Riot Games Lineup Is Starting To Appear On Microsoft Store For PC Game Pass

  1. Man, I tried LoL years ago, and the community is full of sweaty gamers who need serious anger management 😂 and diversity training. Hard pass.

  2. Gross, I don't want to see any products from that abusive ass company. Go fart in someone else's face. Why are they putting this trash on Gamespass.

  3. If you've played these games on their respective launchers, do you forgo any of your progress by playing them from the Windows Store?

  4. There was a collaboration planned between Riot Games and Microsoft. In example Game Pass players have all League of Legends heroes free to play without buying one. And that's actually huge. Read the article, it talks about that.

  5. well unlocking every champion in LoL takes years, so how valuable is your time? and it is the only thing that makes the game addictive for me, so it's great it comes to gamepass, as I will no longer be addicted to it, and will just jump in one game in a week if I feel like playing some champion.

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