Which PC game comes to mind when you see this pic?

  1. I remember loving building my own custom coasters, but 98% of them always turned out too extreme for my guests. I've not been to many real theme parks, but have always loved intense rollercoasters, so this always bothered me quite a bit!

  2. For me it was just the demo version. Over and over and over. Loved it, but I always wondered if I could take Carthage all the way

  3. Warcraft 3 was such a treasure. It's a shame blizz fucked up the remake so hard. I was genuinely looking forward to that.

  4. Oh yeah cant forget starcraft/brood war especially the community maps like turret defense or special forces and the trivia bot in battle net lobbys was fun as well. Good times for gaming back then when the bots were used for trivia not rmt…

  5. I literally had to ctrl + f because I knew someone else had put this down... Monkey Island 2 with sounblaster 16 was the first pc game I ever loved.

  6. Beep...beep...beep...beep..beep..beep..beep.beep.beepbeepbeepbeepbipbipbip. Bomb has been defused. COUNTER-TERRORISTS WIN!

  7. I remember beta 0.3 when they brought in cs_milita and you could run guns to spawn (they wouldn't de spawn at the end of round). Also beta 0.5 when they brought in the p90.

  8. Used to love playing those custom mass attack games online where people would make different units Simpsons characters or Dragonball Z, X-Men, whatever.

  9. Far too low on list. I honestly pity everyone that didn't get to experience EQ in its glory days. Such a unique and wonderful experience.

  10. Academy was da bomb. So many mods for that, too made it crazy! The multiplayer was rad, was in a clan for years and played as the Predator LOL

  11. Was hoping that I wouldn’t be the only one to think of this one instantly. The whole Backyard franchise was my jam as a youngster. Pablo was the GOAT!

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