[OC] Hey Trader Joe's, this is some bullshit!

  1. Is this misleading? They have a weight on the box. I would compare that too another cereal box and see how they compare.

  2. Is the stuff on that sub actually illegal in the US like the description says? Would be so satisfying to see each and every one of them reported.

  3. It may say “packed by weight, not by volume” as a disclaimer but the FDA has rules about “non-functional slack fill” which may apply in a case like this.

  4. Which is bullshit since 99% of consumers aren’t going to use the weight to determine it’s half the volume you’re expecting to receive.

  5. I thought they were hard too but along with this slimming down of the interior package, the puffs themselves got bigger and attained more of the texture of OG Kix than the rock hard little balls that they were before. It's not dissimilar to what they did with the peanut butter puffs when they attained more air and less flavor.

  6. Have you tried their Brazilian Cheese Bread Bites? I purchased them a couple weeks ago for the first time thinking they would be comparable to Brazi Bites. Nope, not edible at all. Bought 2 packs and the 2nd went in the trash after I tried the first and had to spit it out. It was so dry that I literally couldn’t chew it and bland tasting….

  7. The taste of that particular cereal is the real crime. My kids picked it out for themselves, and then had a spoonful of cereal with a decent amount of sorrow for breakfast the next morning. Rock hard and bland.

  8. Truly the was the most God awful dupe failure I've ever had the misfortune of buying. No nutty flavor, hard as diamonds and somehow don't get softer in milk. Didn't even finish the box and I hate food waste.

  9. This. Was massively disappointed. Even my wife that loves chocolate and almond butter wouldn’t touch it after trying it once.

  10. It’s clearly supposed to be analogous to Reese’s peanut butter puffs, which taste great but are basically fat and sugar molded into little peanut buttery pellets. If someone even thought the word “healthy” in the vicinity of the factory that makes this stuff, I’m not surprised it doesn’t taste the same haha.

  11. A fun fact! There are specific laws regarding how much empty space is permissible in a non-see through box. These are called slack fill laws and are completely independent of the product being the proper net wt. (not to necessarily say this isn’t still with the allowable range, just think it’s an interesting thing to know)

  12. Could still be considered “slack fill”, which some companies have been brought to court over, since it’s viewed as borderline fraudulent by the FDA. They’re basically misrepresenting their product. Despite the Net Wt statement on there, the consumer was expecting something else than what they got.

  13. Sure, but who really looks at the volume marking? The box size is almost always indicative of the volume of product.

  14. It’s not lying, but it is being deceptive. I think it’s reasonable to expect cereal boxes to be full because that is the industry standard.

  15. Yes they sell it by weight, but it is advertised as and presented by volume. This is false advertising and marketing. People dont see weight. They dont have scales in the store. The size of the package matters.

  16. Bags of chips having tons of air to protect them is one thing, but a bag of cereal getting banged around a box makes it worse.

  17. Lol yeaaah. Speaking as a former TJ’s worker of 3.5 years, a lot of the cereal is a miss but this one specifically is super cursed. It’s hard as absolute rock. One of the mates mentioned it was supposed to get pulled and redesigned but how in the hell did that shit get greenlit in the first place?

  18. You told us that the tastiest part of the cereal was the box. Well, guess what, assholes, we do read the comment cards!

  19. I get that companies do the oversized box thing for marketing purposes, but its almost universally a highly negative customer experience, and if you really push it a lot of people will immediately no longer buy it and will actively tell others of the bad experience. I just don't believe that this works out to be worth the initial "trick" to get the customer to not pass it over for cereals that give more weight per dollar.

  20. Maybe they should address the waste of material used in the box since they want to promote sustainability yet are also not transparent with the box vs content size.

  21. Waste here may be efficiency elsewhere. Rather than having two separate box lines, they can have one universal line that ultimately saves on energy, labor, cost to produce, and cost to consumers. Production at scale doesn't exist in a vacuum

  22. The cereal to box ratio of all other brands is similar. One could say that Traders Joe's is using less plastic than all other brands.

  23. you’re talking about the store that plastic wraps individual produce or packages tomatoes and peppers in plastic packs of 3

  24. True, but in their defense, if the box is the same size as the regular box I can see where it seems Trader Joe's is trying to be a little sneaky. They're counting on the fact that if it's the same size as all the other boxes, people wouldn't automatically assume that it has less weight. They are counting on people not reading the box.

