet paper in the bathroom. (Yes this happed to me in France).

  34. Absolutely! In Scandinavia, many of the bathrooms looked like this (and there was a fair chance you had to pay to get in.) Italy on the other hand, hoooo boy. Squeeze into a dingy closet where it's hard to even close the door, you're lucky if you find toilet paper, let alone a seat. It doesn't help that often the only way to find a toilet is to find a bar to buy a drink so you can use their facilities, thus extending the cycle. I loved my stay there, but it was pretty much an endless wandering of maintaining a buzz and searching for the next bathroom.

  35. I'm from Europe: France has notoriously nasty toilets. Please don't take French toilets as representative for Europe because they really are gross. Same with big cities, like Rome (which in general isn't very clean), or countries like Bulgaria/Romania/Greece. In Greece all toilets stink because you need to throw the toilet paper in a little bin next to the toilet due to too thin pipes. The bins are cleaned out frequently but the smell stays.

  36. Yeah, nothing makes me (an American) more weirdly patriotic than European bathrooms. Lived in the Southern US for most of life where it is hot and humid, and never experienced grosser bathrooms than Europe (UK, Greece, Rome, Germany, France) in the summer. Those long doors are cute for privacy, but do jack shit for airflow. And the lack of air conditioning and proper ventilation in the summer made for the most consistently nasty bathrooms I’ve ever had the displeasure of entering

  37. I've never had to shit in a stall with a hole in the ground at a grocery store in America. but i sure as shit have in Europe.

  38. I've been to 7 European countries and have only ever seen this type of bathroom in nicer, more upscale places. In your regular pubs, restaurants, and cafes they are the typical "American" style ones. And honestly some of the most memorable worst bathrooms I've seen were in europe. A lot of the buildings were older and building/fire/whatever codes weren't as hardcore as American standards. Cracked sinks, ceilings I'd hit my head on, doors that wouldn't lock, a lot of older buildings just wouldn't have a bathroom period since the building was so old so you have to crawl down into the dungeon for one just to find that the water doesn't work.

  39. I'm afraid to ask, but was one person's socks enough to make a 'pile'? Or did multiple people come up with the same genius idea?

  40. Lmao also in Europe you have to pay to use the fucking bathroom when in public. At least that was my experience.

  41. One flaw in the nice private European bathroom design is what if you're a mom with a 1 or 2-year-old toddler? When my kids were little and I had to use public bathrooms, like when shopping, I either chose a handicapped stall and took my kid in with me, or if it was too small, I had them sit on the floor where I could see them through the bottom opening. And be very, very fast. That was stressful. I was afraid of them being abducted.

  42. The under the door gap is too much for me. Smell can travel from that gap freely. I prefer my stall to be totally sealed with a fan directed to the outside to remove any smell. I find it weird and emberassing to enter a bathroom to find one and only one stall occupied and the smell reaching high heavens .

  43. So Europeans don’t know the terror of having a small child crawl under the stall door while you try to shit in an Applebees, and then trying to convince the child to leave before someone walks into the bathroom and thinks you’re some kind of sick fuck that kidnaps children and makes them watch you shit at Applebees? No wonder you’re all a bunch of softies.

  44. Yeah but how will I walk past and glance through the door crack to see if the stall is occupied before pulling and jiggling the door causing the shitter duress?

  45. I don't know how it is in Europe. But I'm Australia we have two ways of knowing if it's occupied. One is that all our doors locks gave a little colour indicator. Green if it's unlocked and red if it's locked.

  46. This post just screams Euro superiority complex. Every modern mega truck stop in the US has full stalls. Plus well over half of all McDonald's.

  47. He’s not only unaware but also lying. I’ve worked as sales engineer, seen a lot of public bathrooms and only seen one like this in a fancy casino.

  48. I’ve never had a problem in all my 55+ years of taking a shit in a public stall in the US… nobody gives a shit that you’re taking a shit just finish up your business and get out.

  49. Where I live (in Canada) stalls like this are generally for higher end businesses or places where you would have to walk by a host stand / front desk to get to. The gappy ones are usually still used in malls and places where public can just stroll in and use.

  50. Why do they put those security screws on all bathroom panels? I can think of lots is things to steal. This is not one of them.

  51. So jealous. You don’t have to hear the sounds and smell the smells emanating from the other side of the stall wall.

  52. My first experience in a European public bathroom was a unisex bathroom with doors like this on each stall, I think it was at the Copenhagen airport. I almost thought I went into the wrong bathroom because a mother and her young child were washing their hands at the sink when I walked in.

  53. My old workplace at Dollar General in Iowa, the women's bathroom had two stalls and no door handles. One had a hole where the handle should be, straight up nothing there. The other had half a handle and a scraggly piece of paper tape on the other side where a handle would go. The metal bit that was half a handle wouldn't hold the door shut. On both stalls you just moved the doors approximately where you wanted them and hoped you didn't fart hard enough that the wind would move the door.

  54. Hey! As someone who has lived in both the US and Europe this is absolutely not a “normal” stall. Got I love when Europeans try to compare the best of their something with the worst of Americans’ something. Also, I much prefer free public access to bathrooms and have never once in my life had an issue based on the size of the stall doors.

  55. Funny how Americans get made fun of for being prudish but then people flip out over the chance of seeing someone through a stall.

  56. We have shit ovens too. Nothing like going in one of these poorly ventilated shit tombs in the morning. Always right after one of Bob's infamous spicy turds, that will curse that shit tomb for at least 2 hours.

  57. Having seen the state of US toilets, I'd happily pay more than a euro to use this toilet if I needed to shit.

  58. Haha, careful some Americans will actually think this is truthful. Some of the worst public restrooms I have been in where in Europe. Not just East, but France. I also had to pay to use.

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