Hey guys please help. My cpu is at a constant 100 percent. How can I fix this. I have an i5-9600k and 3070

  1. With that cpu that’s normal, your cousin just has a lot more powerful cpu and can balance better the load between the cpu and gpu. When you have for example a not so powerful cpu with a very powerful gpu it can cause something called a bottleneck, a bottleneck is when either the cpu or gpu holds back the other part, like here your cpu is holding back you gpu from its full power and takes most of the load on itself, if I remember correctly, there should be videos about it as well. If I’m wrong in anyway, feel free to correct me 🙂

  2. Not really , if your CPU is at 100% that basically means your CPU needs an upgrade or you need to close some stuff. At 100% CPU usage your game will freeze, stutter and or your windows will crash/freeze. I have a 5600x and my usage never goes above 60% not even in cyberpunk. Also games like csgo if you reduce the graphic settings most of the load.will go to the cpu and you may get lower fps than if you were to have better video settings

  3. as someone already said, cap ur fps to what ur monitor is if u arent using vsync. if ur running at 300fps, ur gpu is gonna work harder, and u arent even gonna see the difference if ur monitor is under 300hz, ya feel

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