Am I the Only One Who Feels MWII is Boring?

  1. I stopped after BO2, tried some of 3 but really sunk in at BO4. Aside from the microtransactions it was one of my favorite. While I enjoy it, I guess it feels stale in comparison to the ones in the past couple of years.

  2. Agree with this 100%. They did say the UI would be getting changed based on feedback but I doubt it'll get the overhaul it needs

  3. Stopped playing cod when it was announced that the original MW2 would not support dedicated servers. Original MW was a rare gem in both single and multiplayer

  4. They've never emulated CoD 4, MW2, World at War (my personal favourite) or Blops 1&2. The rest are mediocre to terrible including this one.

  5. Yeah I 100% agree I am a pretty big cod fan myself. Modern warfare 2019 had its claws and me for almost a straight year… Didn’t play anything other than that. I was almost for sure modern warfare two going to have the same effect on me. I played modern warfare 2019 and Warzone a week before release because I was really excited for it. But after about a week or so I’ve kind of lost interest. Everything kind of just feels a little bit boring. I don’t mind the progression for guns even though it is different I don’t mind it but I really don’t like that I have to grind a bunch of guns for the attachments so I thought that was strange change. I also do not like the UI. The lack of calling cards and emblems is a huge problem for me. I’m already very close to 55 and I’ve only played it a few hours a night and soon I will have really nothing left to do… And before anyone says yes, I touch grass all the time and I’m pretty casual about my gaming considering I’m in my 30s now. So yeah dude I’m right there with you it just feels like it’s missing something and I can’t put my finger on it.

  6. The validation isn’t, “someone please agree with me, I need to feel like I’m right.” It is a reasonable thing to engage with a product that is a part of a hugely popular subculture and consumer base, not like it, and then want to compare your experience to others.

  7. This isn't to get attention or looking for validation. I'm 40 I could careless what the internet thinks

  8. Boring and Annoying at best but mostly frustrating. First call of duty I've hated from day 1. It's a joke. Spawn system designed to redistribute kills. Worst guns from the past returned with a new name. Every single match feels exactly the same as every match before it. I could go on but I'll sum it up by saying I uninstalled it today. For the first time ever I have no plans of playing cod in the future.

  9. Cod player playing the same game for 10 years and wonder why it's gotten boring. Shocked Pikachu face.

  10. I agree with you. MW19 set the bar high and had lots to offer, it was not without growing pains though. 725 shotgun camping corners and sniping cross map with it. Matches timing out because maps were large and camped because everyone wants to worry about KD, especially picadilly circus map.

  11. Agreed, at least gives us gungame or something. I'm maxed rank and will probably quit out of boredom before the fucking season starts.

  12. LOL this is exactly me. After like 3 matches in multiplayer I am ZzZz. There should never be a reason for me to jump back on to the 3 year old game

  13. Maybe give it some time. I think they are planning on adding more content next year. There's rumors/leaks they will add new maps (ones from Modern Warfare 2 (2009)) and new game modes.

  14. Yeah I agree with you, the maps aren't the best, hell, I even left some games because I didn't feel with playing in certain maps.

  15. I feel exactly the same (i am also 40 maybe has something to do with our age). UI was clearly designed thinking on console systems. I have reached lvl 55 in a few days and now it feels boring. The graphics in multiplayer looks cartoonish to me, in the campaign it looks much better, more gritty and realistic. Let’s see what season 1 brings to the game.

  16. It’s missing a few things for sure but I’m enjoying it. Don’t care for the UI or aimlocking AA and RA. That being said still average 30+ kills a game. As for sound I found running around with dead silence basically makes everyone else feel like AI when I’m playing.

  17. Well COD has been around a long time and people probably have nostalgia and their childhood wrapped up in it. Some people have problems looking at things objectively when emotions are tied into it.

