This may have been done before. But the meme is funny

  1. Look, I'm okay with anyone liking epic, but why the fuck every other big company trying to have one. I hate to have about 5 different launchers, 3 of which needed just to start one game each, wtf is that. It annoys me so much

  2. That's the thing, I'm fine with using multiple stores, but I have to launch a separate application to play my game, and if you have two factor authentication then you also need to check your phone and blabla.

  3. I was so happy when I finally gave up on rainbow shit siege like two years ago so I could delete uplay. Now if a game has to open a separate launcher these days I just won't buy it. I refunded the star wars game with the redhead guy when I downloaded it and then it told me I had to install origin. Fuck that. Fuck origin.

  4. I would like to say competition breeds innovation but realistically, it's the money, control on reviews and their own refund policies.

  5. And then you buy the game on steam and after that it adds its own launcher. Like yo dawg, I heard you like launchers so we put a launcher in your launcher so you can launch while launching.

  6. The best is when you buy an Ubisoft game on steam. Then when you start the game on steam it opens the Ubisoft launcher to launch the game. Launchception.

  7. I use GOG galaxy and have all my games load from there and make sure all other launchers do not start on start up and close automatically when the game is closed.

  8. I have a 12900K, 32GB of RAM, and an NVMe drive and it still takes fucking forever to open and then uses as much of my resources as it can.

  9. I really like gog galaxy launcher too. It's neat that it will auto add pretty much every launchers games into itself as well.

  10. If you think Steam is the best ... check out GOG Galaxy. Just the fact that it combines all launcher makes it the best.

  11. Being able to create a custom profile and launcher for a game not even on steam, and stream it to my phone from anywhere in the world is basically magic.

  12. You know a product is shovelware when they decide to invest in exclusives instead of a better product that naturally makes people want to use it of their own accord.

  13. If I'm streaming and I close out of an epic game, the store re-launching automatically lags out my stream without fail. My CPU usage always skyrockets, only for a moment but just enough to make my PC panic for a bit.

  14. Doesn't matter how great EGS gets with its launcher, the fact that they bought out already released games for artificial exclusivity makes them the worst possible choice. Nobody wants the PC gaming market to become some segmented mess of competitive exclusivity like it already is in the console space. Except EGS

  15. I will never not be convinced that epic's launcher is using so much resources because it's doing some really shady shit to my PC.

  16. Epic launcher cannot save my session when i exit, uses up like 30% of my CPU and so much of my disk since im using a HDD, cannot properly uninstall files from their launcher, takes more time downloading subnautica compared to Steam, and takes like 10 minutes to load the goddamn store page even when other launchers or tasks are closed.

  17. And a lot of people forget it wasn’t always that way. It took probably a decade of work to make steam not suck.

  18. Intuitive and well organized ? Are you drunk? Steam is good feature wise but far from intuitive and organized. Steam is a mess once you want to manage your settings, wallet and data

  19. Never had a problem with any crashes or EGL loading my system much despite using it both when Fortnite came out and I tried it and then downloading it again for free games when it became a store. And my system was a 3-core Phenom II X3 710 from 2008 and originally 4gb of ram.

  20. It's had plenty of time to improve but at least they did. When you consider how they used to be the absolute dog shit worst, they've come a lot way. Used to far prefer gamespy, and groaned every time I had to try and launch steam.

  21. Downloaded epic when they were giving away GTAV for free. Immediately deleted it and paid for GTA on Steam. It was absolute junk. Like Origin level junk. Devs should be ashamed.

  22. Finding a fucking game in your library is worse than finding any .exe setup i have experienced since we left the 90s.

  23. The free games are literally solely a ploy to get people to join the launcher and pump up the numbers to artificially become "competition". And people sure do eat it up. Just pirate the games, it's better than signing up for EGS.

  24. To this day I don't know why anyone likes it over steam, it has non of the features I've grown to expect (unless I run the games through steam)

  25. I hate that clicking a game auto opens it in epic. I prefer the way stream handles it by pulling it up in the “main feed” park of the screen. Also it’s annoying that I can’t do anything other than uninstall and go to store page if I right click. I like that stream gives me more “power” over my library. Also epics update sidebar is ASS

  26. The feature missing from the epic launcher that really put the nail in the coffin for me is not being able to easily change and manage multiple install locations. I have 3 separate drives in my pc and being able to choose what goes on my ssd's or my hdd easily and even move games between them easily is a feature I really appreciate about steam. I especially like that it tells me how much storage my library is taking up on each drive

  27. I don't think Epic has a good launcher, but I don't use any Steam features either so to me they are both just bothersome launchers getting in the way of playing games.

  28. I dont think anyone actually does, it's more like a sunk cost. They act like it's better but deep down they know steam is easily the best platform, you cannot seriously argue otherwise

  29. Epic doesn’t even tell you how much space a game install is going to take when you install something 🤦‍♂️.

  30. Me. The purpose of a launcher, to me, is to launch games. I've never had a problem with EGS in that regard.

  31. Epic Games is a terrible launcher relative to Steam. Not even close really. There is nothing Epic does better except provide free games, which to be fair, is quite a nice perk.

