Tom Holland's dad trying to act normal in front of Emma Watson

  1. Front row has people looking in the same direction as Tom. Might just be watching what's on the field for whatever sporting event that is. Plus, at this point, how many other A-list actors has the guy met? Emma Watson's pretty and very famous, but at this point I sort of have to imagine the impact is softened pretty considerably.

  2. I think he's consciously not trying to look so that when this photo is inevitably taken, he doesn't look like a creep for looking at her, or past her, or vaguely in her direction.

  3. Tom's admitted that Emma as Hermione was his first celebrity crush. That's the face of a dad who knows this and is about to embarrass his son.

  4. Dude same. Tom's playing the same way I would be. "oh God that's fucking Emma Watson. Act cool you dumb fuck. Don't ruin this for yourself. Introduce yourself and don't say something stupid. Oh no, my dad has a shit eating grin on his face. Shit."

  5. “HEY SON! ISN’T THAT THE GIRL YOU LIKE? You know from that movie Barry Manilow and The Rolling Stones something?...”

  6. I gotta say it’s been rather refreshing for us all to witness Tom Holland become this massive celebrity. Even in his interviews he kinda comes across as a little klutzy frazzled and just this sense of bewilderment like, is this really happening to me / this still isn’t a dream? Type of vibe coming off of him. Co-stars always treat him like the dorky little brother no matter the movie lol.

  7. I find it hilarious that it’s like “yeah I have four sons, but focus on the important one Tom Holland, I even wrote a book about it” imagine being the other three brothers and not being mentioned by name in your dads website lmao

  8. I think 'well known' is pushing it - he was on tv a bit in the late 90s / early 2000s but I bet the vast majority wouldn't be able to name him.

  9. I don't think she does that much anymore does she? I believe she's made like one movie in the last 5 years. (little women)

  10. I just wanna know why she brought a book to a game. Was she with someone and was forced to tag a long so she brought a book to keep herself busy?

  11. Mr. Hollands badge says polo. Ms. Watson has a book so maybe she’s preparing to be bored? I’m scrolling way down here to see if anyone has mentioned the book.

  12. Shame she avoided paying all that tax as revealed in the Panama papers. Imagine being a multimillionaire and still finding ways to get more at the expense of others.

  13. Emma Watson being cast as a character who was canonically supposed to be quite unattractive by conventional standards will never cease to be hilarious.

  14. To be fair, she was a small child. She had crazy hair and was supposed to have crazy hair. Then in the 4th book, she figured out how to manage her curls for the big dance and was beautiful to the other characters in the book.

  15. Hermione wasn't supposed to be unattractive, she was supposed to be messy and unkept. When she actually tries in the story a bunch of people don't even recognize her. It's the "ugly girl takes off glasses and everyone discovers she's actually beautiful" trope, basically. I guess she also shrunk her front teeth, but it's hard to imagine some overlarge front teeth would make someone ugly, and fixing them would make them suddenly beautiful.

  16. That's a pretty common thing in film and tv, especially when the supposed unattractive person is a main character. They tend to go "here's some braces and baggy clothes, you are now unattractive!", and then later they do a minimal effort makeover and go "you wear contacts now".

  17. They knew what they were doing. It follows the trend of actors needing to be attractive to sell tix, which I've always found annoying. In the 80s there were quite a few average looking actors

  18. I remember how mad people were over that lol. I was like... it's not like she could help becoming beautiful over time?? It never bothered me growing up with the series. She had the exact personality of Hermione and the bushy hair, too, at first. I thought the glow up was pretty cool and unexpected.

  19. She looks stunning in this photo... I know she is good looking, never really paid attention as (I know, shock horror!) I have never seen any of her movies, The Harry Potter thing skipped by me.

  20. My wife asked me what makes her so attractive, I said .. past the her winning the genetic lottery, her intellect, and her accent I had no idea .

  21. His dad was a semi-famous celeb comic actor when I was younger. I remember him on childrens TV shows and the like.

  22. My sister saw his show at the Edinburgh fringe a couple of years ago. Someone asked him if he felt like he had any part in Tom's success. His response was that whilst Tom is playing the most famous superhero in the world in the biggest franchise in cinema since Star Wars, he's doing free Fringe shows... so no, that's all on Tom.

  23. I mean.. just look at the woman.. She's absolutely stunning and equally beautiful on the inside. Who wouldn't act the same? lol

  24. I’ve met and had the pleasure of serving so, so so many celebrities. They’re incredibly boring humans, most of them. Lovely, polite, but incredibly boring.

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