Schizotypal PD

  1. See a therapist or psychiatrist. The schizo spectrum of disorders is slippery and tricky. Based on your post here, not a doctor, but you seem to be a little too emotionally “pressed” (for lack of a better word), driven, and bordering on hypomanic/impulsive given the context that led to the post and the prose of the post to be schizotypal. Perhaps schizoaffective, borderline, or bipolar type II are disorders you might want to consider first and scrutinize against your initial impression that you may have schizotypal.

  2. To add, I understand self diagnosis can be highly valuable, but schizotypal is a pretty “intense” diagnosis that requires months at minimum of close study from a professional who is well acquainted with that aspect of psychology. I am diagnosed with borderline, for example, and one of the hallmarks of it (hilariously) is self diagnosis, impulsive commitment to a label, and self identifying a health condition as a personality or character trait. I would look into borderline before any of the others here.

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