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  1. You joke but it’s really like checking blind spots, even in games like League you need to physically turn your head to read chat/check map

  2. Samsung's boxes used to have pictures and stuff on them but they got rid of it because of "climate change" or something like that (aka cutting costs).

  3. TBH who cares? The saving of massive amounts of paint is definitly betther for our planet and how long do you look at a box? Maybe a few minutes before you tos it away.

  4. I was considering one of these but it just so extremely wide and the image is so stretched that I ended up buying an LG ultrawide

  5. welcome to the neo g9 club sir! the HDR on it is virtually unparalleled. (i still prefer it to OLED as OLED isn't bright enough for my tastes, and the dimming issues are infuriating to me) 2000 backlight zones is just bananas

  6. I dunno if they updated their panels but my Odyessy 28" 4k monitor has horribly ghosting. I have to turn it down to Normal response as Faster and Extreme are basically unusable.

  7. Are your eyeballs ready? Also what are you using as a monitor stand? The default stand that comes with it or a monitor arm?

  8. I hope to god you don't have issues with that. Samsung has absolutely awful customer service.

  9. Got this bad boy from work for christmas 2 years ago and basically only play games like League and CS:GO on 16:9 in the middle of the screen.

  10. Looking at the screen spotting dead pixel and insane backlight bleed resulting in a refund? I had happen something similar with the G7 send it in for repair 2times (cuz it didn’t display anything after 2days of use) every one I had had stuck/dead pixel I refunded bought a new one from another seller and it also has 2 dead pixel

  11. I got myself the 32in G5 a few months ago. Saw this bad boy while shopping and wished I could swing it, but even the G5 was a massive upgrade from the 32in 1080p TV I was using prior. Enjoy it, man!

  12. Got one myself, enjoy! Would def recommend getting something white to move around, like a text document and looking for dead pixels though. It’s a known issue.

  13. KEEP THE BOX!!!! You will need it for whenever you move, or eventually move on to your next monitor. It is an unwieldy beast and quite fragile to move.

  14. Getting pissed couse u wasted money. Could have gotten regular ultrawide screen without all the bugs of this shite (I own one and I hate it).

  15. very sexy! but i think ima let OLED monitors mature and come down on price a little and make one of those my next purchase. wont something with killer contrast ratio.

  16. Call me. I'm Samsung customer service and I'll come to your house and help you set up your new monitor. All you have to do is go outside with your kids and I'll take care of everything. Promise

  17. Buddy of mine bought a Samsung recently. Screen shit the bed two days after the warranty expired. Tried googling the issue. Seems that everyone with that monitor had the same issue at the same point in time.

  18. I have a Samsung Odyssey+ VR headset and this beautiful bastard has made it much more difficult to Google troubleshooting tipa for.

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