Despite having a good job, never been in collections, always paying bills on time, and not being a victim of identity theft, I get denied from every credit card application

  1. From your description and some of your other comments, I'd say that 1) you have made too many applications, and 2) you don't have a credit history.

  2. I did this with discover after fucking up my credit. (at 19, I thought that 18 months no interest rate meant I didn't have to pay my bill for 18 months.....)

  3. Piggybacking on this comment so others can see. You shouldn't look at your credit score as a measure of your financial ability.

  4. I hate the idea of a secured credit card. You’re just paying for credit. How is that not a scam? It’s not like paying Experian $200, instead I’m paying Visa $200 to tell Experian I paid them. It’s just a middle man

  5. Should I wait to apply for a secured card, given I just got denied from a credit card application? If so, how long to wait?

  6. As a European, this is an insane concept for me. You have to have debt (with regular payments) for them to give you more debt. Insane. I would never get any credit that way if we had similar system here.

  7. I know. The last two applications: 1) Don't remember exactly, but I think it mentioned not enough history 2) Too many recent credit applications. Because I applied to (2) right after (1)

  8. Maybe I'm old and out of touch now, but it used to be that you get some department store card or retail card, buy something and make all the payments, and pretty soon you get offers for a real credit card. Next time you need something at a big box store and they offer you 10% off for signing up for their credit card, fill out the application. I did that about 40 years ago with Sears. God, I'm old.

  9. My dad turns 67 today. Use to be anytime we’d walk into a sears my dad would tell this story. Use to be the way to get a credit card blah blah blah. Thanks for the memory.

  10. However, stores no longer issue their own credit cards in house. They’ve outsourced to banks which are going to run OP through the usual credit review. OP may run into the same issue and get another hard pull.

  11. I'm so used to getting denied from applications that I started getting worried of applying to a card in a store, in front of other customers, and getting denied. Wouldn't that be swell

  12. Yep, that was the mantra when I was young. I figure something like Target or the like would be the go-to now.

  13. The problem is a lot of the retailers (store, gas cards, etc) have sold off to banks who run their cards. So its basically the same as a regular card.

  14. I think a retail account would still work but it sounds like our guy applied for two many cards. Needs to slow down a bit and possibly open a secured credit card

  15. After I got married and changed my last name, I was flagged for something for 5 years. I had good credit and I could migrate my name on the accounts I owned but I could not open any new cards including department stores and was even originally rejected to open a bank account in my name with an employer check and certified marriage certificate. Finally after about an hour I was able to be added to the account my husband set up easily and they had to call and fax in my information to their main office. After those 5 years was up everything was back to being easy and I could get about anything I applied for.

  16. That's still a good method. One of my first credit cards was a best buy credit card that got me 10% off something I was buying

  17. Another option is to have them apply for a joint account with them as the second applicant. If you all bank with the credit union I’d start there. An authorized user would help but a card that’s actually in their name would be better. Slightly more risk for the parents but they may be willing to help.

  18. First, don't apply to credit cards for about 3 months. That takes care of the too frequent applications. Second, assuming you have a checking and savings account, go to your bank and ask a banker what credit cards they have available for establishing new credit. If you are making $200k a year, then you should have established a decent emergency fund and have direct deposit. Your banker may take this into account. If you need a secured card to get started, then your banker will tell you.

  19. Chase has a 'college' credit card for those with no/nearly no credit history. It's for everyone, not just people in college. You might apply for that to start. You mentioned your parents, just FYI, some banks (incl Chase) don't always provide credit history to secondary users- so being added to your parent's card won't necessarily help you.

  20. I had this (but it was a Discover card) as my first credit card. It started with a crazy low limit -- like $200 or something. I'd just pay it off early if I used it to buy anything except coffee etc.

  21. Get a secured credit card to start out and build some more credit history. Pay it on time for a year and then apply with capital one for a rewards card. Pay that one on time for a while, then boom apply to any card you want

  22. I just got a capital one secured card with rewards. I also got a higher limit than my deposit. The limit is available to be raised at 6 months. Hopefully all these comments will convince OP that this is the way forward.

  23. Get a secured credit card pay it each month. Within 2 years you'll be able to get regular credit cards. Also car loans will help you get the credit needed faster but it'll cost you more.

