Times Square Tonight (OC)

  1. Stand strong Ukrainiens. More importantly Russians speak up against these acts and put pressure on your government to stop this war.

  2. What do you think happens to regular citizens who speak up against the government? Easy to tell them to take action sitting in the comfort of your home far away from the conflict.

  3. I know that across multiple threads, there are people condemning protestors in countries outside of Ukraine and Russia as just doing it to make themselves feel better and to virtue signal. They seem to be under the impression that protestors think they can stop the war by protesting.

  4. Excellently put. But the protest also have another function, and that is to show our own governments that we are aware, we care, and who we expect them to support. Politicians aren't going to do something that will anger their voters when all of them are watching.

  5. Thank you. I’ve seen people complaining about “virtue signaling” in other threads and it annoys the shit out of me. Nobody wants to hear that kind of negativity in an already very difficult situation. Protesting is what people can do right now. Not all of us can hop on a plane and fight in Ukraine. Doing something, no matter how small, is infinitely better than doing nothing.

  6. Maybe the Ukrainian embassy in the US got involved and passed them out? Wouldn’t be a bad idea for them to join the effort from abroad.

  7. Down where I used to live in Brooklyn is called “Little Odessa” (Brighton Beach near Coney Island). Ukrainian/Russian population is pretty big in that area. I mean I see Ukrainian flags and their symbol on cars all the time not even a recent thing.

  8. It's NY, they sell everything of everything. Also the UN is right over there on the east side of Manhattan, you can buy every flag whether it's on a flagpole, a shirt, a hat, license plate graphic, temporary tattoos, etc.

  9. There are probably a bunch of street shops mass-producing the flags in the last few days to make a quick buck.

  10. America is the flag capital of the world. We might like burgers and guns and trucks, but if there's one thing we love more than all those things, it's flags. Ask any person who's visited here, even our damn apartment complexes have their own flags.

  11. Idk how quickly can you manufacture flags? I feel like protestors always have symbols available very quickly

  12. That is exactly what brought me to the comments. I wonder if the marketing team sees it as an "Oops, that was unfortunate" or as a "Now that's timing!" kind of deal

  13. Am Ukrainian currently living in New Jersey. I sincerely hope that at least 10% of these demonstrators donated Ukrainian charities/to the front line.

  14. That’s exactly what I came here to say. Demonstrations are nice. But when they take place thousands of miles away they really don’t help as much as physically helping with donations.

  15. Ukrainian people are total badasses. From the woman who told the Russian troops to take the sunflower seeds so he could at least grow sunflowers when he dies on their soil to the man who said he would fight with a kitchen knife. The 13 who said “Fuck you Russia” and died on snake island to the young man who died to bring down the bridge. These people are devoted to their freedom and we must support them.

  16. This could very well be Putin's downfall. Putin might be able to conquer Ukraine for a while and install a puppet regime, but keeping it occupied will bleed him as the Ukrainian people will keep resisting.

  17. The same people that are calling for us to go to war are the same people that will be calling for it to stop when it’s gone on longer than they want.

  18. 2004 I adopted 2 Ukraine children from Internot #4 Odessa. I ordered a Ukraine large Ukraine flag and it has been on my sons bedroom wall from the time he arrived in the USA. He has since moved and married a Ukrainian woman 1.5 years ago and the flag was still there. I moved the flag today to the front of my house. If his wife's sister can make it to Poland we will try everything we can to get her here.

  19. I have 11 people that work for me that live in Kyiv. We are doing everything we can to help them. Putin can go to hell.

  20. I wish someone would be willing to help the Ukrainians. I understand why countries are hesitant to do so, but I still wish they would. Honestly, if people weren't worried about Putin launching nukes, Ukraine would have tons of help. It's just that nobody wants to kick off a larger conflict that could escalate to ww3.

  21. Yeah if i was a country, i wouldnt want to start a war with another country that has nuclear weapons, two of tbe best outcomes i can think of for Ukraine is that Ukraine is able to defend against Russia and Putin calls off the attack, or two, riots inside Russia against Putin would need to make Putin call off the attack

  22. Honestly beautiful and moving even how horrible these times are for Ukrainians. May peace come soon for those who are fighting for their lives and bring justice on fat ego putin scum!

  23. Sorry to take this on a complete tangent but i just noticed two of the Broadway ads are for musicals of Beetlejuice and Doubtfire... are we just turning 30 year old comedy films into musicals now? Is that what Broadway is these days? I know Hollywood is in a constant state of regurgitating 30 year old media back at us but I didn't realize Broadway was following the exact same pattern.

  24. Thanks for the words of support. I am Ukrainian and now I am in Ukraine. I'm not going to leave, the people of Ukraine remain on their land

  25. the momentum in support of ukrain that has the entire world behind it is undeniable. It feels like the world together will intervene if this goes much further, to defeat the bully, to vanquish the evil and keep peace alive…. this is a war in a time that’s never seen such a conflict and we’re not going to sit by in a state of idle forever. I really hope anyway.

