Self-Promotion Sunday: October 09, 2022

  1. A heads up, the photo in the first link of the "The twin pillars of Spider Rock" (which is a phenomenal shot by the way) links to a photo of a toucan.

  2. Hello, everyone! I don't know how many of you actually use the 500px platform, but this is the only space I use for posting nature concentrated and pet photography work. It still needs a lot of polishing and a lot of additions that I never get out of the camera itself, but I am working towards improvement (as much as it is in my power). Here's the link:

  3. Hi, I'm a german/french photographer and here is my instagram page where I post portraits, landscapes, streets and astro (only one astro pic so far but will be posting more of them in the future).

  4. Hello and greetings to all. I'm a self taught/ learned photographer who also does drone photography and videography as well as Astrophotography. I'm currently doing this is as a hobby, but am wanting to take it more seriously. I still need to do up a decent portfolio, but in the meantime, all of my current work from past to present can be found here -

  5. I’m a student doing street photography purely as a hobby and currently doing a series on the people of Melbourne where I photograph people going about their daily lives. Any suggestions, tips,advice are more than welcome. Check my profile out on insta and if you like any of them do let me know! @blurryypixels

  6. I'm making videos mostly out in the field that are about the enjoyment of being out, taking pictures and the thought process I go through. All in German and usually in my area in or around Hannover, Germany. Mainly landscape and nature, sometimes other stuff too.

  7. I'm reviewing a Neewer Gimbal tripod head this week, so I took it out to my local wetlands area for a bit of bird photography.

  8. @zuzakphoto on Instagram, it’s her dream to be a wildlife photographer and if anyone could check out her profile it would be a big help

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