Pregnant woman protesting against supreme court decision about Roe v. Wade.

  1. Yeah, my daughter was born at 7.5 months(31 weeks) and survived with zero long term negative effects. The only issue we notice now is that she's behind with milestones(crawling, walking, eating) about 2 months from her older sisters. Which isn't surprising.

  2. Right, if anything this picture hurts what she's trying to accomplish. That child can be taken out and be given an actual life in an incubator. What a fkn idiot....

  3. Dude I’m pro-choice and I swore the comments were going to be make me feel conservative lol. It’s comforting seeing that people from all sides find this disturbing and are calling it out.

  4. I've had people argue with me that there should be no limits. Some states currently have no limits and I've found a surprising number of supporters of it.

  5. I agree. I'm very pro choice but during the third trimester is when I think abortion should be illegal except for medical conditions in which a mothers life is at stake.

  6. Yeah, what she is carrying in her belly at the moment could survive with modern medicine. And she's holding a child. Is this a "South Park" episode?

  7. There can be a middle ground between supporting a woman's choice and having no empathy towards a developing life whatsoever. I wish we didn't have to make every issue so black and white that we lose our humanity in the process.

  8. A small fraction of pro-choicers don't understand that the vast majority of pro-choice Americans want contraceptive abortion to be restricted to the first trimester or at the very most to 14-15 weeks.

  9. Yeah. Some of the anti pro-lifers have equally tragic arguments. I saw this photo of a protesting woman with a poster that said something like, "17 abortions and no regrets". Don't remember the exact number but it was something along those lines. Like.. what ? Basically proving their point.

  10. She seems to be in her 7th month. No matter what is your political leaning, that's almost a fully developed baby that interacts with stimuli

  11. With how big she is, the likelihood the fetus is actually already a viable baby is pretty high. Very pro-choice, but I agree this is quite disturbing and only hurts the battle they're trying to fight.

  12. Yeah it’s really fucked up. Pro lifers love this picture, I’ve seen it posted all over to show how awful pro choicers are

  13. I'm also pro-choice, but this feels like she's basically sending a message that she can gut this thing out at any time. She should have wrote something like "not everyone wants this" or something like that.

  14. Because that’s really late in a pregnancy. Even most people who consider themselves “pro-choice” would give pause because, as much as you might like to argue that it’s her body her choice, it’s also really hard to argue that that’s not a little human in there

  15. It's fucking disgusting to think about what an abortion like this would entail. The fact that in Canada, you can abort at this stage is absolutely horrific.

  16. Can you blame us? Thankfully the comments are outright disavowing this but at the end of the day enough reddit users agree with this shit enough for it to go on the front page.

  17. I think that's natural, abortion is a really heavy topic and I don't think anyone really wants to have to abort a baby, but sometimes it's required and so needs to be done in the safest way possible. If those in power really wanted to prevent abortions, providing better education and access to contraception's would be the most effective way

  18. What? My son was born two months early and even at 7 months he was definitely a human. He was a person then and is still now at 12 years old.

  19. I’m pro-choice, but this disturbs me. She obviously chose to keep her pregnancy, but the message it’s giving me is “I can abort at any time”.

  20. I'm seriously pro choice, but looking at how late her pregnancy is.. it's difficult to argue it's not murder

  21. Pretty disturbing message actually. When my wife was that pregnant the fetus responded to my voice by kicking. I'm pro-individual rights across the board. She needs to revaluate her message and maybe take a step back from the anger.

  22. I prefer the "Mom by choice" signs on pregnant ladies. Maybe something that points out the hypocrisy of institutions to qualify the fetus as part of mom until the baby is born, except when it comes to abortion. Insurance, child support, tax breaks, etc doesn't kick in until there is a physical baby. But that brings a different argument to the table.

  23. The comments are like that Key and Peele sketch where the black prisoners and the white prisoners finally started getting along because of their mutual hatred of Keegan Michael Key's character.

  24. When my son was in the womb at seven months he would jump at loud noises, almost like he was scared… you know… an emotion.

  25. This is the craziest thing I’ve ever seen. The only thing that makes that baby not a human is a layer of skin and an umbilical cord still attached? Completely insane.

  26. you’re the kind of person that make us defending our argument look so unethical, giving them ammo…..thanks for nothing. this is so sad.

  27. Let’s not let this be the face of pro choice.. I mean, it is a human…just by definition. She’s full term for God’s sake.

  28. I'm genuinely amazed at how many people on reddit are behind the times. I figured you guys would actually keep up with what your side of politics pushed for, since you tend to be very vocal about politics.

  29. Imagine that unborn kid in the future seeing this pic of his mom. I wonder what they'd think not being considered human at that stage?

