Steam Deck: We're happy to announce that Steam Decks will start shipping in Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, and Taiwan on December 17th via Komodo, our official Steam Deck distributor in these regions.

  1. He hasn't lived here for a bit. He went back to Seattle a while ago. But yeah, he sheltered here during the height of the pandemic.

  2. I reserved day 2 from Korea and my reservation number is thirty-two-thousand-something. Korea loves handhelds, and PC games, which bodes well for it here.

  3. Gonna be old news by the time we can get it in Australia. Zen 2 in 2023 lol. I've already lost interest.

  4. I really wish Proton worked better for niche Japanese stuff before they released in Japan. Steam Deck is awesome in a lot of ways, but, sadly, Japanese and online gaming is where I find it the most lacking.

  5. Not really the same teams I imagine. Not like manufacturing and procurement can just go lend a hand to teams working with comparability.

  6. Maybe they should form a customs union that would not include, and compete against China, so companies like Steam could more easily setup import and logistics to multiple countries at the same time. But China would nuke anyone who even breathed a sound of such an idea.

  7. Lmao just bought a gaming Laptop because I started to think this wouldn't happen. Oh well. It was cheaper and it's significantly more powerful to boot, just not as portable (and loud as fuck).

  8. You guys are always the butt of the joke for american companies, I've seen countless announcements for NA and somehow México is not NA.

  9. Man this is like waiting for artists to visit and hold a concert. Some parts in Asia just don't seem to exist to some people *sobbing noise*

  10. This is insane. Gabe is a legend. He's just continued to keep pc ranking gaming going and getting better. Consoles will continue bleeding costumers to the pc arena with the way Gabe is doing things. Hoping Gabe never dies, truly a benevolent dictator.

  11. What about Middle East? As far as I know, none of Valve's products were able to ship to Middle East.

  12. Steam deck has been a godsend with my newborn baby. Anytime shes asleep i reach for it to get 10 mins of gaming in here and there. Instant resume on a pc game is still the best feature

  13. Probably different supplier. Once they ship in SG, the other countries in the SEA region (Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam) would be involved.

  14. If a game's devs dont develop an anticheat that works with Linux there's not much anyone else can do about it.

  15. Does Japan care? I thought PC games weren't very popular with the Japanese nerds. Though I guess they do like their handhelds from Nintendo

  16. Man, imagine what sort of a paradigm shift the Deck would really be in Japan... It would surely make pc gaming even more popular and thus encourage games from Japanese publishers for years to come!

  17. no china yet? live here and the price ias about 150usd more than the US retail price. maybe after HK official distribution the price difference would lower a little bit.

  18. Still patiently waiting for local availability in the Philippines... then again, I'd wait for things to normalize so we don't get it on an inflated exchange rate (Normal ₱50=$1; Inflated ₱58=$1)

  19. I haven't gamed on my pc since getting a deck a month ago. Though, that might change this friday if Callisto Protocol gets good reviews.

  20. Being a linux user I would of hoped it would of made a dent in the user base for pc linux gaming. It's still only like 1.2 something percent of steam users. Maybe this would help I don't think so though

  21. Come on Valve, i want a steam deck since they announced them but i don't want to spend $1000+ because the only way to get one in south america is through scalpers

  22. I've had my steam deck for a couple months now, been playing civ 6 on it. Works great, can't wait for it to get in the hands of more people!

  23. Ok but when can I order from my country to send to the US? I'm literally geoblocked from buying it even though I have a US address I can ship it to.

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