  18. I used to play cod 1 and 2 heavily when I was younger, then a bit of mw and mw2 is roughly where I lost interest. Someone gifted me this so I gave it a go, single player is pretty fun and well done, nothing revolutionary but still good.

  19. I think thats what it is. The lack of maps after coming off the many they gave us in 2019. I forget there weren’t much in the beginning because we got spoiled with so many maps by the end

  20. Easy, why it feels so different they made a cod where getting that second kill feels impossible with the ttk. The second you're hurt, you're a bullet away from death and there is usually a 2nd-3rd enemy without a doubt getting ready to push. I have never had more assists in a COD game ever! Guns feel terrible unless you find the perfect load out and don't get me started on the maps or u.i.. both are actual dog water for a shooter. Snipers/pistols are the only gun that you might be able to push the fight. One second its 3-4 bullets with a smg/AR the next its half a clip of hit markers and a death. This game feels inconsistent with every passing moment. They slowed down movement and pretty much made a camper's paradise. This is a ugly shell of ghosts rewrapped with shittier maps somehow. I suckered in $100 Canadian because I enjoyed the beta. This feels so much worse than the beta now.

  21. maybe. I'm not on reddit enough to notice how often post start like this. Have you played MW2 yet? What did you think so far?

  22. For me it’s because I have all the weapons, I’m lvl 55, and I have nothing else to do. So now when I play I get bored. I am not a camo grinder. I do love calling cards and emblems, but I can’t even put a Canada flag on, as there isn’t even country flags…just lgbtq flags….absurd. So now I play for half an hour and shut it off, as it gets boring fast

  23. I think kdr killed the game day NEVER should have existed. Possibly in such a way only u can see it, but not even then. Cod is supposed to be a team oriented experience on the objective game modes. Every objective game mode destroyed because kd hunters that suck at the game sit back on the fringes ignoring the objective literally plying tdm in every mode! Buffing that bs kd. If I have two kills 50 deaths but 13 captures I'm number one on leader board, not the guy fifty kill, zero deaths. Zero captures. Only direct objective actions should reward xp period. Send tdm back to tdm where it belongs. I'll meet you there with my meager 1.08 kd from playing the objectives and embarrass you on the leaderboard when I stomp you playing your non objective game mode. I can play tdm too when it's the mode I choose!

  24. It’s fun if I didn’t have to sit there for 3-4 hours just to get one gun max level. Like that is pathetic. And then challenges on top of challenges just for gold platinum poly and Orion. Once I hit gold platinum should be unlocked. Once platinum is unlocked for 3 different type of guns poly should be unlocked once poly is ulocked for all guns Orion should be unlocked. It’s extremely boring to have to sit there for hours just to get gold then to sit there hours more for platinum so on and so on.

  25. I've played with the same set of guns that the game started with because of this reason. First COD I didn't bother adding attachments

  26. I am so disappointed in myself for spending 70 fucking dollars on this game. I’ve got about 16 hours into it and I’m really not enjoying it at all.

  27. Oh I'm the same way. I tried refunding it but had already put in too many hours. Its a very mediocre release. I know people say "annual release blah blah" but they do vary in quality and I feel like 2019 was such a high point after disappointing couple of years. Then slowly back to that with this, Cold War, and Vanguard.

  28. The UI is trash for a damned good reason and you know why. Be honest with yourself. The longer you spend in UI trying to do only the simplest of things the less time you spend in a boring 10 map broke game discovering how terrible it truly is. We need 30 maps mp. All at once, no trickle dik tikl. Playing long periods and rarely seeing the same map twice. Things stay fresh. Wanna add maps? Add them to the original 30, in rotation, keeps things fresh and fun. Games so broke I want to at least enjoy some nice new scenery as I'm getting crapped on by bots or pro players or hackers or whatever the million problems are that a streamlined gigabyte connection can't solve.