  30. When that “Not Human” grows up and sees this, I hope they feel so loved that their mom wanted the option for a 7-8th month abortion. This is crazy man.

  31. For everyone saying this is too far, keep in mind that there are people, including at least one governor, advocating for post birth abortions. As in the baby has been born and then killing it.

  32. I doubt she’d have that same mentality if she suddenly miscarried… People really just say anything for attention nowadays. 😑

  33. Definitely a human. This is the wrong message to send. It’s about choice for the human that has to live with a human inside of her.

  34. I'm on the fence and not philosophically equipped to feel confident. When is a fetus a human? And when do we know when it's wrong to abort? That's what this whole thing is about right?

  35. Had a long discussion with someone who has a doctorate on medical ethics and her conclusion, if I didn't misunderstand anything, is that personhood requires consciousness, which is at the earliest, 20 weeks.

  36. This is a good place to discuss the diversity of opinions for the debate on abortion access because as much as American politics tries to split it into two camps, there are technically four that I can think of (feel free to pop in if you have more). There is legal abortion with no restrictions, legal abortion with some restrictions, restricted abortion with some exceptions, and no abortions with no exceptions. I encourage everyone who is interested to look at the diversity of positions, the popularity of each perspective. Whenever you add nuance to the question of whether or not abortion should be legal, you find people will add nuance to their answer, and there may be more overlap between ideological groups in specific circumstances than we previously assumed.

  37. If this woman were in a drunk driver-induced car accident on the way home, and the fetus died as a result, the drunk driver is charged* with the manslaughter, correct?

  38. I'm sure by the time the kid sees it and knows the context they'll already know what a piece of work their mom is.

  39. Honestly people like this contribute significantly to how fucked the USA is right now. Viability should be the standard across the board. After about 21-24 weeks, your baby is a human. Point blank. It’s kinda fucked up to think otherwise. The conversation needs to be centered more on the qualifiers instead of just “pro-choice”. It turns off people that otherwise might agree and pushes people more against the side of reasonable abortion.

  40. Sorry, but she is heavily pregnant. That’s not abortion. Americans literally are having a fit that they can’t murder developed babies. I’m pro choice and up to 13 weeks (Britain) is more than enough time to decide if you don’t want to keep a baby.

  41. I’m happy to see all the ‘pro-choice’ people in here are disturbed by this, but you have to acknowledge that this woman is not alone. She’s not just some crazy extremist, there are plenty of people on your side of the argument that agree with her.

  42. This is the reason why Roe v. Wade needed to be struck down. It needed to happen a long time ago. People have gotten way too comfortable with abortion to the point it is actually celebrated. We somehow got to the point where people are able to completely ignore the fact that abortion actually ends a life even though that fact is backed by science. It's not normal and it should scare us. I am very prolife, I would very much like it if all abortions were banned but I know that it will probably never happen however I can live with that as long as abortion is regulated and not treated as a human right. I see this win as a miracle to say the least.

  43. I did not wake up today thinking that I'd be reading this level of rational discussion on both sides coming from Reddit.

  44. The way people on the left have approached this debate is the reason they are losing. This image pretty much sums it up. How will that child feel when he/she grows up? This is disgusting. The 'I send my kids to planned parenthood' videos on tiktok made me move to the other side.

  45. Im not the only one that feels like this fuels an actual argument against pro-choice. Unless its her life or the babies she wouldn’t be legally able to abort it even with Roe.V.Wade so stating that does not fit under pro-choice argument in my opinion.

  46. I just don’t get how fetus’ aren’t considered human (especially at the stage this woman seems to be at). I can get behind the argument that it’s not yet sentient/viable, but it’s still a human.

  47. Yo I’m pro choice and all that but there has to be a point during pregnancy that it officially becomes a human. Personally I think if it can survive outside the womb it should be considered human

  48. Interesting. The point of viability has moved significantly in the last 80 years. If youre correct the the age at which we become human is impacted by historical time period and regional access to medicine. This begs some ridiculous questions such as “Does advancements in technology/medicine change the timeline in human personhood?” and “does a fetus with better access to these viability-enhancing machines/medicine (say by parental income or the country of origin) have personhood before one that does not?”

  49. Yeah like…given that she looks well into her third term, that baby is conscious and aware. It’s not a clump of cells at this stage, it is a human being…pro choice here too and this is just wayyyyy too far for me. Like this shit is the stuff pro-lifers are gonna use. Morally and politically it’s just fucked up in so many ways

  50. It's objectively human at conception. What else do you think it is? An alien? Whether you consider it a person or not is another issue, but even at the early stages of development, it's still a living human with unique, human DNA.

  51. (Not advocating this) but drop kick her in the stomach and let's see if she wants you arrested for assault on her or murder of her baby in her stomach.

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