Shampoo to clean the toilet

  1. I had a room mate like this- He would NEVER do the dishes, vacuum or clean, After about two years of this (oh yea, he would never pay his share of the phone bill-got to $200.00 when I cut him off) I finally decided to move out- maybe I should have told him....nah!

  2. Can´t really move out now. I´m sharing a big house with 5 other people. He´s the only problematic one. He doesn´t do the dishes and cleaning either. After eating, he´ll leave his plates there for days until someone cleans for him. We throw parties, he brings nothing, well just one can of juice, eats everything, doesn´t help cleaning. His parents are loaded and he has a job. He´s a special nutcase at 28. Anyway, he´s looking for a new place to be closer to his job. Good riddance.

  3. Feels. At the end I resorted to just not clean the living room I never used, got my own cooking utensils and only washed what I used. It could take weeks for my roommate to wash the dishes he used, and months to even vacuum the living room.

  4. Uhm, I´m rather thinking a mix of dishwashing liquid and something ,maybe oil, hairgel, that will not clean his hair but foam enough to not make him suspicious

  5. Pour your shampoo out into a jug and swap his into your bottle then put yours into his and take “yours” back to your room. Then just keep hiding yours so he keeps buying his own.

  6. i had a flatmate at uni who kept stealing my shampoo. I've got naturally blonde hair, he had dark hair so i dumped a load of Sun-in in my shampoo. his went a wonderful orange colour

  7. Years ago I shared a house with 4 guys. As the only woman, they assumed I'd do all the cleaning. On Saturdays, I'd do all the vacuuming and pile all their shit in the middle of the living room. One guy started screaming at me and one of the others said "well, when was the last time YOU vacuumed?"

  8. I had a roommate who would blow snot rockets in the shower and would leave his nasty boogers on the shower walls. I spent a semester cleaning them off with his loofa.

  9. Fill your shampoo bottle with pudding. Thin it out with a bit of water if necessary. I can’t imagine it would work well for cleaning hair, but is harmless.

  10. This was long before we all had cellphones but roommates like this are why I never told them that we could block call waiting (let alone how to do it) on our shared landline. Sometimes the petty things are what allow you to keep living with these slobs without killing them.

  11. Buy a strongly floral scented shampoo and add a few more drops of essential oils to make it cloyingly strong so flying insects will buzz around his head.

  12. Yo, don't listen to the people saying to harm your house mate with chemicals or weird stuff in the shampoo. Physical harm is not worth it.

  13. Thanks for sharing. I confronted him and of course he just flatly denied. Harmless pettiness it will be to keep my sanity.

  14. The WORST things roommates do is NEVER clean but that ONE time that they do, they gotta fucking show you like “see?? I’m absolved of my sins! I made you choose between picking up after me and living in trash for literal years but now it’s going to be clean for about one weekend, so you can’t get mad at me anymore!”

  15. Once your shampoo bottle is empty, fill it up from his bottle. Or just straight up use his shampoo bottle to wash your hair.

  16. I once had a roommate who kept using my hot chocolate powder and denied ever using it. If he had asked, I would have let him use it--sometimes--but he used most of the bottle. So I switched it out for beef gravy mix. The next mug of winter sweetness he made, we both quickly knew would be hus last from my supply!

  17. If he's 28 and his parents are loaded, he's probably never learned how to take care of household stuff - there were housekeepers. Ask him to help, but be specific - give him a rag & tell him to wipe down the table while you load the dishwasher, or to clean the toilet while you scrub the tub.

  18. I´m suspecting housekeepers too. But, when all housemates decided to come together to declutter the garage or wash the walls, he either stayed his room or arrived later and leave earlier.

  19. At 28 you really can't be hiding behind 'someone else needs to tell me there are no house elves in this house'. He knows, because he's not paying anyone to take care of his mess.

  20. brooo this isn't op's problem and taking on the emotional labor of trying to get someone like this to clean is SO fucking exhausting. Trust me, I've burnt myself out trying to do exactly this and it took me over a year to recover lmao

  21. Talk to your other housemates. If it bothers them too, then get a basket write his name on it and every time you or any of the other housemates find his dirty dishes/ stuff anywhere, simply pick it up and put it in the basket, then place the basket in front of his room door, blocking it.

  22. I feel this pain so much. I lived with a roommate who would only make the nastiest, sloppiest joes on the days i had to do dishes. He would even walk past and say "I'm glad I don't have to do dishes today." One day he told me he specifically waited til he didn't have to do dishes to make the sloppy joes (that only he ate btw)

  23. Put Nair in your own bottle, and use your actual shampoo in your, and out of his, reach. That way it is 100% his fault for using your 'shampoo& - " Oh yea, I filled that bottle with bathroom cleaner to have it handy. I need bathroom cleaner a lot, every time after you used the bathroom"

  24. That´s genius but more than petty. I´m not ready to breach anyone´s physical integrity YET.

  25. Freaking cheap lazy fuck. Prob had shit handed to him on a silver platter. I would kick his hot mess ass if he doesn’t step up

  26. You almost made me choke and spit my drink all over my desk at work. Thank you reddit stranger, you have made my day.

  27. My current housemates are like this. Constant using all the shit I pay for and never contributing to any household items, as well as straight up stealing my food out my cupboards. Have resorted to hiding to bin bags, toilet roll, shower gel, toothpaste, ketchup, and air freshner in my room. When I move out in two months I’m taking all the plates and cutlery. Might take the batteries out the tv remote since I paid for them too. Fuck em.

  28. Add a little hair remover to his shampoo. Just a little bit to make him think he's losing it instead of dropping clumps and clogging the shower. Do it every time he buys a new bottle but put increasingly larger amounts in it. It will completely depilate him, including his eyebrows and pubes. He'll spend money going to the doctor to find out what's happening. Watch his frustration grow. If he confronts you about it, admit nothing. Deny everything. Lay counter-accusations.

  29. PSA for the others reading this, always take a quick moment to look up online if combining 2 household cleaners is safe before doing it, chemicals reactions can make some nasty nasty things like chlorine gas.

  30. Plrase take a piss in your shampoo and keep the one you use locked away (with your toothbrush... otherwise he might do something with it...)

  31. By whatever kind of high-end shampoo you want. Find the highest alkaline shampoo you can, one made for oily hair. Make it real cheap. Leave it in the bathroom in the bottle that the good stuff came in.

  32. I had an ex husband like this. He was supposed to vacuum and dust each week. He did vacuum once per week but only dusted ONE time in 10 years because he didn't like it. Ugh. Never ever cleaned a bathroom. One time I didn't clean it for probably about 3 weeks waiting for him to notice it was dirty and clean the sink. Nope. It got so disgusting I couldn't handle it any more and cleaned it. Eventually husband became ex for many reasons. Now if it's dirty, I know it's my job but it doesn't get dirty as quickly.

  33. The roommate has to go …ol nasty mf.. And how dirty did it get for them to clean it finally?? Lol Some people are comfortable in trash and filth I doubt they have good hygiene either..just tell them to fix that sh ol dirty ass dude

  34. Keep your plates, silver and cups in your room. Keep your bath things in your room. I'd buy a mini fridge for my food. Any thing the room mate leaves around would be tossed Out. You all need to band together against this person

  35. I have 2 female roomies. One has her own bathroom while the other I share with. Hasn’t cleaned the bathroom ever and it’s been over a year. Wipes the counter maybe once a month. Yet is always her making a mess of it. Clogging the drain with food. Dye in the sink. Hair ties all over. I don’t buy tissue anymore forcing her to buy and I use her fancy conditioner

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