AMD 5800X Help

  1. Sounds like you got a component-killer CPU. I haven't seen a CPU shorting motherboards before, but I have seen other components do. That really sucks..

  2. You need to make a bios update before going to a 5000 series CPU. Try putting the 3700x and update the bios and try again. Have you tried taking out the CMOS battery on your computer? If not I would start there

  3. So mine being a mini ITX board the battery is under the heatsinks, I’ve cleared it using the CLRCMOS jumper. Mine I know doesn’t need an update because I’ve been running a 5600X for the last few months now

  4. I had someone with a similar problem. Turns out they actually damaged the pins on both the old and new swapping back and forth trying to troubleshoot.

  5. So far all of the CPUs have no bent pins, and were installed gently. I’ve built quite a few systems for myself and friends, I know not to force anything in place. I’m going to run my mobo and CPU to a local shop and have them bench test, they said if the new CPU has a short inside of it, it can kill a MOBO

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