  29. The maps are so unbelievably bad in this game, there's literally no map that I enjoy. The SA-B 50 or whatever it is is so overused everyone is running it and one shotting people. Same for the SPR or whatever it's called. You spawn next to an enemy everytime too. I mean, gameplay is good, setting is awesome, game looks amazing, campaign was pretty good, spec ops is surprisingly good but damn I can't enjoy the multiplayer this way. MW2019 all the way.

  30. I honestly play 2 rounds…get totally smoked by all the sweats…and then I just quit playing. The SBMM is terrible - I used to be average at these games, but now I get thrown into lobbies with a bunch of sweats who all have maxed out guns and camos!! Why I can I get matched with other average players? IW needs to hurry up and open Hardcore mode so all the sweats can play in those modes.

  31. It's boring because there are no stats and the game is rigged to try and keep everyone to a 1 k/d in a casual arcade mode. I think the idea was: There are more mediocre players than good players out there - So if you make the game campier and nerf any mechanically skilled movement, it appeals to that player base. They can get their kills ADSing in a corner, listening for the elephant like footsteps to come closer.

  32. Man if thats the case then this truly might be the end for me. I took a ling break after blops 2 and re-fell in love with the series in 2019. But what has followed and the unbalanced SBMM where most of the time I’m carrying teams is getting really frustrating

  33. Im on series x and didnt complete it streight away it was boring and nothing ti get exited about.. too many different character's and a bullshit storyline that was far fetched. Mw 2019 i did the campaigne on most difficulties but MW2 is a waste of 70 quid as i wont be going on again. Not 1 exiting mission

  34. I haven't mentioned the Campaign much but it feels stale. I really got invested with Farah's story and really liked Alex and Gaz. Ghost doesn't feel as entertaining as Alex was and Price just seems off in this one.

  35. It is overall boring, and I think it comes down to what type of gamer you are/what stimulates you. I used to love CoD, but I have come to learn that its just too brainless for me now. The game is so incredibly shallow, and insanely repetitive. Spawn, kill kill die. Spawn die. Spawn kill kill kill die. Spawn die. Spawn die. Spawn kill kil....rinse and repeat. I find myself getting stomped, not because I lack the skill or dexterity to compete, more so because I lack the will or motivation to try. Its just so empty and narrow. I have hammered it to level up weapons for Warzone, at least Warzone has something in the way of strategy even if it is watered down Pubg. Think I have just out grown arena shooters.

  36. the SBMM adjusts your damage and accuracy midgame, causing a complete lack of consistency that is off-putting to anyone who doesn’t have an identity disorder

  37. I feel like I'm playing with and against ai every game. If only the game played half as good as it looked then it would maybe be enjoyable.

  38. Price is shit, game play is slower than turds dropping out of a dogs asshole, UI is complete garbage, SBMM is fucking awful. This is what happens when you hire non-gamers to code this pile of burning cocks.

  39. LOL this is the way to put it. SBMM is really the worse and the spawns are atrocious. I think I was playing in that weird villa looking map and kept spawning infront of the opposite team. I was killed 16 times in the same match because of that issue

  40. The game is fucking boring. My lobbies are so tryhard that no one can even break even 25 kills. The maps are massive and have no cover or flow

  41. It took me while to figure out how add attachments to my weapons. Yes the UI is like a puzzle to me lol. Maybe because I skipped mw19? Some other sections of the UI I still don't understand and haven't even attempted to. Also wth is wrong with multi player? What is shoot house and why does it have its one section? I understood cold war mp alot better.

