(OC) Dance floor at a wedding reception without booze

  1. Nothing like being stone cold sober and dancing in a ducking clean room. One hour to go then get to help break everything down, put it away AND THEN I get to drive home. Country started so I’m outside……

  2. And I heard they hired a middle school principal to chaperone this reception. If anyone dances out of wedlock, they get stabbed.

  3. I've been to a lot of gatherings that involved food, kids, celebrations and zero alcohol. There was most certainly dancing involved.

  4. Comes in handy would the situation arise in where you’d like a quick dental checkup. Just needs some abstract dropouts art on the ceiling and were good to go!

  5. It's the same sort of lighting used at nightclubs in Brisbane when they are kicking everyone out. Makes you go "fuck, where am I, I'm still out?"

  6. The lights were on at our wedding reception the whole time... it was at a community center and it never crossed my mind to turn then off. Our DJ was a friend of ours.

  7. I mean, judging from that picture there may be a few other factors contributing to the lack of dancing other than a lack of alcohol.

  8. Out of 21 people I counted in this photo, at least 5 of them may break a hip if they try any of the moves their generation knows and another 5 surely aren’t of drinking age.

  9. Do Mormons typically hold their receptions at community centers/gymnasiums? I’ve never heard of that before.

  10. I believe the age of the participants, rather than the alcohol availability, might be the determining factor.

  11. I'd say it's both. They're at the age where being silly while sober is frowned upon. Even at that age, if "I was drunk" was an available excuse, they'd more likely to loosen up.

  12. I dunno man, I just went to a wedding with lots of booze and when the DJ put on some three six mafia all the old people were grinding

  13. My wife and I had a Baha'i ceremony. No alcohol, and I was sober for several years at that point. Our dance floor was packed. 200 Catholic, Mormons, and Baha'is dancing and had a blast.

  14. And Thai wedding receptions (except for the Muslim ones) always have free alcohol, mostly Thai whiskey, but usually no dancing. People just eat, drink, and then go home.

  15. Yeah it's the same for Persian and Turkish weddings. OP should've said typical western weddings without alcohol, with old white people and the lights on suck.

  16. Don’t forget the West Africans, will sing and dance for hours on end fuelled only by jollof rice, chicken and supermalt. Great fun

  17. That's because Arabs are perpetually two drinks in. The stubborness, friendliness, fighting, driving skills, hospitality, dancing, cheer, and decision making is the same as someone after two drinks.

  18. I know there are lots of different Indian cultures, but I've been to about half a dozen Indian weddings from different parts of the continent and not once woken up without a horrendous hangover.

  19. I’ve been to a wedding that had booze and looked worse than this. I tried to go out with my wife and get it going and nothing so I just went back to my seat lol.

  20. I went as a plus one to my friend's cousin's wedding and they had tons of booze and the dance floor was barren also. Partly Cuz the dj sucked but also (I think) because most of the attendants didn't think the marriage should have happened. Groom was 22 and bride was over 40.

  21. At a wedding I went to the dj brought "instigators". Like 5 attractive people that would seed the dance floor and ask people to dance wit them. It was pretty neat, but based on the instigators and his dj style, it was very clear he usually djs a strip club and brought dancers from there. The pictures are funny, it's all the couples extended Korean family and these random 5 provocatively clad white girls on platform shoes towering over everyone.

  22. I’ve been to a ton of weddings for work and the worst is when there is alcohol but everyone is too cool to dance

  23. Oh god, feeling the pbligation to dance at least once out of pity for the brise and groom...ugh. My family are just square, nerdy white people, and even alcohol isnt enough to start a party. People cling to the children at such events, as the kids are the only ones open to fun. I actually didnt realize weddings could be a fun rowdy party for most of my life...

  24. I was in a destination wedding and it had an open bar. No one would dance. No one. The dj ended up asking to leave early as he had been playing for a couple hours and no one had danced at all. Not even the bride and groom. He left and everyone got drunk and went up to the bridal suite and played mario cart and super smash bros.

  25. Afghan weddings are typically without booze too (except for the uncles that sneak off for a few drinks/jays lol) and the dance floor is usually packed!

  26. Indian weddings too! Well mine, at least, into a Sikh family. The uncles definitely snuck off but everyone else was sober. Nonstop dancing for hours.

  27. Barely anyone in my family drinks and my BIL is sober with sober friends… their wedding had probably the most dancing that I’ve ever seen at a wedding.

  28. Yeah and the fuck is that lighting? The ones that I went to have always dimmed the lights, made it colorful and fun, and had a bottle at each table. Where's the music? Dancing? "Mazeltov!"? I dunno, cake or something? Toasts from family and close friends? UGH just get me out

  29. I've been a date to a very large wedding WITH an open bar and good dim lighting and it was still the lamest wedding I've ever been to.