  24. I got a low-limit card from Capital One within a few months of moving to the US. The limit was something like $500. I don’t know what effect this had for building credit, but I would run that bad boy up and pay it all off, sometimes more than once in a month. Never kept a balance. After about 6 months they raised my limit, and a little after that I got a second card from my bank with a limit that was more than high enough for my needs.

  25. Get your free credit reports at (NOT freecreditreport, scammy site) and check for anything suspicious.

  26. OP - just checking, but is your credit file frozen? If you are getting denied from even student credit cards, that could be why? My wife got denied for a secured credit card and we Had forgotten to unfreeze her credit

  27. Jesus. What company is paying $200K/yr to someone who can't click through to the explanation portion of the CK site to see what's keeping their score down?

  28. Set up an account with a credit union. From your post you are a college student-- if there is a school credit union, join there. After a few months, apply for their credit card. The limit will be low, but fill it and pay it off regularly to get a higher limit.

  29. I have a similar credit score to you. If you go to a bank or credit union and ask to borrow a small personal loan, let’s say 3,000. Bring some pay stubs with you. Pay that off on time and quickly and your score will go up. I have had similar issues with credit cards. I second what others are saying though about your score dropping with too many applications.

  30. I have a 800+ score and get denied when I first apply to credit cards every time. I usually call them and then they approve me. Have you tried asking them why you are getting denied and if someone can manually approve you?

  31. When I had no credit, I went to my credit union and took out a very small personal loan for $1000. My mom had to co-sign. I slowly paid it off over 6 months and after that I got a credit card through my credit union.

  32. Go to the bank where your checks are deposited and apply for a personal loan for a small amount of money, like $1000. Make the monthly payments and it will help your score. Yes you'll pay a little interest but it's an investment. If you're making 200K and your bank won't give you a small loan then you should find a new bank or a credit union.

  33. I like this recommendation since it doesn’t involve risk of applying and being denied from another card. That plus authorized user should help

  34. An alternative is to talk to your bank and see if they have a card and apply directly with person. Sometimes they can take your history with them into account.

  35. You are not entirely correct with this. Based on his finacial standing alone will not aprove him for alot of cards, having no bad marks on a credit score does not mean there is any good marks either, no credit history is a big deterent for most creditors, some low end cards with no benefits at all and stupid high interest rates etc may take the risk with a small limit, but if OP apploed to a higher standing card first they woukd deny instantly based off lack of history, after that first credit pull any attempt to apply to any card after that is severly reduced, and based off what OP said I am guessing they tried at least 3-4 which that many hard pulls with no credit history etc will be enough for basically every other creditor to deny him.

  36. Get a store credit card and pick one that will last too. One that you won't mind keeping for the long haul so that it impacts your average age of accounts positively

  37. Start with something scan like an Amazon card or Google synchrony card. Pay them off regularly to avoid interest and your score should increase

  38. Chime, not sure if some one mentioned it. It's a "prepaid" credit card I guess, works like a debit but builds credit. It's all online banking.

  39. What I did when I was younger because I had zero credit history and paid cash for my first few cars I got a secured credit card. I actually got 2 of them each with a few thousand and used them for a few years. After that I ended up getting a normal credit card.

  40. Get a secure credit card and don’t apply for any credit for 6 months. Use the secure CC and pay off. Within 6 months you will have enough history.

  41. I also have this problem because my student loans throw off my DIR, so I can tell you you may still be denied for a secured card, especially if you don’t wait for those hard inquiries to drop off your report. In the meantime, I have used Experian Boost and Chime Credit Builder account to create credit history. Experian will try to sneakily sign you up for paid subscriptions, so read everything carefully when you are logging in, but after that it uses your recurring bill payments to boost your score. Credit Builder with Chime functions like a checking account but it is processed like a credit account. They just pay it off each month for you with the funds in the account. Good luck!

  42. I highly recommend the Discover It card. It's secured for 6 months and then they promote it to unsecure and return your deposit if you have good payment history on your credit for that 6 months. So after 6 months if you want to get another secure card or do something else with that deposit you can. You can also deposit more to increase its limit but idk if that resets the clock or if that goes away once it's secure. Cash back as well

  43. You make all that money, made all those phone calls, and more than likely spoke about this to family and friends… not one point was a Secured Card not mentioned to you??

