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  1. I once had to urinate so badly during a military convoy that I started cramping up in pain while I was driving. We finally got to our destination and I said "Fuck it" and drove right to the closest building with a bathroom instead of my designated location in the packet queue. Thankfully my Sergeant was sympathetic but holy hell that was painful.

  2. My wife and I saw no less than a dozen cop cars on the freeway the other night from multiple counties all going south towards Lagrange last night

  3. Fun fact: The HMMWV (acronym standing for High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle commonly spelled Humvee) runs on JP8 jet fuel like the majority of vehicles in the US-DoD. It will also run on regular diesel fuel as well.

  4. Most of the gas stations in the US don't make any money on gas. The market is too competitive. All their money comes from snacks and sodas.


  6. The government is literally trying to create a Judge Dredd training city in the middle of a primarily black neighborhood SPECIFICALLY to put down radical activist organization.

  7. I take it they aren't there to arrest the police and help the citizens? They are there to provide back up as the police inflict as much violence as they want on any citizen they can get their hands on?

  8. So cops kill an innocent man and when people get upset over that the plan for deescalation is to threaten more innocent people with military and armored trucks?

  9. You forgot to add the part that Republican leaders are building a Kemp challenge to Biden in '24. They wanted rioters so Kemp could save the day from antifa and appeal to the base. It's disgusting. Even more disgusting than building cop city in one of the few remaining tracts of old growth forest in the city.

  10. It was 2.40-50 a gallon before Xmas because the Governor took the state gas tax off but just put it back on the last few weeks.

  11. Yes. The National Guard is run at the State level. Each state’s governor can call the up for “emergencies “ they can also be deployed overseas though that is normally a federal request.

  12. National Guard, it looks like. Im not American either and I think military can’t act on American soil.

  13. Yes, the national guard was called in a few days ago to dispense of “riots” that never even existed by a governor who gets his information from watching a “news” network that essentially acts as a propaganda outlet for a political party.

  14. Yeah, they get deployed routinely whenever there's legitimate protests against the police, but not when there's an actual insurrection occurring, because 'priorities.'

  15. But for real, these Guardsmen will handle the situation 3000x better than the cops. I’m honestly glad they brought in the Guard. Cops have no accountability and no rules of engagement.

  16. So, this is the national guard. They have formal military training but you could basically compare them to a militia. After bootcamp you have to attend a drill one weekend out of the month, and then spend 2 weeks every summer doing training. Other than that, you just hang out and go about your life unless the state decides you are needed - such as riots - and then they call you in and you have to show up

  17. We do the exact same thing in Europe too. UK just had the army helping at hospitals whilst NHS staff were on strike. Flooding and other natural disasters normally get the army in to help with logistics. This is very normal for Europe too.

  18. "Did you know that, instead of invading some desert for trillions of US dollars, you can just roll up to a gas station? It's crazy, they sell it to you straight from a pump. Already refinded and dirt cheap...!"

  19. The funny thing is they use so much fuel by the time they reach the end they have to get in line and fuel up again.

  20. National guard units are almost always better than police officers for ending rioting peacefully. People with god complexes and desire to lord over others tend to pick the occupation police officer / security guard, where they can use their minor position of authority over others, and not join the national guard. Further, the national guard already has goodwill built with the community because they are usually used for disaster relief.

  21. Also, the Nat Guard doesn't wanna be there. They wanna do their weekend every month and go the fuck home. It's not extra money, lot of them take a pay cut or have to burn PTO to do this shit (if it interferes with them showing up to their regular job).

  22. Usually used for disaster relief. So this kind of deployment eats away at the community good will.

  23. They can't even really do all that much, they're military, not police. For the most part, all they can really do is stand there and look pretty, maybe block off a road. Nobody is going to be stupid enough to attack them directly and force them to defend themselves.

  24. National Guardsmen don't want to be there, cops usually do. Plenty of chuckfucks in both ranks but the difference in attitude helps keep everyone alive.

  25. The solution to protesting isn't to "end it as peacefully as possible" it's to listen to and address the concerns people are protesting about. The use of the Guard still represents the government exerting force on its people instead of, idk, hearing out their problems.

  26. Can we all just note that the system did more to stop people from protesting the police murder of Tyre Nichols last night than it did to prevent a white supremacist mob from storming the US Capitol.

  27. Yep. The people in charge of the Capitol police straight up let the Capitol get invaded and the Dem Congress still didn't hold them accountable

  28. What are you talking about? The system launched the largest nationwide FBI manhunt in US History to track people down for misdemeanor trespassing charges.

  29. seriously, the vast majority of people don't seem to understand how fucking terrifying it is that this place is even being considered to be built let alone how hard they're fighting for it to be built, cops don't need the military style combat training that this place is for.

