Marie & Kaguya

  1. I know Personas don't have any connection to your true identity or anything, but it still seems odd to me that she didn't get an "Izanami" Persona...considering she's literally the true form of Izanami.

  2. But like Princess Kaguya she was left behind by the one she belonged to and like the nobles and the emperor in her tale no matter how much we simp for her we (and also Yu himself) can't be with her since she isn't from this world (we can't because she's a video game character, he can't because apparently her being a goddess doesn't translate into being able to move to wherever his parents work also the whole being a goddess bit itself I guess). She even has that little bamboo comb, connecting with Kaguyas adoptive parents from the tale

  3. It kinda looks like it's from the dancing all night game? I'm not really sure but at least those models are closer to p5. The p4 game actually comes with p3/p5 games too, I just waited for a sale. It's pretty cool, even not as a fan of dancing games, just for the updated p3/p4 models and new content.

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