  25. Why? When you pour, the cereal will have to ride the cardboard for its last few inches, and then when you stand the box back up, cereal will slide back down the corners outside of the bag, leading to loose, stale cereal in the box, but outside the bag.

  26. I love the comments that are absolutely furious that OP can't perfectly visualize the weight and volume of an unknown cereal. Amazing.

  27. I feel like most people do not look at the weight to amount ratio. I definitely dont. I look at the size of the box and imagine thats how much cereal i get which is what happened here

  28. Box being larger might have to do with packing / shipping standardization. As long as there are 225g of cereal, it’s fine

  29. They have been cutting portions during the last two years. Their wraps used to be decently sized, but now they're noticeably like 2/3 what they used to be. And their fish nuggets also have considerably less in them. But I supposed it cannot be avoided.

  30. Idk man, just look at the weight. Yes, they are polluting with extra carton, but maybe it’s just that the factory produces a standard sized carton package🤷‍♂️

  31. On a side note, has anyone noticed the quality of Trader Joe's stuff has dropped off a cliff? My wife and I shop there weekly and have noticed a huge quality loss in both their produce and packaged food.

  32. Likely realized they could package internal bag in a smaller size, saving them money but they still had the larger boxes in stock and didn’t want to just throw them out. The shelves and shipping cases are likely all made for the larger size too so they don’t want to decrease them.

  33. I'm a huge TJ's fanboy but let me tell you - they're actually doing you a favor here. That cereal is garbage, you definitely won't be wanting more of it after you try it.

  34. That's literally all of trader joes. As someone who has a stomach requiring a pilot, copilot, navigator, radio operator, and 6 gunners to operate, Trader Joe's is a single serving emporium. An over glorified snack market.

  35. Is it better to have a bigger plastic bag filled with air, or a slightly bigger, more easily recyclable box to shield your cereal from being smooshed during transport?

  36. It's the attempt to hide economic changes by shrinking products in order to keep a relatively similar price (even though everything still went up 20–50¢). I swear the "Saddle Potato Crisps" have gotten individually thinner, they now have tiny air holes.

  37. I'm OK with potato chips having extra air to protect the contents, but a cardboard box being half empty? Screw that. A smaller box would actually protect it better. Box should be half that size. "Some Bullshit" confirmed, lol.

  38. Has anyone tried Trader Joe’s Ube ice cream? I don’t have one near me but I wanted to try the Ube flavor and can’t find it anywhere else.

  39. The net weight is stated right there on the box, and you can literally feel the weight when you pick it up. They reuse the same box size for different products, which is generally why this happens. If you get "fooled" by this kind of stuff, it's your fault.

  40. If only there was some law that said they had to label the package with how much food was inside.... if only.

  41. Trader Joe’s (or whoever packages this for TJ) must buy a massive amount of cereal boxes in a couple of sizes and print them for each cereal type.

  42. Not only a waste of resources with the cardboard, and a waste of space on the shelf, but also makes the consumer feel like they’ve been ripped off 😭

  43. To be fair also the fact that you left the lid open to make the box look taller can also be considered BS :)

  44. The US needs packaging laws that limit empty space. A truck filled with these boxes is a huge emergent, time, and money waste when shipping is severely bottlenecked in general.

  45. FWIW: Trader Joe’s is great at returns. They want to hear your feedback. They told me to return the things I don’t enjoy as well even if I ate it all. That informs their future stock.

  46. There are standard size boxes which are super cheap. There are custom sized boxes that aren’t as cheap. I work for a company that has to make these kinds of decisions all the time and our goal is that we are as efficient as possible to maximize profits, but also to ensure we can offer fair prices. Every cost gets passed along to the customer, and packaging is a low-value item (customers won’t pay more for better packaging”. Also, the shipping boxes are standard sizes. So if you make a custom package now you need to make a custom box to ship that stuff in. It all just adds cost. I’m assuming that they just went with a standard sized box and this was the result.

  47. OP you got the flap of the box open to make this look a lot worse than it actually is, you’re misrepresenting the size of the box

  48. They weren’t going to give you more if it had a bigger bag. Real question is why they didn’t size the box down to save even more resources

  49. Nobody reads. Seriously, work retail for a while and you'll get some dumbass who tells you you should put a sign up about something while they're standing in front of a sign telling them the same thing.

  50. Based on my experience in dietary supplements, this is well within the bounds of acceptable slackfill. The weight is on the front which is what really matters. Additionally, I’d wager that many cereals are not filled over half, so if nothing else, they’ve reduced their plastic footprint by shrinking the bag.

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