  30. I don't want to be ageist or any thing but I'm not seeing much of a dance crowd in this picture... know the audience and all that... 🧓‍👴‍👵‍

  31. Everyone is either 76 or 8. Very weird grouping. How old were the bride and groom? Feels like they have no friends and it’s all family?

  32. My grandma (early 80s) and my wife's grandma (late 70s) we're the last ones on the dance floor at our wedding. And people were dancing all night long.

  33. I've been to booze free weddings where the dance floor was crowded and lively; not at all like this.

  34. If you want people to actually dance at your wedding, you need to either already have a crowd of notably crazy family/friends or you need to forego any distracting elements (photo booth, magician, yard games, etc) and just have a full bar and a good DJ. The more side bullshit there is to do, the less people are going to gravitate to a dance floor

  35. Personally I want a wedding without a dance floor. I hate dancing, and I hate dancing at weddings. Bar I'll definitely, but I would be ecstatic if I didn't have to dance.

  36. I was a DJ at a wedding and it was a dry wedding and the reception was four hours long. By the end there were 12 people.

  37. Worst wedding I've ever been to was dry, but like...it could have been saved if there was any planning at all. Like, the caterers showed up to start setting up at about the same time the reception was supposed to start. Groom had to ask them whether "half up front" meant they needed the half the money now or like, if later would be OK...then send someone to his mom's house to get the down payment. The only thing to drink was nasty off-brand koolaid lemonade. The "first dances" didn't start until about an hour after everyone was done eating which was about 2 and a half hours after everyone got there. Bride and groom were pissed that there was no one left to dance and couldn't figure out why no one hung around. Then they commandeered everyone who was left (mainly the wedding party) to help load all their gifts into their car and left without saying "thanks" to anyone.

  38. Seriously, don't know why the blame is on the booze. Not hating on people who drink but feeling you it's needed to have a good time? eeh..

  39. Looks almost like a photo from my aunt and uncle's wedding reception, which was also dry. Heck, so dry, no sneaking off for a quick nip even. Far as most of those guests were concerned, the only alcohol they imbibe is whatever is in the "wine" at their church services. Still partied pretty good that evening, and the dance floor didn't start emptying out until nigh on midnight, more than 6 hours in.

  40. In South Asian or Arab weddings, there is no alcohol at all but the dance floor is always poppin'. I don't understand the need to have alcohol just to have a good time

  41. Yes! My husband and I had a small (50ppl) wedding and we did an extended cocktail “hour” with fancy cocktails and then an elegant seated dinner. We had great background music, nice lighting, and tons of flowers. We did pics before the ceremony so that we could mingle with our guests. It was a great cocktail/dinner party and everyone enjoyed the socializing and conversation. I don’t hate dancing but since it was small and mostly family, the vibe just would not have been there. All of our older relatives were quite thankful about it haha

  42. My sister's wedding was at an event barn and had a bunch of outdoor games like ring toss and cornhole, a photo booth area with a really chill and zen horse, a weird craft table where you could make a corsage or flower crown, and this giant banner thing that she asked everyone to write a message or draw a picture on.

  43. Yes, we had a multi-hour, multi-course Italian meal, then just drinking and talking until the bar shut and it started raining. (We’re not Italian, we’re Irish, but we got married in Rome and had the reception on the roof of a hotel near the Colosseum.) Had about 50 guests and everyone had a great time

  44. Last wedding I went to I was sober by choice (alcoholic, don’t do well drinking) and was dancing circles around the drunks. Someone just needs to assemble a crew and start dancing. Take the dive.

  45. I had to dj a dry wedding once...few times actually. I kept my playlist upbeat and did some cool transitions. The right dj can rock any party.

  46. Paid good money for a professional DJ at my wedding. Made all the difference in the world. Turns out there’s a lot more that goes into it than hitting play on a playlist

  47. Lol at iraqi weddings there’s usually no alcohol either unless if someone were to sneak some in and they’re the most lit weddings I’ve been to, dance floor is crowded and everyone is doing the chobi (Arabic dance)

  48. Dry weddings can be fun as hell. Many Middle Eastern weddings have no alcohol and are super lit, fun, and have a lot of dancing!

  49. You’re bringing perspective into a roomful of entitled people who demand you buy them alcohol.

  50. I am never getting married but if I did I’d have a dry wedding for the simple reasoning of every bad wedding story has numerous drunk fucks who ruin the fun for everyone in them

  51. I attended a wedding today. It was BYOB and we had to bring our own mixers. We all brought coolers of our preferred drinks. No one complained, no one got super smashed. The dance floor wasn't on fire but when the right banger came on a few of us would dance.

  52. Didn't have alcohol at my wedding...my parents their friends and other guests left after awhile and went to my parents house, drank and had a good time.

