Singapore has no chill for drug traffickers.

  1. Yes, took me a moment to realize this is an anti death penalty poster and not a warning sign as you disembark at Changi airport...

  2. My parents encouraged me to do minor bad stuff to get out of my system before I turned 18, like spearfish in freshwater (where questionably illegal). They're religious law abiding citizens, and I still scratch my head on that parental move....but my dad loves fish.

  3. It's actually quite something to see this in person. I remember the first time I was handed the landing declaration card as we approached Singapore and it's all in normal black and white except for the big bold letters in red across the bottom margin of the card.

  4. There's a similar sign when entering the "kingdom" of Cambodia. It basically says you will be executed if you are caught with drugs. And it's written in a bunch of different languages like the Rosetta Stone.

  5. My old roommate in the Netherlands (the drugland) was from Singapore (the anti-drugland) and he was quite enthusiastic about his stories about how he went home last Christmas with some weed in his pocket. I would be terrified to even consider that if I were from a country with corporal punishments.

  6. A lot of traffickers are basically given the choice of do it or die/be trafficked yourself anyways. The show/podcast locked up abroad has quite a few stories of people being trapped or tricked into trafficking if they want any hope of getting home. Essentially get taken on vacation by the wrong person and have their passports stolen until they agree and are told that they will be escorted there and watched the entire time and if they don't get on the plane with it, they'll be killed. Or if they try to alert authorities no one will believe them and they'll be locked up anyways

  7. I would be super scared that someone put something in my bags. No sure if I would trust checked in luggage when flying to Singapore.

  8. Turns out, this is a big part of why the death penalty doesn't work. The death penalty for jaywalking could be death and I would still do it.

  9. I was terrified of that when traveling through the airports in Singapore and Denpasar. Kept a pretty close eye on my carry luggage. I was also worried that I would appear inebriated immediately after spending 20 hours of planes to get there. I abstained from weed for two weeks before traveling there because I didn't want to test positive for THC after looking suspicious and then immediately being sent back home.

  10. Yep, it's a thing. Using unwitting mules are a smuggler's go-to. It's one reason they tell you to keep your bags in sight and on your person at all times - you don't want someone dropping in an eight ball on departure then yoinking your shit on arrival. If "they" get caught, hey it's your life, not theirs.

  11. It is a slightly disconcerting feeling when you get handed a small leaflet in essence telling you "if you have any of this, we will kill you - for reels".

  12. The police will plant it on you in Thailand to extort money from you or your family. The penalty even for cannabis is severe ... and there's a lot of corruption going on

  13. For people that don’t know Singapore is a fuckin awesome country. It’s like a western piece of Asia. Everyone speaking English fluently, it’s insanely clean and very very safe. You would never have to worry about being framed or trying to buy off cops or anything like that. Indonesia on the other hand…

  14. I haven't flown into Saudi Arabia in a while, but their entry card you filled out on your flight used to say in red letters "Warning - Death for drug traffickers. If you are carrying drugs, do not disembark the aircraft". They were serious too. You'd have your picture in next Saturday's copy of Arab News in the executions section of the newspaper.

  15. I've had to go for work once, and it was like a month after a coworker got arrested with cocaine in Germany... We usually have a brief little "culture and customs" meeting before going to new countries, but that one was pretty much 30 minutes of "Do not try to get drugs there. For the love of god don't try to take any with you. The results could be anything from you being caned to us having to call the state department to get them to try to stay your execution."

  16. I used to teach English to adults in Japan, and one class I taught was for high level students where we would debate controversial topics. One topic was the death penalty, and it started out as expected; many saying they were against it because of wrongful convictions, the government shouldn’t decide who lives or dies, etc.

  17. I would be so paranoid that I had 15g of heroin on me. I've never used it in my life, but all it takes is for me to have some on me in that moment and BAM

  18. I was watching an interview of a brit ex-drug smuggler working with South American cartels. He mentions that they never smuggled into the death penalty countries like Singapore, Indonesia, some Middle East countries… so I guess the deterrence mostly works?

  19. It still happens occasionally by naive backpackers getting conned into it for like $5k-$10k or something.

  20. I read a book a while ago about Brazilian surfers smuggling drugs into Bali in their surfboards. The idea being that since they were considered prestigious athletes no one was going to tear apart their sports equipment looking for drugs.

