Notre Dame may be closed but nearby Sainte-Chapelle is open and simply stunning

  1. we walked over to Notre Dame and saw it from the outside. It burned recently but the restoration is making impressive progress and from certain angles it doesn’t even look damaged! For an inside look, even when Notre Dame is open again, we strongly recommend Sainte-Chapelle just on the other side of the island. Be aware of high security checks as it is attached to a government security department, but otherwise it is absolutely underrated by most average tourists. We cannot recommend it enough.

  2. If you get a chance, go see St. Denis on the outskirts of town. Fantastic church where all the royals are entombed. Incredible light display through the stained glass also

  3. This post makes me really nostalgic and happy. My dad loved Sainte-Chapelle and loved taking me there. he preferred it over Notre Dame and it always felt like a secret spot. Thank you for this walk down memory lane!

  4. I dear friend suggested that I visit Sainte-Chapelle on a sunny day during my vacation in Paris. On our second morning the sun was shining and I rushed my Mom through breakfast so we could see it at its most glorious. It is ethereal.

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