  44. Correct! My mom and three friends know about this, and I’m not sure if they know what that is. Regardless, I wasn’t even pre-approved for a discover secured card. We figured out the problem though. You can check my comment history to see what happened. Or I can post an update to make it more clear

  45. If you have enough money in savings to make the bank want to keep you, talk to a manager there and tell them you need a CC from them or you will move your money to a bank that will. This is what my uncle had to do. He never had a loan of any sort so had no credit history to speak of. Had a decent amount of cash in the bank so used that to his advantage when he needed a card.

  46. To clarify. I have one bank credit card I’ve had for 10 years, and have always paid it on time. Apparently that isn’t enough credit

  47. Former banker here: Putting in more applications will not improve your chances of success. You NEED to get a secured credit card. I strongly recommend you get this from a credit union. You'll put like $500 down for 6 months. Youll basically have access to those funds for the 6 months, then after those six months, you can go back in and apply for a limit increase, which will change your card over to an unsecured credit card and get you your $500 back.

  48. Buy something in credit and pay it off in a responsible manner - a car, a house, even a couch… You need credit history, the rest isn’t really helping u

  49. Why do you need a credit card. It seems your are in good financial shape. If you are looking for a mortgage to buy a house - you can find a place to do manual underwriting

  50. Why do all that legwork when you can just build credit for free over time like most people. Everyone should start getting credit cards and building credit responsibly in college. Keep those cards active with zero balance forever. Having no credit cards is not the flex people think it is. This thread right here is a prime example of why. Credit cards are great, they’re a free tool to build credit which qualifies you for the lowest interest rates. Plus you can get 1-5% back on your spending. Get that fallacy out of your mind that credit cards are bad.

  51. Look into secured credit cards they’re great for building credit. Shop around and find one that converts after an set period of time. Basically you deposit how much you want your credit to be. Say $1k. That’s now your credit limit and it works like a regular credit card. Charge some things. Don’t go above 30percent usuage. Don’t pay off the balance every time. They want to see that you can carry a balance and still pay the bill. It’s stupid but paying it off every month hurts you. With the right card after a time period, usually 6 month or a year, they’ll send you your deposit back and it becomes an unsecured card. At this point you’ll see offers start to roll in. Be picky. Don’t get a card with annual or monthly fees. Don’t go for the ones with 27+% interest rates. If you have the money get more than one secured card from a different bank. You’ll get there.

  52. Interest rates don’t matter on cards if you pay them off. I would get a 9999999% APR card myself if the rewards structure was 5% cash back on everything. I set it to autopay and will never not pay my bill.

  53. The entire system is a scam. You honestly do not need a credit card if you make 200k. It is built to break those who want more than they can afford, which is everyone who does not make way over the cost of living for the area. They are probably denying you because you have no existing line of paying them and some other BS. I ran into a similar issue. I make less but still do well, I have never had a credit card and don't plan on it. If you need money go to your bank, they will see that you are financially sound and can help you. I do not much like banks either but not much you can do sometimes.

  54. Not using a rewards card is leaving money on the table. You do you, but responsible spenders should be using CCs for everything they can.

  55. Using cash is a scam too. It steadily loses value to inflation every year and will one day become worthless. There’s no recourse if someone sells you something shitty or you get robbed. It’s dirty, heavy, risky, takes time to count, costs money to secure, etc. Its not about choosing one or the other, use each to your advantage.

  56. Just google first time credit cards or credit cards for bad credit. You might have a high interest rate at first but just pay your credit card balances off and the interest won’t really matter. Once your score goes up get a better credit card with less interest. Also not a bad idea if your parents add you as an authorized user. It Can help your credit score.

  57. Get a secure credit card, put a downpayment for whatever you want your limit to be ($500-2,000 usually is a good starting point) & once approved you’ll eventually get that downpayment back. Other than that you can try applying for an Apple Card if you have an iPhone it’s super convenient & they basically approve everyone lol. Only other things I could think of off the top of my head would be having parents co-sign on a card (this isn’t ideal/recommended though) or lease/finance a car to build credit. Only use 30-40% of your credit card limit every month & always pay it back right away once that statement comes, my score went from 630 to 735 in a year by having multiple credit cards, following this method, & never missing a car payment/bills.

