What do you personally think is Page’s most beautiful Squirming Coil solo?

  1. I told my loved ones I want that outro to be the music played as my casket is going into the ground, and I wasn’t kidding.

  2. Fun fact, the Squirming Coil song on ALO and the piano outro are actually from two different shows. That outro is still my favorite too.

  3. YES. Was my first. Went for a drive with my girlfriend and had fukuoka on and didn’t want to stop because it was so good. That coil was bliss

  4. Second’d! Really it’s the Request take, Sleep>Squirming Coil. And how patiently Trey explains to the foreign audience they will be doing two “encore” songs. And then just tenderness afoot. Lovely.

  5. My biggest regret of that whole run was being in the bathroom line for that part. I was fr gonna piss my pants, i was probably better off going for a swim and doing it in the ocean🤷‍♂️

  6. I was crying through that entire song, and ended up leaning on my friend while I ugly sobbed. My dad was in hospice at the time and I was dealing with a ton of other things, and I was hoping for a Coil.

  7. 8/28/1993 Greek - Set and Setting - Tour/Year closer show - Wonderful Bay Area sunset as Page makes a beautiful statement as he extends the Coil ending. He probably stretched a bit to set up the “Crimes of the Mind” set closer with the Dude. High energy show take a listen.

  8. 5/8/93. They pick back up the jam out of an INCREDIBLE solo from page and then go ripping into big ball. It’s epic, if you’re diving in to Coil’s this is a MUST listen.

  9. There’s one I used to have on a tape back in high school. Compilation of downloaded stuff so I have no idea of the date but if I remember correctly phish.net said page threw a tease of something. in his solo at the end. It was most definitely pre 97 maybe 96. If I hear it I’ll know it immediately but. Anyway I’ve been looking but unsuccessful. If anyones willing to try…

  10. Big fan of 11/27/09 in Albany. They do a nice fake encore thing and leave the stage to Page. I always enjoy the crowd reaction.

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