How do I fix this. 175 processes! Also is this why my cpu is at 100 percent usage when on fortnite. I have an i5-9600k and 3070

  1. I'm sitting with 419 threads and just running Chrome and having 100% CPU while gaming is not uncommon when you have a fast GPU. This highlights that your GPU is starved for data while your CPU is frantically trying to feed it - in this title, the game appears to be CPU bound - that poor I5 CPU is outmatched by your GPU. If you want to lower CPU usage raise the resolution, enable AA, graphics details or enable V-Sync. I know it sounds counterintuitive that increasing details lowers the CPU but what it does it moves more of the load to the GPU rather than the CPU. Enabling V-Sync WILL reduce your frame rate to your monitor's refresh rate, which if you have a slower 60Hz panel might be undesirable, in your case.

  2. That's actually normal, Tho check startup apps and disable stuff you don't want at startup (you can open it afterwards anyway) like Epic Games, Spotify, qbTorrent...

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