AVCT Clocking 1 million volume.. before 6am...

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  2. rip to anyone that bought in this morning. Im out with a nice little 50% profit, couldve gotten out at 77% but took too long to sell. This new SEC filing is the dagger.

  3. No it’s not. Lol. It’s finalization of the note holder agreement they settled in a previous filing if you’ve kept up on reading this you would know this. Clearly you don’t know what’s going on.

  4. You cant just call any stock that goes red for a day a rug pull 💀💀 bro just found out about the market huh

  5. I see this happen all the time but pump and dump on 5 to 10 cents don't make sense to me. Are people profits that big where they sell at that amount of increase? I'm just curious

  6. This is a bit of a noob question...I use etrade and my extended hours trading only starts at 7AM....what are others using that they can trade at 6AM? I had an order ready to go at 7AM, which I was hoping would be at about $0,34 like I put in, but it had already jumped to $0,40. :-/ I wish I could have had that execute right at 6AM if it was an option.

  7. Will this jump then dip then rise? Or will it just rocket? Deciding whether to sell on high the wait for another dip

  8. It's hard to get the right dip....u know what I mean .but yea..u can sell n buy back it...on low..make sure u level market price chart...els you probably won't be able to buy in...unless you go for the most expensive Ask.. price

  9. My bank in denmark wont let me buy any... seems very strange i have 1000shares and tried to buy 1000 more but it says not possible at the moment all the time:(

  10. https://www.cnbc.com/2022/09/26/trump-linked-spac-changes-address-to-ups-store-as-investments-pulled.html?__source=iosappshare%7Ccom.apple.UIKit.activity.Message

  11. What happened to avct? Bought some calls for this early last week and now RH is telling me to that I can close out my position but can't buy anymore contracts.

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