What penny stocks do you own that you believe will go parabolic one day?

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  2. $SFIO and tomorrow is the day!!! Well soon anyways. 4x avg volume today and still only ~250k$ . Finally broke out of 0.04 resistance.

  3. Untendered and sold PQEFF this week. The repeated extensions with absolutely piss poor shareholder communication is upsetting. Great stock to flip though probably, but I'm looking elsewhere.

  4. Came here to say CTXR as well. The impatient have sold off, but it’s only a matter of time. Minolok is gonna make this thing pop. I expect a steady rise to begin Q4 followed by a pop in Q1 2023

  5. PQEFF always confuses the heck out of me, though I imagine the extensions scare people. I am not in it anymore since I had to get out literally the day before the news hit that launched it up, lol. If I get some extra I might throw it in there one day, but I doubt that will happen before the offer closes. I will just gamble on it failing, I guess, and buy in if it does at a new low.

  6. Have a look at First Helium Inc. found oil while looking fire helium. Now able to self finance there Exploration.

  7. Same besides I got in before the run up. Since then I've making gains on swing trades while slowly increasing my position. Hopefully news on the new rig will be coming sooner rather then later tho.

  8. Mission Ready Solutions, their competitors bring in billions a year. Just needs one massive contract. They deal with the US government.

  9. LLKKF. Lithium play with a lot of potential. Found them on a post similar to this over a year ago and already up 350%. Hoping for a lot more

  10. Darkpulse technology is going to be very big. It's a sensor that can detect changes in just about any material.

  11. Bullish on SPOFF. A Canadian AI Mining company. They appear to be promising. I just sank $1k into them and want to leave it there for years. Because it's a foreign country, you'll have to pay a fee to enter.

  12. SPOFF is my play too. Sits uniquely positioned with regard to the major trends i.e. huge commodity demand over the next decade plus the fact that discoveries have been decreasing over the last few years, indicating new techniques are becoming essential to find novel deposits. Also machine learning will prove out to be a major improvement to data interpretation.

  13. Theres a small cap called Graphene Manufacturing Group ($250 mil) that is waiting for commercial contracts for its Al-GO battery, they've only put 6 months of work into optimizing the battery but storage capacity is already equivalent to batteries found in current EV's with huge recharging rates and no need for cooling.

  14. Not to mention planes needing to be replaced because of shipping stuff to the Ukraine. Those engine orders will be coming in!

  15. OGI. Get it cheap now prior to cannabis legalization. OGI is turning a profit and taking market share. They have British American tobacco as a partner.

  16. OGI.legalization will come. Very cheap right now. Showing excellent earnings with great guidance. Gaining market share and great partner with British American tobacco.

  17. I’ve been holding them since 2017 but we won’t get into that. Any news on when the senate vote will take place?

  18. UATG, it's been a long wild ride and sitting real low now, but if they can deliver on revenue projections i don't see how the pps cant increase exponentially.

  19. What's going on with them? Bought some over a year ago, sold my I initial buy and riding free shares but they've gone way down since then. Haven't looked into them since

  20. NBVA- company has patents and has founded the only ransomeware reversal product. It’s validated by 3rd party in December with a 96.4% accuracy rate and was commercialized in Jan2022… have already secured MSP’s abs in talks with Government… will be a MONSTER once we get update on revenues and number of sensors(installs)… as of March 2022, 100,000 sensors installed

  21. FL.V frontier lithium. Been preaching it since 0.44c when I learned about it. Got bags on bags on bags of it. It will allow me to retire before getting a real job.

  22. VINE(Fresh Vine Wine) and WOOF(Petco). TBH I only invested in them based off of what my friends were telling me about today's dating market. They kept making jokes about investing in booze and pet food because we're all gonna die alone so I actually did. I plan on holding on to these for a couple of years

  23. Ok, here's a crazy one... Atlantis Gaming Corp trading as ATIG and at around 2 cents a share. They're saying that if you like Fanduel or Draftkings (they do similar things) this is it but at only 2 cents a share. Hey, for a few hundred bucks, even a few thousand, how bad can it be and... if it just makes it to a dollar a share... holdon dahlin!

  24. ISR - isoray. They developed a new type of brachytherapy that cures prostate cancer. It is also being used in the fight against brain cancer and being tested with other forms of cancer.

  25. $SXOOF they do kinda similar stuff as ABML, but also have some side gigs like mining. I have it because I can't buy ABML on my broker haha.

  26. HMBL - great financials if you compare it to a fintech VC and most of the FUD is just people getting inpatient. Do you’re DD without looking at radon social media profile opinions to make you decision.