  42. They started doing it in MW19 where it was just shoot house and shipment. The small rush maps for people who don’t like regular slow multiplayer. Kind of like Nuketown in black ops. The customization wasn’t as complicated in 2019 and pretty straight forward. Yeah Cold War was also better designed then 2019 and so was black ops 4

  43. I tried mw2 for the first time in my life. It's been 2 weeks that i have been playing this game. Im just playing because i payed for it and because i want to unlock weapons. As for for the maps. Its always the same thing. People sniping u die then over and over. Frankly its boring. Maps are not fun at all. Its so repetitive. I used to play bf4. Yes its the same maps but theres always something new. Thats it. Im trying bf2042 now on xbox. Other tham that. Meh

  44. I’m a bigger battlefield fan and loved all from when I started playing in BF bad company 2. I wasn’t fully in love with 5 but it grew on me. Let me know how 2042 is. Because all the mixed reviews I’ve skipped that one but still am tempted. Lol I’m in the same bot where i payed the $70 for mw2 and thats what keeps me playing.

  45. The gunplay and graphics look amazing but that's about it. I'm starting to see what those older call of duty players were saying years ago because it literally is the exact same game from 2019 lol more or less. Except they butchered spec ops even more than that game which I didn't think would be possible.

  46. There's like 7 maps and only 2 are good, That highway map is a joke, Snipers a meta as fuck especially the spr208, dmz is a beta, so many useless attachments and tuning, I can go on and on. There game is still in beta. You're better off waiting till maybe next year Nov to make it feel like a complete game.

  47. honestly the blue dots, the UAV spam, the bolt action spr, the loud foot steps, and wtf is wrong with the weapon progression system, why am I forced to go through everyone weapon I don't want to get to the weapon I want. The UI feels very clunky. I don't understand how hard it is to make it like the OG modern warfare but with better balance in some things. I don't know... this last MW2 just ended this franchise for me.

  48. I liked 2019 MW and i figured it would’ve been an easy facelift for 2022. But I’m already over it which is crazy up until a month ago i was still heavily playing 2019

  49. I hate shipment LOL the two maps I hate were added. I re-downloaded Cold War and will give that a go for awhile

  50. I actually prefer Cold War to this. This just feels so clunky, with the loud footsteps and the lack of ninja perk. Also you don't really feel like you got a kill because that ping sound is sometimes hard to hear over the craziness that is going on. The footsteps is really the worst as I can't really tell if it's friend or foe that is around me and we constantly have to tell each other not to shoot. Also the lack of seeing the deaths makes TDM incredibly annoying when you have a player having over 20 deaths and we can't tell who is doing it whether they're at the top or the bottom. I understand it was supposed to bring down the toxicity and bullying but it just makes it hard for other players who could give advice to the player that is struggling and we all lose since they keep dying thus giving the enemy kill streaks. The maps are also incredibly bad it's like they didn't put any thought into them whatsoever. The last thing I'm not fond of is the way the perk system is implemented. Now I just want to wait for Treyarch's COD. Infinityward really dropped the ball.

  51. Not only does it feel like you are on the same maps every game they are so boring. They are nowhere near as good as MW 2019 were. The maps over the years have got worse and they just don't compare to the original MW 1-3 games. All the maps on MW2 original surpass this boring set. When I put the game on and went through the maps to see what there was it was very disappointing not to have even 1 of the good maps from Mw2.

  52. They make a recycled game… and i know yall are gonna say it but its legit the same exact game they have been making. Whats funny is they make the gun skins relatively easy to get, just takes time.. all they want is you to brainwash into their game. All my friends who play mw2 have. 10-20 days played on it already. Its mind control at this point lets be honest everyone has had 20 kill 40-kill 60-kill games. your like a crack head just fighting to get that high kill game again. Its just so repetitive. 3 games and ive already played every map. THE GUNS ARE NO WHERE BALANCED AT ALL. i remember a time when a smg was up close and a AR was mid range. Now SMG are snipers and everyone is using snipers with red dots and iron sights. All in all its just a weird game

  53. I think thats the key. Its missing something. Its not bad but its not great either. not by gameplay design but overall a lot of other things. Maybe the long term patches will help because BFV was the same way and in the end it became a favorite

  54. I pretty much agree with this on all points. Hopefully MW2 will improve with patching, but for now, I'm also going back to 2019 to scratch any MP itch.

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