The best Phoebe Bridgers' lyric ever is:

  1. I love this line, it really captures what it's like to really know someone and knowing how shitty they really are.

  2. I really don’t want to come off condescending here, but soooo many on this sub go crazy for this lyric and I just do not understand why. Can someone explain to me what’s so resonant about it? I understand that it’s warping two idioms but I don’t understand what makes people get tattoos of it, etc

  3. You couldn't have, you couldn't have Stuck your tongue down the throat of somebody Who loves you more So I will wait for the next time you want me Like a dog with a bird at your door

  4. you pushed me in, and now my feet can’t touch the bottom of you -or- i’ve been running around in circles, pretending to be myself

  5. I love this one about being pushed in. Like you are in so deep with someone and have no control over it. I always felt like being "pulled" in always fits my imagination better though, it's still my favourite lyric

  6. So we spent what was left of our serotonin, To chew on our cheeks and stare at the moon, Said she knows she lived through it to get to this moment, Ate a sleeve of saltines on my floor, and I knew then

  7. There’s something kinda haunting about this lyric “I don’t know how but I’m taller, it must be something in the water”

  8. I always hear this and think of it as a Lord of the Rings reference, to when Merry and Pippin drink the Ent-draught and grow a bit taller. Am I the only one?

  9. I love this cause I relate to it, I think I grew an inch in my mid 20s and besides that people think I’m tall before they meet me in person

  10. Love that and also "it's amazing to me how much you can say when you don't know what you're talking about"

  11. I hate your mum, I hate it when she opens her mouth. It’s amazing to me how much you can say when you don’t know what you’re talking about AND I wanted to see the world Through your eyes until it happened Then I changed my mind

  12. Drowning out the morning birds with the same three songs over and over. I wish I wrote it, but I didn't so I learn the words. Hum along 'til the feeling's gone forever.

  13. “One of your eyes is always half shut something happened when you were a kid/ I didn’t know you then and I’ll never understand why it feels like I did” in smoke signals

  14. “Windows down, heater on” is a familiar lyric to me and a brilliant one, as it’s something you do when your car is overheating.

  15. For years, I drove an old Volvo that would constantly overheat. I would drive around with a ton of coolant in my trunk, would have to monitor the engine heat constantly, had to run the heater like this mid-summer, etc. etc. And I'd still get stuck on the side of the road every few months because it was just not fixable without taking the car off the road and probably getting a new car entirely.

  16. The future's unwritten The past is a corridor I'm at the exit looking back through the hall You are anonymous I am a concrete wall

  17. It’s absolutely insane to me thst no one has mentioned the swingset word play from I Know The End in any of these 100+ replies. It’s so clever

  18. Come to find out I'm a can on a string, you're on the end We found our way out Of a suicide pact of our family and friends In the background I'll be waitin'

  19. Shocked it hasn’t been mentioned but the two absolutely sick burns from Motion Sickness: . “you said when you met me you were bored… you were in a band when I was born.”

  20. Not exclusively pheebs, but the boy genius lyric “I am never anywhere, anywhere I go. When I’m home I’m never there, long enough to know” really resonated with me. I used to travel quite a lot for work and felt a similar sense of lostness

  21. Honestly, Ketchum, ID is so underrated. The song is more straightforward compared with the others on the EP, but the lyrics are hands down the most innocent and sincere.

  22. I want to believe, that if I go outside I'll see a tractor beam, coming to take me to where I'm from. I want to go home.

  23. Literally just the screaming at the end of “I know the end”. Not a lyric but I have never felt something so deeply in my soul as the end of that song. Or from Georgia: “And if I breathe you Will it kill me? Will you have me Or watch me fall? If I fix you, Will you hate me? And would you fuck this, And let us fall?”

  24. “you’re sick, and you’re married, and you might be dying but you’re holding me like water in your hands”

  25. “baby, you’re a vampire / you want blood and i promised” has always struck me mega hard. i’m not entirely sure if she meant it this way but i’ve always interpreted it as being caught in this unwritten binding contract with someone, or feeling like you owe them some aspect of yourself even if it hurts you ultimately. another one that’s up there is “you said i will never be your vegetable / because i think when you’re gone it’s forever” …. whew

  26. Most of the ones i would’ve listed are mentioned but one that hasn’t been is “i hate living by the hospital, the sirens go all night. I used to joke that if they woke you up, somebody better be dying.”

  27. “I think when you’re gone it’s forever, but you know I’d stand on a corner, embarrassed with a picket sign, if it meant I could see you when I die.”

  28. And I have this dream where I'm screaming underwater While my friends are all waving from the shore And I don't need you to tell me what that means I don't believe in that stuff anymore

  29. I want to make you drive all night just because I said “maybe you should come over”, want to make you fall in love as hard as my poor parent's teenage daughter, she’ll be the best you ever had if you let her

  30. “You’re sick, and your married, and you might be dying. But you’re holding me like water in your hands.”

  31. playing would you rather, when it comes to fire you always said you’d prefer to drown. you were still in the ambulance when the cop suggested you’re the one who tried to burn it down.

  32. To fall asleep I need white noise to distract me Otherwise I have to listen to me think Otherwise I pace around, hold my breath, let it out Sit on the couch and think about How living's just a promise that I made

  33. So I will wait for the next time you want me, like a dog with a bird at the door//When you saw the dead little bird you started cryin', but you know the killer doesn't understand

  34. what about “Baby you’re a vampire. You want blood, and I promised. But I’m a bad liar, with a Savior’s Complex”

  35. I can’t open my mouth and forget how to talk, cause even if I could, wouldn’t know where to start, wouldn’t know when to stop.

  36. 'I don't forgive you, but plus don't hold me to it. Born under Scorpio skies. I wanted to see the world through your eyes and then it happened I changed my mind'

  37. So we spent what was left of our serotonin; To chew on our cheeks and stare at the moon; Said she knows she lived through it to get to this moment; Ate a sleeve of saltines on my floor, and I knew then

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