  58. My first credit card was Capital One Platinum at 19 yrs. Old! Approved me with a denied inquiry on my report. Back then income was low, 30k. No negative remarks.

  59. Do you have a common name (i.e. “John Smith”)? My dad has had problem with background checks because his name is very common. I don’t know if this would apply to credit checks.

  60. If you rent, a lot of apartment communities have credit reporting programs for on-time rent payments to help build credit history. It acts as a tradeline I think? I'm not sure on the specifics.

  61. Switch your cell phone to verizon. They report to credit bureaus positive or negative. Get a secured card from cap 1 or something similar. In a year or so you’ll want to update us.

  62. At 635 there has to be something on your report thats negative. Typically your report will have a section entitled “Things hurting your credit score”. Check it out and try to resolve those issues. Also the credit monitoring companies usually have links to cards to apply for based on your criteria. With a 635 though it will be hard.

  63. Call Discover. I can almost guarantee they'll set you up with a card if you get on the phone with them. They may have denied you because you applied for a student card even though you're not a student.

  64. Secure credit card is a great idea. Alternatively apply for one at a credit union. They're less likely to deny you for no credit.

  65. Get a secured credit card—look for one that doesn’t charge an annual fee. Only charge what you’ll pay off in full—don’t carry a balance. Make your payments on time.

  66. Start off with obtaining FULL copies of all three credit reports from Save as PDF so you can reference them later.

  67. You can use services to get your rental history added to your credit. Just Google it - not free, but might be worth it in this circumstance.

  68. Try a store card like Amazon. A lot of my friends fresh out of college had a hard time getting anything but for some reason they could all get target or Amazon or another big box store cards without a hassle.

  69. Everything you said doesn't matter when it comes to getting a credit card. It's the typical Catch-22. In other words, you need credit to get credit.

  70. I don’t know who you bank with but you may want to talk to them. If they see 200k/year direct deposits they may be more willing to overlook your short history.

  71. If 635 is your credit score you have either applied for a credit/loans way too much of have no or little credit history.

  72. For me it sounds like , either you spend everything you have to 0 or you withdraw all your money from your acount. One way to be eligible for credit, is for you to "maintain" some money in your debit account, and each month increase it by 10%. This means for the bank that you are in good shape and into saving for goals, therefore eligible for credit. This usually takes about 4-6 months to accomplish.

  73. Just in case, go to the legitimate credit reporting site: and get all 3 of your real info. See if the info is correct. CreditKarma is a commercial site and is not usually your true number. Banks etc never use it.

  74. My banker friend helped me as I was in the same situation as you. He told me to get a mobile phone with a contract. Also he said that getting bills like internet or something on your name also helps.

  75. Getting a secured credit card would help you they are gauranteed but you have to put money down for security so it acts like a debit card almost, once you have had that for awhile, use it and pay it off every month your credit score should go up and you should become eligible fpr other cards after awhile.

  76. I have had perfect credit from the day I turned 18. I barely got a capital one SECURED $200 card. Now, 6 years after I got it I have a 798 credit score according to the official bureau report. Yet somehow I STILL get declined for everything I apply for and could barely get a car loan under 10%. It’s such a depressing fucking joke.

  77. Credit is just the gate check to a loan. Creditors also take into account debt to income, net disposable income, payment history, and a few other soft metrics. Ask for a rate sheet next time you apply for a loan, they can tell you exactly what the lowest rate available is.

  78. Get a secured credit card - you put down a deposit for however much you want your credit limit to be.

  79. Maybe you have been applying to some of the premium cards? When I was fresh out of college I got the $0 annual fee credit card from the bank that I used. They gave me like $1500 credit limit to start, super easy application and use because everything was seamless with my checking acct.

  80. Idk what kind of cards your applying for but with your credit score you’ll only be able to get a secured credit card and still many will deny you because of the score. Try capital one secured credit card. They normally approve everyone.

  81. Have you tried paypal credit or capital one? Both of them gave me credit 10+ years ago when I had no credit and low income.