  21. Of course not, certain drugs are just more expensive. And crime bosses send only the most desperate and naive to do the smuggling.

  22. I thought it was just like a TSA thing, pour out your hydration liquids, no shoes no service, laptops in the bin also death

  23. Possibly because it's 1am here and I'm exhausted, but I didn't even notice that this photo wasn't in an airport.

  24. Probably because if you go to Singapore they hand you a small piece of paper before you get off the plane that says they execute drug traffickers.

  25. Because there is literally not a single thing that makes this poster look like it's a sign in protest other than the links. A sign warning travelers not to fuck around would look exactly the same, and say the same thing. Maybe sans the noose, but honestly, I wouldn't put them past it. Sends a message.

  26. I think it was in the 90s that some American punk teen got arrested tagging buildings in Singapore and there was a big international shit show because the penalty for that is getting your back smacked with a big stick. Long story short the kid still has to face punishment, but it was clear the guy administering the beatings was "pulling his punches" as to not harm the kid.

  27. It wasn't smacked with a big stick.. it was a cane. Any Asian that's been caned as a kid would know how painful it was

  28. I went to the Singapore American school, everyone new was always told that story, and every teacher would grimace as they talked about how that kid was apparently a hooligan.

  29. Clinton himself tried to intervene and ask for clemency. The Singaporean government did reduce the sentence, which is about as much as anyone should've expected, because what kind of message does it send if the US president can just have a convicted criminal's sentence overturned in a foreign court? The US media had a fucking field day with it, though, because how dare some tiny no-name Asian speck think to punish a white American rich kid who was setting their people's cars on fire?

  30. East Asia is pretty harsh against drugs, but unfortunately there are (good) historical reasons for that. English merchants flooded China with cheap opium in the 19th century and it is safe to say that it totally wrecked Chinese society back then (please read about the 2 Opium Wars). So that made other East Asian societies to be extremely wary of hard drugs, especially when they are brought over by foreigners

  31. Brought over from the West with the specific intent of wrecking havoc. And it did. The average Chinese civilian willingly bought and consumed heroin thinking these foreigners are being nice. Oof.

  32. Did you fly into Singapore from a trusted country? When I flew from Berlin to Athens the security screening to get on the plane jn Germany was considered acceptable and we got off the plane and walked outside like we were flying domestically. We got an exit stamp when leaving Greece to fly to the USA though.

  33. We don’t all feel that way. The older generation tend to be more conservative. And they’re mostly Chinese, so it’s traditional conservative Chinese, they used to beat the gay out of people back in the day in 19-20th century China.

  34. Gay sex is illegal by law but it's just there to send a message (a sick one indeed). But they don't actually act on it and nobody's actually going to jail for being gay. There's plenty of LGBT people here and acceptance is becoming more and more prevalent among the younger generations.

  35. The law against gay sex was recently declared unenforceable by a judge. So they aren't putting anyone in prison for it anymore.

  36. That's because of the Christian & Muslim assholes whose fee fees will be hurt if the law is changed. Just like how the US has lost their right to abortion, we are stunted in this issue because of those big mouth, noisy religious nuts

  37. People in these comments really rationalizing this. It’s amazing how easily we dismiss each other’s humanity. Everyone here would want mercy but are the first ones to not extend the same smh

  38. You should read up on the Opium Wars, when British and Indian traders completely fucked up Qing dynasty by flooding the country with opium. Within a generation the entire country was addicted. Think about the current heroin crisis and amplify that to every level of the government/people/country. Textbooks conveniently leave this out when they talk about gunboat diplomacy and opening up Japan and Korea for trade. Both countries saw what happened in China and the humiliation they faced. Modern day drug policies in the East all stem from this.

  39. Like the other fella said, 2 groups. Reddit is like... a massive fuckin subsection of the entire zeitgeist. I hate these "I heard two conflicting views from a large group. Hypocrisy!" stuff. Unless there's a consensus of people in favor of this draconian psychosis that's pretending to be a justice system, I think people would hate this too.

