[OC] Dad visiting US for the first time, first wish was to see a clean river.

  1. And people act like the EPA doesn’t do anything. Well, we no longer have lakes catching on fire and we have clean rivers, so. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  2. The cleaning up of our rivers, particularly the urban ones, is the great US environmental sucess stories of the late 20th century.

  3. I remember the Cuyahoga River catching fire and how disgusting Lake Erie used to be. IDK why people act like the EPA is a bad thing.

  4. I don’t think people think it doesn’t do anything, they just don’t like that it gets in the way of corporations ability cheaply dispose of waste into water sources.

  5. EPA will be gone if people don’t vote. SCOTUS is already picking it apart. Better go see nature now before it’s too late.

  6. A lot of conservatives like to scream and yell about government waste, and the desire for small government. Those people have no idea exactly how much the federal and local governments do for everyone… All citizens… Every day. All of those onerous regulations and policies keep our food safe, our medicine safe, and us safe. They do research and provide data that guides the development and progress of every aspect of our lives. There are agencies, and employee descriptions that most people never hear about, but that make a tremendous difference in our quality of life. Is there waste? Of course. But that waste is the natural consequence of any large organism. Large corporations have the same or even greater amounts of waste, and their priorities and goals are not always aligned with that of the general public. (edit: word)

  7. A benevolent king is still a dictator. A fascist government which does things you like is still a fascist government. The issue with the EPA was not effectiveness it was lack of authority in the context of our system of government and their tendency towards various instances of overreach. Now we need to keep the good and manage the bad in a properly predicated way.

  8. I don't think people dislike the EPA for enforcing environmental laws. I grew up in the 1960s and 70s and experienced first hand how environmental laws have changed our country for the better.

  9. They have done a lot of basic good but the latest stuff they’ve been trying to do is outside their defined role. Bureaucratic overreach is a bad thing.

  10. Note the comfortable squat with heels on the ground. Not many westerners can pull this off when more than 10 years old.

  11. The USA is way better than what people say it is. People who say that kind of thing haven’t traveled enough, and I’m not talking just about Europe.

  12. It's not filthy. Rivers adjacent to human settlements can only be clean to a certain extent and most water bodies in the USA that I have seen fit that benchmark.

  13. I lived in South Korea for five years and I was diagnosed there with adult asthma for the first time in my life. After coming back to the US, I have had no problems. And I grew up in LA lol

  14. It’s always the quickest tell to see whether people have actually seen the world when they shit on America. Especially for things like cleanliness. Sure some Nordic countries which have fossil fuels that they sell to fund the necessary facilities to clean the streets constantly will be nicer but 80% of the world outside is a dirty mess. You just come to accept it when you travel.

  15. Coming back to the US from Japan, I actually thought and still do think the US is filthy, but China is downright disgusting compared to Japan.

  16. This is wholesome AF and really made me smile, thank you for posting it. I hope you and your dad have a great visit.

  17. Somehow, I usually don't notice it, but I feel that if I cross a river tomorrow, I will stop for a moment to appreciate that the water is so nice and transparent there.

  18. I had a friend visit from Jordan, and he pointed out that the nameless little creek that runs behind my house would be a famous river in his country.

  19. The further north, especially in the western united states, the cleaner the river. North Western Washington has some of the clearest water I've ever seen in my life. You should take him there.

  20. Love his joyfully smile. I am from Greece (Half Greek, half Austrian), and when my relatives visited the first time, they looked like your Dad. (They could not believe how water and cities could be so clean)

  21. I know someone matching your description from graz lol. How many Greek-Austrians could there be?

  22. As soon as I saw the caption I knew comments would be full of people criticizing the cleanliness of North American rivers. You people have no idea what rivers in most of the developing countries look like.

  23. If you are ever in the Netherlands, show him Giethoorn. This place doesnt have roads, just canals that connect houses.

