Does anyone know of ways to mount small speakers on the sides of monitor?

  1. Maybe building your own mount that attaches to the vesa mount, or use a mic arm? I think the official versions of that you want are tied to racing simulator setups

  2. Get some 'articulated magic arm clamp' brackets and somehow mount them to the VESA mount on your monitor. Infinite adjustability.

  3. Go to a hardware store and pick up a couple hinges back in the hardware aisle that are shorter than your speakers are tall. Then get a roll of 3M VHB double stick adhesive. Cut two strips of VHB and put one on each side of the hinge. Stick the hinge to the side of the monitor, then stick the speaker to the hinge. Have fun.

  4. Maybe you can have access to a 3d printer? My first thought was "if the speakers are small / light enough, just build a sort of clamp to attach them to the monitor".

  5. Whip up a nice mount that has a slight interference fit with top corners of the monitor and I doubt it would ever move. No clamps or adhesives required.

  6. This was my first idea. The velcro layer held up but the glue was not reliable due to the torque so one of the speakers crashed in the middle of the night and woke me up 😄

  7. What I did is I got a couple of desk-clamp microphone mounts, then attached each speaker to one of those. Then I just attached the mic mounts to the back of the desk, positioned the arms, and done! Not the most elegant solution, but worked well for me.

  8. FYI this is what I ended up doing. I tried getting magic arms from amazon but they were too short for my screen. So I just made some out of home depot stuffs:

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