This woman kept yanking her child along a short harness-leash apparatus during shopping/check-out. Poor thing kept falling down and bumping her head into the cart while the mom repeatedly shouted at the girl for being 'disobedient'.

  1. I had a friend do two months in jail for punching a broad for doing exactly what this lady was doing but with her jacket and arm. We bonded over our shared trauma of massive amounts of abuse. I picked him up when he was released with his dog. First thing he said, "Totally worth it, my dude."

  2. Ooooh yeah. My mom was a bitch but tried to act normal in public. Would never do stuff like that. Home life was awful. I feel for this kid, must be a lot of neglect

  3. When I see a picture like that, followed by hearing a story like that, then see a cart half full of Mt. Dew, my mind wanders into guessing how many times the cops have been at their trailer. Or should be.

  4. People who say disobedient or OBEY to their children are raising children that will disown and abandon their parents after they move out.

  5. If it’s that much of an issue to bring your kid shopping, just do curbside pickup wtf. More than likely that kid is treated like shit all day, and acts out accordingly because that’s all she’s ever known.

  6. Just because you can be a parent doesn’t mean you should be, watch this get much worse with people having children who don’t or never wanted them

  7. Mama needs parenting classes. I get people use them leashes that are MADE for children but a rope n pulling a child is cruel. Imagine how they are treated at home.

  8. Definitely should report her. That’s child abuse. If this goes on in public, then what goes on at home is likely far worse.

  9. I'd have written down this cunt's license plate and called child services, then noted the time in case child services needed proof of the incident aka shop security footage.

  10. This is child abuse. There are cases where this might be used (rapidly darting toddlers) but this child is slightly older and could fit in the seat on the cart.

  11. As a child I had taken off on my Mom and hid under a circular clothes rack and fell asleep. I remember thinking I was playing hide n seek. She didn’t know I thought that. She panicked when she couldn’t find me. After that I was put on a lead when we went to the store. Not as inhumanely treated as that poor girl though.

  12. I had a leash because I couldn’t be bothered to not touch breakable items at the store and my mom needed a sure fire way to yank my hands back should I go for the “smash and grab.”

  13. I think I probably go the hardware aisle and grab some rope so I could put her on a leash. Drag her ass around by and see how much she likes it.

  14. Mum use to do shit like this and then gloat that I wouldn't remember it. Yeah, I remember. Hope this kid knows they don't owe this woman a thing.

  15. “She’s not quite mastered heeling yet”. I was at the zoo once and seen a 8-9 year old kid on one of these. He managed to break free of his moms grip and took off running past me while making race car noises.

  16. "That's why white kids grow up and kill everybody in the goddamn school cause you done treated em like a German Shepard ever since they was 3" -Katt Williams

  17. It’s been a long standing rule of mine that if I’m taking my kids in an environment where a leash is needed then I’m not going.

  18. Should the CPS get involved? Can’t imagine what this little kid FP through at home when nobody else is around to observe.

  19. Hot garbage, mother here, if you talk to your kids and love and guide them like you are supposed to do they grow up into well rounded humans, shocking , well even if not i guess this still isn't an option

  20. Some of y’all never had a kid do a runner at the shops and it shows lol. Yeah there’s a wrong way to do it, but the leash itself is fine.

  21. Usually when I see people using a harness on a kid, the kid is in front of them, actively trying to run ahead. This kid looks like they're being dragged a little too rough to not seem a little abusive. To be honest, I don't think a leash is ever truly necessary, but I don't have any crotch goblins of my own.

  22. Yes, it is. Needing a leash in public is not an indictment of the parents OR the child. The cunning little knuckleheads need to be protected from their own worst impulses.

  23. We were at a state park once and they were trying to save a kid who wiggled loose from dads hand and ran right off a ledge. The boy died. I bet the parents wished he’d had a leash!

  24. I think it's fine to put your child on a leash, it's an alternative to hand holding them all the time or putting them in a stroller, but using that to forcefully pull them and have them bump into things is abusive.

  25. SMH I've seen parents who have their kids on leashes, and like look after your kid instead of restraining them, even if their kid does have a mental illness, its still cruel

  26. What baffles me even more is that people put their children on leashes like dogs! Are people nowadays incapable to teach their children not to run away?

  27. We call them reins in the UK and they've been pretty popular for decades. They give the child the independence of walking without having to hold mummy or daddy's hand but the security of knowing they can't go too far. They're not supposed to be used like this though. This is just cruel.

  28. “Are people nowadays incapable to teach their children not to run away?” Said the non-parent. It’s not okay to judge a parent for using the leash. It’s not running away that’s the major problem, it’s sneaking away. Kids don’t want to shop for boring stuff, they want to go look at the toy section. Or go back for a box of Cocoa-Puffs to slip into the cart. So they slip away while you are distracted, and when you look down and don’t see them, you don’t know how long they have been gone! And you never know, in those first moments of unbearable panic, whether or not your child toddled right into the arms of a kidnapper and you might never see them again. So shut up about things of which you haven’t had any experience.

  29. Every person that saw this and didn’t do something about it had a hand in the torment. If this kid winds up dead, you were part of the problem.

  30. Why the hell didn't she just put the poor kid in the cart seat? Maybe she didn't want to look at her. Someone should put a leash on the mom and drag her around. If she does this in public WTH does she do at home!!

  31. Dear god please tell me you did something anything about this!? Obviously you put it online but something needs to be said or done about this. This is awful

  32. Wouldn't even put her on leash, she might like it...rather 3x2 cage upside down for hour or so...just to fuck with her but not enough to crack

  33. I think the harness thing is good to keep your child around you yet free to explore, I had one growing up, but that's to give them room not stay at your side... Stupid woman!!

  34. This breaks my heart. I understand why child leashes are used sometimes but not like this. That poor child didn't ask to be here and she's being treated like garbage. This is making me tear up. Some people really shouldn't have kids, they don't deserve them.

  35. Sometimes those leash things can be useful. I have an overactive, very curious and independent toddler, and more than once I’ve wished I had a leash for her (when we went to the Grand Canyon, just for example) but I just refuse to get one based on how I felt every time I saw a baby in a leash…

  36. Idk if im just an angry person but I'd beat the fuck out of her, how can you treat your child like that, let alone in public. She clearly doesn't see anything wrong

  37. And no one approached her and said anything ? Like cunt what are you doing you evil spawn of a thundercunt mother fucker ?

  38. I had gotten a Mickey Mouse backpack leash for my daughter from my mother in law. I politely thanked her, tucked it away in my closet and haven’t had the use for it at all. My daughter is a hyper, curious kiddo but I know better than to use a leash for her. I keep a very close eye on her and using that on her makes me incredibly uncomfortable. Seeing this post disturbs me and in more ways than one. It’s things like this that piss me off how some people even become parents and are able to breed.

  39. I totally understand you. I did not want to use the leash, either. I circled my fingers around my son’s wrist so that he could not pull his hand out. He did, however, pull hard enough to dislocate his elbow. I felt horrible…like I had failed as a mother. I used a harness style leash because I was terrified there would be another injury. I am sure there are many methods to keep hold of children; this is the one I chose.

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