what do i do now

  1. Reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected Device and press a key…..obviously

  2. Yeah if you're gonna run windows you need to download a Windows media creation tool on a flash drive and boot from the flash drive. I'm assuming this is a new build.

  3. Yeah, I kind of think the message is pretty clear. It's saying there is no detectable operating system (Windows, Linux, etc). If you installed an OS, something went wrong, or there is a problem with the boot device (hard drive, flash drive, whatever drive on which your OS is installed).

  4. Turn off pc Try to unplug your hard disk/ssd and reconnect it again, go to bois and set your ssd/Hdd as primary boot device or 1st boot device . Then try to boot if it still not work try to reinstall os. Some points to be noted Check bois hdd or ssd is showing or not if not then change your sata cable and sata port and if u have hard disk you can check when you on your pc your hdd your hdd vibrate or not if not then u can change your sata power cable to. Sry for my english, my main language is not english

  5. When something like this pops out, my first reflex is to turn off PC, go roll one, smoke & calm down, go back to PC, insert always ready Win10BootableUSBstick and reinstall motherfucker.

  6. Dang some of you guys are just being rude for no reason the guys litterally asking for help and you’re downvoting his comments

  7. Have you tried going to bios and selecting your windows boot manager as boot option 1? If it’s not detected anymore in bios, then check your drives and make sure they are plugged in all the way, if they are plugged in all the way, then it could either be a bad sata cable and you could try to replace it or try another sata connector on your motherboard, but most likely, if the pc was working for awhile, and this is a new issue and you haven’t messed with bios or your drives, then your drive is most likely dead, and needs to be replaced and have a new windows install.

  8. Find a friend with a flash drive and a working computer. Have them use the windows flash drive tool to format the iso file onto the flash drive and plug it in straight to your motherboard (not the case).

  9. I think the only thing you can do is reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device and

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