  32. Meanwhile Steam has a built-in system to run Windows game on Linux, as far as Linux support goes, Steam is the absolute king, and Valve is playing a huge part in the growth of Linux gaming

  33. Ehhh some of those sales are dope af. Got hitman for $5 with the $10 free and 80% off. Can’t beat that.

  34. This is why I like GoG... Don't even need a launcher but there if you want it. This is why it drives me nuts when people buy CDPR games off of steam or whatever.

  35. Even years later I constantly saw people hating on steam. As late as 2010 I was seeing people complain that it’s the start of drm getting worst and ruining ownership. Everyone freaking out in the idea of the system going away and losing all your games

  36. Yes, but that was seventeen years ago when you needed it for Half-Life 2. It's fair to say it has significantly improved since then.

  37. The man objects to the statement to such a degree of sheer passion that he is able to levitate to the 27th floor of a building

  38. Valve had a monopoly for too long, and had grown stagnant. As soon as Epic started getting some slight traction with all their free games suddenly Steam was getting new features... finally.

  39. EGS slow as hell for me, not mentioning the freezes during page loadings and for some reasion it randomly closes. Steam is working perfectly for me. I tried to get help from EGS Hlhekp center, but it was basically just reinstalling it, what solved nothing.

  40. How about no launcher. Want to open a game? Just… open the game. No other hoops to jump through and hog up resources and harvest your data.

  41. I like that Proton in Steam makes installing and launching Windows games on Linux as easy as hitting a single button. No fucking around with wine configs, just press a button. Proton is glorious.

  42. I like having social features in a game launcher, especially for multiplayer games. I like having a single application that can manage updates and installs for many games at once. I like being able to look through my library and sort/filter when I'm picking a game to play. Steam is the only launcher that does a remotely competent job of implementing these features, so it's my favorite.

  43. Epic Games is so simplified that it's confusing again. I know where to buy stuff and where to launch games, everything else is a different story.

  44. When I open the epic games launcher it starts automatic updates before it finishes logging in, so I have to stare at a blank screen for a full 20 seconds before it finishes logging in and the user interface shows up

  45. Steam doesn't want to remind you just how big a backlog of games you have piled up, they would like you to buy more games on the off chance you feel like playing them sometime in the future.

  46. I feel like maybe epic is better behind the scenes, but strictly looking at the launcher it is way way worse

  47. 2022 and I can't connect a ps4 controller to epic games without third party software....

  48. Besides being overall subpar, what I really don't like about Epic is the utter lack of library management and navigation features. Every other launcher is much more feature rich in this department.

  49. I don’t understand why epic doesn’t seem to put any work into their launcher. Clearly they aren’t lacking money so why don’t they just put a team to do the job ?

  50. It is not better than steam of course but the steam fanboys speak of it as devil spawn all the time. They give me $10-$15 gift cards from time to time and I am able to buy the latest games with discount

  51. I have been hearing this said over and over again but when I ran it on my computer epic games takes about 12 seconds to launch and steam takes about 5 seconds. Sure its not as good as steam but its also not that bad.

  52. Steam>epic store. Even with the free games it still trash. Massive resource hog and freezes/crashes way to often. Criticism is good

  53. You know, there used to be a time before launchers. You bought a game and you owned it. They couldn’t suspend your account or throw ads at you. You just started the game directly. Steam was just a way to make people accept some messed up DRM nightmare. Epic is a knock off of something already bad.

  54. Steam is like the mafia for gamers. They convinced gamers they needed steam to manage their updates and patches and keep them safe from viruses. Always could do that fine on my own. Big money grab to streamline and centralize the games to make them more "accessible". No launcher is good they're all needless bullshit.

  55. Steam is better in every way as a launcher. Which is a problem. These other garbage launchers need to step up their game so Valve starts trying and improves Steam even more.

  56. I hate all launchers. Well, all but GOG Galaxy. Haven't been using anything else in the past two years. At least that makes multiple launchers bearable.

  57. There's plenty of arguments for using the EGS launcher. Among them the free titles and exclusives. I can't think of any others because frankly the thing is awful, but I'm sure for some people there are ever positives.

  58. I like Epic because it's simplistic and they have one or two free games once a week, they recently added the feature to order your library into categories aswell (crazy how that wasn't added until now).

  59. More lauchers is generally good since Steam has held the monopoly for a while now.. but they need to be actually good to grant competition.

  60. I just wish they spent a fraction of their free-game money to improve the launcher. That’s such a big reason why people don’t use that app.

  61. EGS is like Xbox - Has nothing to offer to me. All their free games are more times than not either ones I already own or ones I am not interested in.

  62. Steam logs in to my library and opens one advert for a game. Epic launches into the storefront and at least 2 advert pop-ups (one push and one banner). It runs like shit, loves to eat resources. The library is nowhere near as nice or easy to use. It hurts me and my pc physically.

  63. Tbf, when your opinion is basically provably wrong on a quantitative level, you are far more likely to say said opinion in places where people will disagree with you, and therefore you are likely to feel like this meme - people seeking you out to disagree.

  64. At least with Origin and Uplay the only exclusives would be the publisher's own games, and EA doesn't do that anymore.

  65. I like free games and I hoarded a lot of them ofc but there have been times I've wanted to pirate games I've had for free on epic because of how shitty it is and such a resource hog it is. Steam is just so much smoother and faster.

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