Daily Plays April 08, 2022

  1. In $MULN, $ATER, $GFAI. SST May still be a play but I'm done messing with it. Seems to me the manipulation is real here. I feel like $GFAI is the one people are sleeping on. People's feelz all hurt about the offering? The trend was up, the offering was direct, and now closed. Perfect entry on a platter here; small float, actually a decent company, and squeeze potential. NFA of course but don't miss the obvious.

  2. Ater still looking strong in AH expect big moves Monday morning with large money coming in !!!! Don’t get priced out today by selling !!

  3. Their assets cover their obligations well, they are at least not going into bankruptcy as of now, so trying to time a bottom might be a good play.

  4. XCUR i know absolutely nothing about, have 500 shares, and would love for some bullshit DD to start getting circulated to get that price up to a humble $1000 per share. Is that too much to ask?

  5. Hot damn! The ceo is calling out hindenberg and will be interviewing an individual hindenberg used in their hit piece. This person is saying they were misrepresented

  6. Ok people i know you guys asking about SBFM trading lower. It's always typically scenario once a company do public offering of their stock, but this don't last. Once they close the offering stock goes up again. This is the time to buy! This company is a stable company. they develop antibacterial and anti cancer medicine. They're working on developing a treatment for COVID19 and has completed the synthesis of four potential inhibitors of PLpro!

  7. Finally about to head to Costa Rica after a crash shut down the runway forcing us to divert to El Salvador yesterday and GBS is bouncing back so a good start to the day

  8. KGKG peaked early at its highest in nearly a year, who thinks it will be a sell off drop and who thinks it will push past and go even higher

  9. Thoughts on MNTS? It's intrigued me since it's spac days and now with the SpaceX connection I find it even more interesting.

  10. it time to buy $SBFM when down right now. This will definitely worth the investment.... check the news about them if you don't believe me

  11. Look into DDL and MF. Dipped big because of covid lock down past 2 days. These are grocery and food delivery companies.... will be the only way people can shop...

  12. $ENSC is a low float bio that has phase II results for a drug to replace oxy without overdose possibility coming out this quarter. It is trading at $1.20 and Zacks just gave it a $23 price target.

  13. GFAI just released news about agreement with Blue Pin for test and use of their robotics. Article is on webull for those interested it won’t let me share. Also offering closes today.

  14. The options chain on DNN is pretty strong on @2$C exp 4/14. I doubt people are buying to cover themselves dumping stock, 24M traded today avg. of 1M and is shorted @3.13% rn. Grabbing 50 contracts tmrw.

  15. I don't have anything in particular right now. I just like to come here to see what's getting pumped. If something looks promising, I try to get out before the dump. It doesn't always work out like that though. (Looking at you ATOS).

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