Hello r/PCMasterRace! It's me Nick from Gamesense.gg back again with another giveaway, this time our keyboard, the Clutch! We're giving away 5 keyboards.

  1. This journey has been a wild ride. Starting from a mousepad to mice to a keyboard! I wanted to give you guys some updates on the business because this subreddit has seen me grow from the start.

  2. Does it have the ability to withstand getting used as a weapon when my brother tries to steal it? It needs to withstand the impact of a fairly strong teen smashing the skull of another fairly strong teen.

  3. Yea we're really trying to make our mark in the keyboard space and we just want to offer gamers a better alternative to what's out there right now.

  4. You must have the OG one then! Thank you so much. How has the glide held up for you? I still have my OG one that I use in the office as well, did you wash it yet?

  5. Soooo, i don t wanna be mean or to die without knowing. I do not get it, is this a giveaway (as it looks) or it's you that won this kb? Tbh I d like to try one of these but cannot ask anything for free or u get it.

  6. It's amazing how you've made such quality products in such a short amount of time. I own a Rush mousepad and it's been nothing short of amazing. Congrats and on your continued success!

  7. Can confirm, the real deal. I am in Japan and my Japanese friend was able to get her hands on a mousepad. I have been jealous of her ever since because they well out so quickly here and it's so nice, I wish I had one!

  8. Would love to finally ditch the "big brands" My Corsair K70 needs a perma-nap. And I have been looking into 60-70% boards!

  9. A unique, never seen before surface. Humidity resistant. Insane amount of control and feels good to the touch.

  10. This is my first time hearing about you guys, but congrats! It's always good to hear about someone's passion taking off and making it in the tech world! You're living the dream for all of us lol

  11. Appreciate the kind words! Yes, it definitely wasn't easy but the inner child in me is excited.

  12. Looks awful, can I have one so that I might change my opinion and champion your products before the world?

  13. Oooh. I'm currently using a membrane keyboard because my other one broke and they won't give me the warranty. The other day it fell off my desk and it broke the entire pcb. I've been looking for a keyboard for quite some time now and this looks awesome.

  14. Also similarly inspired by the community, we believe we have a better overall product, stabs, switches, and we provide an extra set of pudding keycaps.

  15. I would love this, I am thinking of upgrading to a much more modern computer, it will be a budget one but it would dip my toes into modern pc gaming, A new keyboard would be icing on the cake. Right now I am using a 15 dollar keyboard I got off FB Marketplace.

  16. It looks beautiful, perfect size that would fit my desk and setup and make it look complete and sleek. Well done, keep it up!

  17. I've only heard good things about Gamesense products, especially the Radar mousepad. I don't own any Gamesense products so maybe this giveaway can change that ๐Ÿคž

  18. $95! Hot swappable and comes with lubed gat yellows, extra set of puddings, keycap/switch puller also

  19. I probably missed it while reading the post or something, but I'd like an entry! I've checked a bit of your stock and honestly, looks hella great with very affordable prices!

  20. Oh gosh, I've lived in Wales so long now that clutch looks like cwtch on a quick scroll and I thought 'That's a surprisingly snuggly name for a keyboard'

  21. This one looks better to me than a lot of custom keyboards I have seen on the internet. So subtle! They'll be nice for coding I suppose, for gaming too? Never used one tho haha...

  22. Good luck for your future endeavors Gamesense.gg, if i win the keyboard i finally can be free from my dying blackwidow 2014.

  23. Hello Nick from Gamesense itโ€™s Machi your Twitter reply guy ๐Ÿ’€. Been needing a new keyboard for a bit my Razer Mini gets the job done but blehhhh

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