  82. Happened to someone I knew. Turns out it was identity theft but it was hard to determine. They only found out when they used experian and did a deep dive of their credit history that they found someone was using their info to make applications.

  83. Take out a secured loan or a secured credit card. Go buy a car 90% in cash and finance the remaining 10%. Those are all guaranteed ways to get some sort of credit history going

  84. My husband had to get a secured credit card through Wells Fargo. Basically he had no credit history and we went to buy a car together and he was a ghost in the system. Him being on the car payment helped build it, but in the meantime he got a credit card through Wells Fargo where he paid $500 and they gave him a credit card with a limit of $500.

  85. I mean this is kind of what’s happening. I am at the mercy of credit score calculators, and none of the companies that use those algorithms have any processes to help me

  86. I think the main problem is he has high utilization. In another post he says he has one card with a low limit that is close to maxed out. The many inquiries are not helping, but OP would not have had those if he had low utilization and was approved for one of his applications in the first place. The inquires also diminish pretty quickly as a score hit. It really seems to be more the utilization.

  87. I believe this is probably what’s happening and is maybe the best advice but I didn’t even get pre-approved for discovers secured card, so my plan of attack is

  88. apple card can be obtain if you dont have apple device, perk if you do with its conveniences to start your credit history

  89. Look into your bank credit card. :) once you receive emails about you qualify for this credit card from your bank… you’ll be good :)

  90. Open up some free checking accounts and then make sure to allow promotional offers. Make sure you allow promotional cc offers in your existing accounts too. Hopefully you’ll start getting those pre approved credit card mailers with a higher chance of approval. Let them come to you

  91. I started using the Self app to rebuild my credit. As well as using experien to monitor my credit monthltt. I've raised my credit from a 517 to 670 in 18 months. You should look into it!

  92. My first and only credit card I got through my credit union, at a pretty low interest rate too. I was in a similar situation at that time, minus all the applying for things. I just had no credit history.

  93. If my finances were this good I would just buck the credit system, save, invest, and pay cash for anything I need. You’re your own credit, screw these banks.

  94. Take out some minor loans from your bank and then pay them off. After a few, your credit score will increase.

  95. Your credit score is essentially a number that indicates your likelihood of paying your bills on time. You can increase it by paying bills on time. Thing is, only certain bills are counted. Those are payments on debt, like loans and credit cards. You can artificially create a situation that allows you to pay more bills and get more paid checkmarks on your file. Pay for basic things with a credit card and then pay that credit card on time. Open a credit card just to pay your water bill and set it to autopay from your debit account. Put down money for a “secured credit card” and you can make payments to refill what you draw down and those payments will count.

  96. Get books on building credit. If you have Amazon Prime you probably have free option with the Kindle app. If you hate reading, try an audio book. If you have a library card, they usually have books about it.

  97. Did you ever consider asking your parents to add you as an “authorized user” on their current credit card(s). They don’t have to give you actual access to the card. With this method, it shows their history as yours as well.

  98. Try a secured credit card! I have one from discover and one from capital one. They usually have high interest rates and a low line of credit but it will help you get credit and boost your score. Also check with your bank to see if they have any options to help boost your score. For example, my bank offers what they call a "score more loan" it's basically a savings account used over the course of a year. You make a deposit in the account once a month and it boosts your credit. Mine is set up for $500 a year so my payment is only $42 a month. At the end of the year you gain access to the funds so you get all your money back!! They just do it to help you prove to the credit bureau that you are responsible enough to make on time payments in full every month!

  99. Store cards like Kohl's or Walmart are usually easier to get approved for. No credit can be worse than bad credit, but if you can get one of these, regular card offers will start flooding in.

  100. Asking you parent’s to make you an authorized user on a few CC’s that they use responsibly will help. Raised my score by 50 points instantly with this method.

  101. Whomever you bank with you go there and you take some money say like $500 and you open an account then you tell the bank hey I've got $500 in this account I need a $500 credit card limit they will approve you and then that's how you build your credit.

  102. Apply for the cards Credit Karma offer you. Try to get a cash back one (credit one, discover, etc.) and you can end up making money while you raise your credit. Pay them off every time you get paid and do not use them for more than you can afford. For example, if you use it for $200 pay that off before it's due. I usually do every pay period.

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