  27. If I'm being realistic and not just shilling my bags. The only stocks which I think will actually last and aren't an entire conn are $LVVV, $ABML, $PROG, $NXTP, $MVIS, $ARDX, $DPLS* and $NUMIF. That's not to say people should buy in at this point for any of them, I just think I will be considerably profitable on these within the next 2-5 years and don't plan to flip these immediately outside of a bubble where I know I'll be able to re-enter at a lower price.

  28. Firefinch ltd. Thanks me later.Bought the goldmine from barrack gold. And if we share holders have luck we also will get leo lithium shares for free, because this will be this year a split from firefinch ltd.

  29. I've been basically all in on $FUSE for a while now. At the current pricing I'm happy sitting tight for a few years even. Still buying a bit here and there.

  30. Athersys (ATHX). Data from their partner's stroke trial in Japan is due next month. Beaten down at the moment because the same partner messed on a trial size for ARDS and the PMDA said they need more data. Seen as par for the course for the company as it's been delays after delays. But assuming the data for stroke is good, and no reason it shouldn't be, it should go parabolic.

  31. SKUR- won’t have much action until 2023 for revenues, but is a viable privacy suite for messaging, email, and business… all serves are self owned and located in Switzerland therefore they do not comply with the USA CloudAct where big tech has the ability to sell your data to algos and marketing firms…. Totally private… apprently they are looking to close a deal with RE/Max in July 2022 where the full company of 90,000 employees would exclusively use the platform on Sekur, you can message people who do not have the app an still have all privacy benefits which is unique against competitors

  32. I would happily recommend you take a look at Seeing Machines, they are involved with driver monitoring systems looking to detect driver drowsiness and intoxication.

  33. GMBL is in the eSports gambling realm. ESports popularity has been increasing drastically and I think will only get much bigger. Plus gambling continues to gain more and more legalization. The stock peaked somewhere around $18 about a year ago and is currently sitting between 60 and 65 cents, giving it a current market cap of only ~$25M. I've held them for a bit now and have recently started buying a lot more as I think it's about bottomed out.

  34. Nice tip, I will look into that one... If you are interested in stuff like that, check out "Fandifi technology Corp"... They just renamed from former fandom esports media. Is also in the same are plus adds some live fan engagement Optins to the gambling, where you can create nfts from live content and trade them.

  35. I’ve posted this before but I like DARE. If you are looking for a pharma stock, this one is for women’s products. There is some buzz about their current pipeline and they have grant money from the Gates foundation and a ready-to-go distribution partnership with Bayer. The stock just took a big leap up around the buzz and then sank bank down. It’s worth a look.

  36. Clearsign CLIR. New regulations require Nitrous oxide reductions. Exxon and another super major are evaluating this tech. Needless to say if Exxon buys it will be significant.

  37. TOMDF, a small biotech company in covid testing, but recently also strong as they have positive phase 2 trial results for plant bases covid and long covid treatment. Future value stream is also AI based cancer and Alzheimer dedetcion from blood tests, which should ramd up in the next 1-2 years.

  38. KGKG - I've been in this one for a while because I really believe this company has been doing the right things for their market segment - they did just add +50% more shares to the market after recent big gains. I think this offers a good buy in window for those who have not gotten in yet - I think it will be on the rise again after the dust settles - they're Q2 reporting will be the first to include sales at Walmart stores in addition to a consistent run of growth over the last 2+ years. Time will tell...

  39. GRLT. Expansion is going great. I’ve personally spoken to several people close to the company and everyone of them say the CEO is absolutely busting his ass

  40. TKLF, recent IPO that shot up to $40 per share on the nasdaq, and was supposed to be listed at $4 per share, but now it's sitting at $2 per share with a 5mil share float and their market cap is at 72 mil now with 95 mil assets. 200 mil in revenue, profitable of 20 mil per year. By all logical measures I can think of this company should be at a much higher price than it is.

  41. The 1 I own that I think will surge some day is Plantable (PLBL) a plant based healthcare company, I think it has all the right things in place to explode, tech, research studies, good business model and we'll cashed up to ride the current market conditions!

  42. Datametrex. DM. Uplisting soon. 20 million in cash and basically no debt. Artificial intelligence company with military and government contracts, cyber security and healthcare and electric vehicle. Clients include department of defence, Samsung and more. Market cap. 60 million. .16 cents. Basically derisked and undervalued IMO. Do your DD. I am fully loaded on this one for the next 1-2 years.

  43. NLST far and away!! Even if the judgements and rulings don't go in NLST huge favor the company has strong foundation. Lot's of growth in the next 3+ years. Think AMD as a parallel.

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