  30. I was at a little vigil these high school kids set up for a young man that was killed by police. Teenagers were playing strings and it was all pretty peaceful. Police roll up and start firing tear gas and arresting people. This country is doesn’t give a FUCK.

  31. Really. Glad to see Reddit keeping the same energy it had in 2020 when this protest was fun. Seems every major thread except this one is a joke or movie reference.

  32. The way they probably see it, they just have to murder their way through it. The actual problem is that they aren't murdering hard enough yet.

  33. And when Biden is in prison for raising the gas prices, Trump will be reinstated with JFK as his VP as the prophecy has foretold. /s

  34. Metro Atlanta hasn’t given a fuck about weed for a while. Still illegal but they don’t prosecute for personal amounts other than maybe a $75 ticket in city limits.

  35. Literally. I got busted for having a quarter and there were like 5 cop cars and 7 officers there by the time they carted me away. Like, go do something useful! There are people getting murdered or raped on the next block over!

  36. As a foreigner, seeing that convoy full of tan humvee at night outside of a city, it can only remind me of an imminent deadly outbreak or an alien invasion

  37. Bet you 5 bucks all the smokes, dip, and energy drinks are gone... also the jerky... one can never be to ready when out in the field!

  38. i'm so curious what's happening here but also need to let everyone know that quiktrip pizza slaps harder than most popular pizza chains.

  39. I imagine they're in town for the protests, but I really want to make a joke about how Hummers are such notorious gas hogs that a full tank of gas is only enough for them to get around the gas station, and so they're all just trapped in an eternal loop of filling up and needing to fill up again by the time they reach the exit.

  40. I live near Atlanta and I've been seeing a lot of posts for times and dates for when/where protesters are gating in the city. They have also been talking about what to wear to not be identified.

  41. I live right between the proposed cop city and the former Wendy's where Rayshard Brooks was murdered. My social feeds are overflowing with liberal activists. I have not seen a single post about people gathering.

  42. Humvees use their own diesel called Jp8. I hope it doesn’t Cause cancer otherwise I’m fucked. These guys are staging or cirlcling the wagons.

  43. The mainstream news fucking sucks at reporting the whole picture 90 percent of the time but the very concept of cop city already fucking exists in Georgia, they're home to fort fucking Benning. The largest base for Infantry training only second to fort fucking Bragg.

  44. Georgia protests are about COP city (the cities plan to demolish a protected forest to build a new police training facility).

  45. I’d go out on a limb here and say they’re probably just regular soldiers. Being a guardsman who’s done civil response missions, they just want warm bodies to show up and provide a presence. MPs aren’t really common so you’ll have cooks, mechanics, drivers, etc get called up to stand in the cold.

  46. Get ready to see a lot of this again. It seems the cold and snow kept most people inside this weekend but now that the Memphis video is making its rounds I expect some civil unrest next weekend.

  47. This is military deterrence to civil unrest. It makes another step towards authoritarian government.

  48. In the 1960s they were often called out to deter civil rights protests. It's not new. They spend way more time doing disaster relief than anything else, though during Afghanistan and Iraq they were cycled through war zones.

  49. That’s been the role of the National Guard for a long time. And the actual active duty military can’t be deployed in a law enforcement role because of Posse Comitatus. Breaking that without following the Insurrection Act would be a step toward authoritarian government, but this isn’t.

  50. It would be a step in that direction if the military overreached their authority, currently it is just preemptive measures in case of unrest, which is exactly their job

  51. Society has really just forgotten the whole point of having a national guard. Historically, its not supposed to just be a reserve military or junior state military. It's a militia of citizens that can be summoned in times of crisis for self defense. The whole idea of mustering the national guard to put down riots is just... the exact opposite of why they exist. If we wind back the clock a few hundred years, we're supposed to be calling the national guard to protect ourselves from bloodthirsty cops. We should be calling the national guard to save the Atlanta forest. We should be calling the national guard to arrest the cops that killed Tamir Rice, et al.

  52. Accurate for NG vehicles to have little to no fuel thanks to the fucking E3 that was told to top off all the vehicles but didn't.

  53. I like the JLTV in the middle. FYI it's the new might armor patrol vehicle, essentially a humvee in forward operating spaces. Among its many features over the Humvee inclusing cup holders and view screens in both if the front seats and a hood camera to see the ground in front if the hood or over steep embankment, the entire system has a lift kit and automatic air pressure. So the driver can raise and lower the ride and the system will dynamical Chang the suspension to keep it upright. It's pretty awesone.

  54. As a European I'm a bit confused if this is yet another active shooting incident or just one of your A-list celebrities going out for a midnight burger.

  55. Authoritarians preparing to respond to the reasonable complaints of people who are upset about abusive authoritarianism.

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