  24. Giethoorn is really nice. I honestly don't know how people live there, it would drive me insane having all those tourists around all the time. People were literally going up and just looking through windows in the houses there

  25. When I first heard of this place, I thought how my Newfoundland dog that I had at the time would love to live there. I pictured taking her for a “walk” where she would swim the canals and I would walk next to her. 🤣

  26. I ended up there by mistake 2 years ago, then i decided to spend the night there with my family. Lovely place.

  27. My wife’s father (from Colombia) was absolutely blown away by the rivers and creeks in my hometown in Montana. He couldn’t believe the water was clear, cold, and that there was no garbage around or smell to the water. He asked us if he could drink some and we told him that might be a bad idea. He enjoyed washing his hands and standing in it.

  28. Absolutely. There are a few reasons and one of them is the overpopulation in Central America. In comparison Montana has a population of…?

  29. The US Supreme Court: "So the US was trying to save their natural environment... and I took that personally."

  30. What a lovely picture! I hope he’s enjoying his visit, thank you for the reminder that even though so much of US society is ugly and hurtful, so many parts of the US are beautiful and inspiring, I hope we keep protecting that!

  31. See about taking him to Northern Michigan. Lakes and river galore and lots of places to fish, hike and swim.

  32. Tell your dad welcome to America. Hope he gets to see all wonderful things this place have to offer. I hope he enjoys his visit and have amazing memories.

  33. holy shit a photo without any political agenda hidden on it?? i almost forgot why was i even subbed to this shit anyway

  34. The way he dressed reminds me of my grandpa…. Always presentable, always suit pants and a shirt ❤️ Miss him so much.

  35. This is by far the best thing I've seen today, maybe perhaps this year. So happy for your father.

  36. There is a spring fed river in central Florida, the Ichetucknee River, fed by the Ichetucknee Springs flows into the SantaFe. Really clear water.

  37. Other than the OP being fake, this relates to the US more than most people could know. There are very few of us in the US by comparison to Europe and Asia. We've built public works infrastructure and care about clean water. We don't generally dump our raw sewage in open water (Baltimore) and definitely don't chuck our dead into the river next to kids playing. It is about preventing pollution and people who give a crap.

  38. In the US, the Columbia mostly flows through Washington State. Washington State has the EPA's water quality authority delegated to them but it also has independent state statutory authority. So, if the EPA's laws are gutted, the state rules still are in force. The Columbia should be okay. Sadly, this isn't the case everywhere.

  39. Lmao so dramatic 😂 takes a lot longer than one presidency to make all rivers in America dirty 😂😂😂

  40. If anyone is not worried about the recent SCOTUS ruling againts the EPA, just think that our rivers could be like where that person came from.

  41. A young coworker asked why the hell do we need the EPA and I tried to sum up what it was like without them when I was a kid.

  42. Ha you must be new here. We don’t say anything positive about how awesome the US is on Reddit. We just jerk each other off about BLM and abortion

  43. I’m curious, why do you think this country has clean rivers compared to where ever this gentleman is from?

  44. I’m a pretty avid kayak fisherman and have been to many, many water bodies across the country. Unless you intentionally seek out a superfund site, the vast majority of the places I have been are pretty clean tbh. And if there’s an odd floating bit of rubbish, I just paddle over and snatch it up.

  45. Eh, unless you're near a major city or an area specifically for chemical runoff or something, most rivers in the US are gonna be quite clean. Enough for swimming and boating and such at least. Not necessarily drinking.

  46. Mission successfully failed. No rivers in the world are clean. Pesticides and herbicides leeach in every river i the world, well may be not a few in far russia.

  47. We have plenty of them! What a great pic; I love to see his joy. This is such an amazing and truly beautiful country. God bless America

  48. Tell him good timing. With what SCOTUS is doing to the EPA, clean waterways will soon be a thing of the past.

  49. Thanks to the Supreme Court, OP’s dad will soon feel at home as the power to control pollution will be litigated to nothing.

  50. He came at the right time, now that the EPA has been severely limited from protecting the environment.

  51. In the US, the enviro fanatics would make you think our rivers are toxic streams of sludge, but I guess that's why our rivers are clean for an industrialized nation.

  52. I went to Mumbai India and saw a river that smelled like raw sewage or worse. It was gag worthy. Not all of the country is like that but unfortunately many populated areas are. Here is a photo

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