  26. That's weird the billboard is still up. It's a Broadway play that ended it's run back just as the pandemic started in 2020. It was a good watch and I got in the nick of time.

  27. One thing I am absolutely surprised by is the brave men who are willing to fight and support Ukraine. People of all ages, men, and women, of different religions etc are coming together to stand their ground. In actual reality - it's almost quite uplifting. I am sending the equivalent of prayers to my Ukrainian brothers and sisters, may peace be achieved soon and I wish you all well!

  28. Good to see. But sadly protests mean nothing. The world has failed Ukraine. Russian don’t give a f*** about sanctions. Heartbreaking

  29. Can someone tell me what they hope this will achieve? I've seen a few people ask the same and just get downvoted without an explanation. I can't help but feel that this just let's these people feel like they're helping, by not actually doing anything.

  30. Worldwide awareness of the popular support with the accompanying political pressure, charitable donations for displaced and injured civilians and potentially soldiers themselves, and those aspects to reach the morale of the frontliners.

  31. This is a Russian-Ukraine war. It's not about Trump nor Biden. Not everything is about you or the U.S. Get your head out of your rear end and have some respect.

  32. I mean this is in a very genuine way but what is the intention of protesting in NYC? Do they want the US government to do more? Is it just to show solidarity? Does showing solidarity in nyc actually do anything? I love the spirit but just trying to understand the reasoning here.

  33. Seems like the whole world is United against Russia. The only people praising Putin is Trump, the GOP and conservative media outlets.

  34. Will this be able to pressure governments to help? I don't really think so, Russia is a superpower and I don't think any leader has the spine to be willing to go to war with them. The most likely possibility is just more sanctions, maybe providing resources to Ukraine and publicly condemning Putin. Best example of this is Germany who have been real silent as they are really dependant on Russia for energy.

  35. Angela Merkel used to have a good relationship with Putin (could speak Russian with him), but she expressed her feelings about this very clearly. What I think will happen is that the West will gather around Ukraine and provide the resistance with weapons. It will be an ongoing struggle that might costs Putin's head in the end.

  36. Are you a former soldier? Because I am and was training these guys just 4 months ago and wish I was there. I'm not sure where you are coming from, but as for me and the rest of us non hacks, we welcome the chance to rid the world of this asshole. I've fought with Russians and, in some fashion, against them. The whole myth the Russia is a near peer adversary is tired. They are woefully undertrained, lack quality soldiers (conscripts) and want to fucking live here. You see it in the Ukraine right now.. old equipment, soldiers that are demoralized, poor fighting tactics and a general lack of care from command.

  37. I wish I was in NYC, I certainly would be at this demo. I want a demo in front of Fox News (1211 Avenue of the Americas ), the fascist sewage pipe disgorging Russian propaganda.

  38. Easier said than done. In 1994 the US and UK agreed to protect the security of Ukraine if Ukraine got rid of their nukes, which went to Russia for destruction. Also, all but 1 country that is a part of the United Nations voted for a resolution, Russia being the one and they have the rotating presidency seat (china and India obtained from voting). In addition, Putin told other countries surrounding its borders to not even think of joining NATO, otherwise you’re subject Putin’s wrath. The list goes on and on until someone intervenes and stops this madness from getting worse that it already is.

  39. I don’t think there’s a way we can do that right now. If we send troops to try to stop Russia, China will probably get involved and back Russia since they hate us, and then our allies would get involved to support us. We’d start World War 3, and we’d look like the bad guys for starting a global conflict over a country that isn’t technically our ally. A lot more lives would be lost and it would probably escalate into a nuclear war. It’s sad, but unless Russia or one of its allies attacks us or one of our NATO allies, the best thing we can do is stay out of it. Although, maybe we could send supplies to them.

  40. 2018-2019 146 children murdered in Ukrainian-Russian conflicts.. nobody gave a fuck .. now people are marching in the streets? It’s a cool social media trend to pretend to care about things that don’t effect your own life …. Let me post an emoji on my story or go March in extremely safe Times Square for a night to show I care! Your opinions and protests help nothing

  41. So I am curious if the entire world is just going to send thoughts and prayers or is anyone going to actually help them? I understand nobody wants to risk nuclear war. I guess that's the crux of the situation.

  42. I mean, if all we have to give is the smallest, insignificant amount of support then we should. No one thinks they're magically saving Ukraine from Times Square but I'm sure some of them have family and friends there and feel compelled to do something even if it's to ease their own minds.

  43. I mean what else can they do? Maybe donate in some capacity I guess but this is better than sitting at home and pretending nothings going on

  44. This is beautiful and great and moving. I hope war ends soon and all war crimes get punished. In a side note , next time US invades some place don’t believe US government propaganda and protest as well. Thanks you guys are awesome.

  45. This may be a dumb question, I fully admit that I'm not as informed on this as I should be. But what specifically are they protesting for? Awareness of the invasion? Asking to donate to a specific organization? Demanding the US government get involved?

  46. I'll never understand the point of people protesting hundreds/ thousands of miles away. Like what are they achieving? Thoughts and prayers?

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