Thoughts on this shot?

  1. Shot this at Joshua Tree National Park with an iPhone XS and edited the photo by adjusting highlights and shadows slightly. For this photo I wanted to frame the full moon between the Joshua Trees. Not only that, but I also wanted to capture the amazing desert tones in the sky. I’ve been trying to get much better at composition and making shots count. Critiques are welcomed.

  2. Composition wise I think it might have been better if you'd backed up and "zoomed" in to make the moon larger in comparison to the tree.

  3. The color and lighting are stunning, and I like the position of the moon between the two trees. I think it was a mistake in this case to take a vertical shot. It crams everything interesting into the central part of the image and makes it all smaller than necessary while dedicating 2/3 of the frame to empty dirt and sky.

  4. Thanks for your advice! I really like your idea of going horizontal for this frame and getting rid of the empty space. I don’t think about this stuff when I’m out shooting so this will definitely help me out and slow down.👍

  5. Cropping is your friend. Great shot, great color, great lighting. But too much dead space that doesn’t do anything.

  6. I really like this shot a lot. That being said, I think it could look even better if you cropped most of the sky and most of the foreground out, and made it more like a panorama, in that it would be a wide shot.

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