I put a computer in my 80s Voltron toy castle

  1. Like many kids of the 80s I was a big fan of Voltron and a few years ago I discovered the old Castle of Lions toy in my mum’s attic. This is my attempt at turning it into a functioning computer.

  2. I was thinking just the same. Whenever a standard build pic sneaks out of pcbuilding I think “ok... cool... kinda wasted time clicking in, but ok, I’ll try not to do that again.” With this I was totally there for every picture. Excellent stuff. And no 3000 series mentioned! Awesome win of a build and post!

  3. I absolutely love toys from the 80s and this is incredible. I need to run through this on my computer but hows the CPU and GPU temps? (Can't see airflow out, will double check on my computer in the morning)

  4. Thanks! CPU runs really cool because that AIO is probably overkill for it, and I only play light retro games. The 8400 was the lowest clocked i5 from that generation and sips power very efficiently. Air is pulled from left side through rad and exhausts out the right (on the motherboard side). GPU does get a little warmer, in the 60s on occasion, but again it’s not doing very hard work.

  5. This is a high effort post right here. Incredible build; the custom stickers and lighting really take things to the next level.

  6. Fantastic, love it one of the most unique builds i've seen in a while glad to see something with no rgb and glass panel.

  7. This is really good. Like get your own show on the history channel where you do custom computer builds while arguing with your family good

  8. Thanks. Mine too. I still watch it after buying the DVD set a few years back. This build is a tribute to my fav toy as a child

  9. Damn dude I thought it was just going to be computer components in a toy castle, which would be impressive, but this is a fully stylized and incredibly detailed unit. I love everything about this. Fantastic work!

  10. Dude this is fucking awesome. One of the best, if not the BEST build I've ever seen here before. Amazing work.

  11. holy fuck this is the best custom converted pc case ive seen. the custom cables are sweet too. i just might copy it. you really did it dude. your younger self would be hella proud.

  12. That’s awesome. What are those red blue green and yellow things for? I know it’s a stupid question, but I am just getting into pc

  13. They are little hard drives, called M.2 drives. Usually there’s only 1 or 2 on the motherboard (like my black one) but I found a bay device that holds 4 so you can plug them into a standard SATA port.

  14. Thank you. I really tried to stay within the bounds of the Voltron theme and aesthetic, as if the makers of the case themselves would approve. No other projects right now. I’ll update my personal rig later this year with a custom loop and I do have some pretty crazy ideas for that. I also bought a 3D printer recently and would like to try and make some SFF cases.

  15. This is the most incredible build I’ve seen in a while, if I had 100 more Reddit coins I’d give you gold, kind stranger. Bravo :)

  16. I am admitting that this is the coolest case design I have ever seen. Good job dude. You made a 30 year old man very jealous.

  17. How does this only have 27k upvotes meanwhile every “micro transaction bad” or “my girlfriend built a pc” post gets 1 million upvotes, well done lad this is awesome

  18. I generally roll my eyes when I see people putting toys in their PC's, but putting a PC in a toy? Im not personally a Voltron fan as I never watched it as a kid, but this is an awesome build!

  19. That is the single derpiest build I have ever seen yet the awesomeness levels are absolutely unprecedented. Amazing work.

  20. Growing up my dad and I spent a lot of time watching Godzilla, Voltron, and Thundercats. They hold some special memories that I have with my dad.

  21. You fucking won my heart. My all time favorite pc build. And around Christmas? I remember my mom running around for a voltron toy for me when I was 8 yrs, and let me tell you that lady struggled looking for it. That was when it hit me that wonderful woman determination, and I dedicated my life into protecting and making a comfortable life for my mother. So this build hits home for me.

  22. " I put a computer in my 80s Voltron toy castle" understatement of the year! Bravo sir, bravo!

  23. I'm looking at the pictures and voltron theme song starts playing in my head. God knows what would happen if it were castle Grayskull.

  24. This is amazing! As a fan of both Voltron and unique/artistic builds this presses all the buttons. I had all the lions and castle as a kid. Lovely to see them used like this!

  25. YOU'RE BREATHTAKING!!! Haha, I love the way you mounted and labeled the WD SSDs. Every time I see these drives, I'm going to think of LIONS now! I can hear the music!

  26. I would have killed to have one of these asa kid, I'm also a huge voltron fan and have been working on my own voltron themed case but it was not going to be anything this amazing, just some 3D printed junk and some stickers.

  27. The first thing I thought when I saw this was "maybe an old fisher price castle play set can hold a computer in it." I'm envious of your toy, I feel like it's '94 all over again.

  28. Fookyou! I’m not that talented. If I had an award I would give it to you, but my jealousy would prevent me from actually awarding you due to being jelly

  29. Did you make any videos or take shots of the build? I'm super impressed. No idea where to start with that kind of custom build but I see the possibilities are endless...

  30. I have taken a few random shots during the build through its various iterations, but it has honestly changed so many times. I would like to do a proper video at some point

  31. Holy F the 80s toys are going up in price. That castle is listed a couple hundred bucks and so are my original star wars collection. I need money bad and might have to part with it lol my at-at going for $200 bids.

  32. Crazy good. Execution is flawless. If the toymakers ever made a voltron pc, the insides would definitely look like this. Bravo

  33. Absolutely amazing. Best looking PC on reddit, no contest. When I first saw it I cringed at the thought of ruining such an amazing toy, but you made it so much better.

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