  40. Reddit about Singapore: I oppose barbaric punishment but then again it's cool to rip someone's skin off with caning.

  41. Im from Mexico, drug traffickers have made it awful for us. Imagine starting a business and barely make it through the bills just for some dude to come and charge you for "protection" if you dint pay him the ridiculous amount he requests say good bye to your business. I love Mexico and never wanted to leave but life in Mexico is uncertain thanks to drug cartels. I hope one day we have leadership like Singapore to make these criminals pay

  42. I don't think we're talking about the same thing. The fact that boyos show up at your shop extorting you for "protection" has nothing to do per se with drugs; they just happen to be the same guy in this case. Even if all of the drug lords were convicted and killed there would still be hard cases coming around extorting "protection" because greed. To get rid of them you need to have a justice system that works, and cops that give a shit.

  43. The implications of drugs onto a country should be explained further in order to understand why singapore has such a strict policy on drugs.

  44. I'm going to Singapore in the fall and I just checked my packed toiletries to make sure I had no weed carts in there. Low and behold, found one. Thanks for helping me not be executed OP.

  45. I look back at my formative years an expatriate teenager growing up in Singapore and cannot believe I took the risk of the death penalty just to blaze up every weekend

  46. While I could write a long list of the things I admire in Singapore, this is not one of them. Alcohol is one of the worst drugs in the world, yet it's legal and highly trendy in Singapore. So go to hell with this hypocrisy, dear leaders of Singapore!

  47. We all get a max of 100 years on a floating space rock that’s getting hotter by the second, but someone else can kill your for transporting a substance to make your brain go “woooo.” Ok.

  48. Singapore dosen't drop the guillotine at the first sign of breaking the law. Anyone who is caught with drugs on them will be given a fair trial and a thorough police investigation as to how they have the drugs on their person.

  49. Taiwan had a similar sign on the gate as I got off a flight in 1998. Something to the effect of "Trafficking narcotics in the Republic of China is punishable by death."

  50. In fairness though, they do have the “Best Airport in the World” many years running. With nice private lounges you can take naps.

  51. In the 90's an american teenager was caught vandalizing cars and stealing road signs in Singapore. His sentence was 4 strokes of the cane 'as a boy', some months in jail plus a fine. American media made a fuss of it, but Singapore authorities replied "that's why our crime rates are so low".

  52. When travelling through Indonesia (similar rule and signs at the time) my sister was sick and was puking in line. The security (armed with AKs) pulled us into a back room and didn’t speak English. My mom is really into homeopathy and had small white homeopathic “pills” in jars with hand written labels. She had them for jet lag and the stomach sickness one gets from a drastic change in diet. They took our passports and left us under armed guard in a small room. I was sure that they found the homeopathic jars, didn’t know the labels, and I was gonna die in a 40 person jail cell like they showed Sunday mornings in infomercial fundraisers. Luckily they saw my sister was sick and had rushed us through everything. They took us through a back door and straight out of the airport.

  53. So this is how you get away with murder, plant shit on someone and let the gov do the dirty work, gotcha. -_-

  54. It really rubs me the wrong way how Reddit seems to be okay with death penalty when the post puts it under a good light, or makes it seem like the only possibility/something necessary/an efficient way to eliminate crime

  55. Ah Singapore the country that traded freedom for security. Just using your neigbors wifi can land you in prison for a couple years.

  56. Ever since the British got them addicted to opium wars in the mid-19th century. Asia overall has had a similar stance on drugs.

  57. When I went there, there was a “no chewing gum” law too. And I remember they will beat with a cane for some offenses.

  58. Great place to visit if you only speak English and you want to go to an Asian country. English is spoken everywhere and there’s a ton of Brits. However, follow the rules!!

  59. There are a bunch of Asian countries you can get around just fine with only English. Malaysia is another good one. The Philippines is another.

  60. There's also zero affordable housing, the country survives on the backs of modern day slave labour, racism and discrimination are perfect legal and often institutionalized, and you can still go to jail for being gay.

  61. Watch how Lee Kuan Yew, Singapore's founding father, answers when asked about the death penalty for drug trafficking

  62. On your embarkation card into Malaysia it says “death penalty for drug traffickers” Don’t fuck around on the Malay peninsula y’all

  63. They got hit hard by drugs. The death penalty is severe. But allowing their people to continue to be harrowed by something that has devestated them for decades, isn't acceptable either

  64. I’ve never felt safer going out in my late teens/early 20s as when my parents lived in Singapore. 80 degrees, 80% of the time. No litter on the streets. People were nice and kind. I love singapore

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