  53. Seriously. This is someone's moment and it doesn't look that dull. The commenters here are just some salty motherfuckers.

  54. I've literally never been to a wedding where alcohol was served, and I've been to several dozen at this point. People apparently just assume that everyone drinks, the culture I grew up in was teetotaling.

  55. I’ve been to a fair share of weddings as my girlfriend is a photographer and I help her some times. She focuses on smaller intimate ceremonies because people always seem to think the wedding is about them instead of the couple. It’s easy to complain about the lack of booze because it’s not your wedding, but if that’s something that ruined your experience why even go in the first place?

  56. Well, no dancing is playing it safe for the hips.,... Looks more like bingo night at the retirement home

  57. Imagine being invited to a wedding, and then putting a photo of it online so other people can ridicule the couple's choice to not have booze at the reception.

  58. I grew up Mormon and have been to plenty of these. It’s always in the ward gym which is a basketball court.

  59. Hey, booze is expensive! I will say that my wife and I had a full packed dance floor at our wedding despite not having booze due to financial constraints but we may have tipped off a few friends to smuggle their own bottles in and I definitely remember having tequila and rum ending up in front of me at the reception. We also had an after party at a Dave n busters so everyone who wanted could drink there.

  60. Everyone is assuming religion, but I’m 100% in the it’s too expensive boat. We looked into it and it was going to double our food and venue cost. After having to pay for the wedding ourselves, I’d 100% make the same decision. I’m not dropping a few thousand to see Uncle Joe lose control and make everyone uncomfortable. Weddings are stupid expensive as is.

  61. My buddy's wedding had a cash bar, and I felt like it was a perfectly sensible compromise. No one was going to get too out of hand with the money coming out of their pocket.

  62. This comment section makes me sad. I still drink (very occasionally) and used to be able to party it up in my early 20s, but at some point in my mid 20s it became.. old? And almost disingenuous.

  63. Still better than my wedding's gonna be 🥲 OP's so mean for posting this. The bride and groom are so lucky to have this many friends and family!

  64. imagine being so entitled that you complain after being invited to an event that somebody else paid for. for you the venue, the food and drink, and everything else is free, so maybe just be an adult for one night and try to have fun without a drink?

  65. Going by the decor, lighting, the lack of a DJ and the abundance of white people dressed in office casual. This looks more like a MLM scheme where you can learn to unleash your inner tiger and dominate the market by flipping houses.

  66. Used to be a wedding photographer. Shot one "no booze" wedding. Place was deserted an hour into the reception and the couple had no clue why.

  67. I’m a wedding dj, and this crowd ain’t dancing. I can run a dry wedding just fine (it’s like a prom) but the lights and demographic say you probably should have saved your $1500 and my tip.

  68. Booze is not the problem. Have experienced both kinds of weddings and the Christians can still swing. This is just a wedding full of old people.

  69. I think a big factor is that the ambience is not conducive of a dance party. They really need to work on the lighting. It could also be that these people are so dependent of alcohol that they don’t have to ability to get in the mood/over their anxiety with out it. Go to a Muslim (Arab, Pakistani, etc.) wedding and it’s totally different. Great lighting, no alcohol, and the dance floor is lively.

  70. If this was an Indian wedding there would one guy who would have the alcohol in his car boot, anybody who drinks would be crowded around his car.

  71. Looks like the retirement home social. Dinners for 3:45, then everyone take your pills and head back to your room for bed.

  72. Attend Persian (or Middle Eastern in general) weddings and see how to have fun without alcohol. People seriously danced non stop at my cousins wedding from like 8PM all the way to 3AM. I think it's just culture, like people know how to have fun without alcohol, as opposed to western weddings where I've noticed has a shit load of alcohol so that people can unwind and have fun.

  73. I have a phenomenal time without intoxicants. If you need to get buzzed to have a good time then you’re gonna be like the sad old white people in this pic.

  74. There seems to be a lot of extremes in the comments - having alcohol at a wedding to have fun = you have a problem and need a psychiatrist and a 12 step program OR I’d rather die than go to a dry wedding because it’s so boring and awkward

  75. Something about you being invited to this wedding, then blasting them on the internet for strangers and Reddit points doesn't sit right with me. Maybe the bride and groom have a good reason not to serve alcohol. They were still nice enough to invite you.

  76. Been djing since 2000. Done hundreds and hundreds of weddings. Less than 6 of the dry ones had dancing, but each of those had raging dance floors. Great time. I dunno if they were hitting other stuff in the bathroom or something but one was waaay out in the country. It was good pay, good sound system, and the initial request list was decent, but when I heard no booze I was like “oh man this gonna suck”. One of the most lit nights I had.

  77. I'm glad they did what they wanted. I can't imagine the social pressure if I decided to throw even just a kids birthday party without alcohol.

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