All Overwatch 1 cosmetics would cost new players ~$12,000 USD to purchase (credit to loliscoolyay4me for the math and statistics)

  1. Someone on that thread did the math and determined it'd take you about 450 years to earn enough credits playing for free to purchase all that.

  2. Holy fuck - this is brutal now - not that you need every cosmetic in the game, because why if you're not gonna use it that hero at all or just those specific cosmetics. But this still shows how grind walled everything is now.

  3. If you play tank or fill you get 25 credits per game and a legendary is 1000. 25 x 40 is 1000 so that’s 40 games for a legendary not counting the credits you probably get from loot boxes. Did I miss something? Because it doesn’t take 8 months to play 40 games

  4. It's funny how this is actually worse than this. In just a few years people have been conditioned to not care nearly as much about being scammed and loving it

  5. I think the time it takes to earn a legendary skin is way more damning about Overwatch 2 than the massive sum for all cosmetics, or at least, it's more relevant to a normal player. Overwatch 1 was overloaded with chaff garbage that no one would ever want, so that cost is massively over inflated to an obnoxious degree. It taking more than half a year to get a skin you'd actually want is insane.

  6. I mean okay but this doesn't factor in the loot boxes that they dump on you constantly. I dont have that much time into the game, but I'm already at like 75% of cosmetics and I haven't paid for anything.

  7. inb4 someone comes in with the “b-b-but the for profit company is FAIR with their gambling and you aren’t FORCED to buy anything” comment that completely misses the point

  8. it's not gambling. you can win money by gambling. a skin is not money, it has a clock on it that ticks from the moment you open it. eventually all game servers die.

  9. I feel weird reading these comments, as someone who paid just the cost of the game and then enjoyed it perfectly fine… I don’t feel like I’m missing your point, I just feel that your point is bad.

  10. The cost of OW2 cosmetics is absolutely bonkers even compared to other F2P games. New players will find those prices very off putting and returning/OW1 players would be swimming in OW1 cosmetics/credits they have little desire to buy the new stuffs anyway. Whoever decided on those prices should be let go.

  11. To play devils advocate though, most F2P games don’t launch with 6 years worth of cosmetics to buy right off the bat. It’s still a lot of money but it puts the cost into perspective.

  12. How so? The only real outlier is that you don't get additional currency back from the paid battle pass. Outside of that you've got legendaries at $18 instead of the typical $20 (so basically the same) and then mythics are just in the battle pass rather than going for hundreds. It's actually somewhat f2p friendly given you can get every other battle pass for free.

  13. CSGO is actually an incredibly successful competitive fps where classes aren’t locked behind grinds or battle passes, wtf

  14. Valve aint touching that shit because the whole underground skin selling thing, Some people make a living on trading CS GO skins, its why the game is still so popular.

  15. CSGO is the dog whom wags the tail I agree with you it’s silly how expensive some skins are. But idk They figured out a middle ground with the community to not come off as so scummy. Maybe it was timing, or just being first to market. Maybe it’s because the game is a true esport that is easier to watch compared to others so skins kind of stand out a bit more.

  16. Microtransactions are bad (no exceptions), and I think cosmetics are stupid even when they're free. But the total cost of all available cosmetics is just not a meaningful stat.

  17. I miss the time when getting a new thing in a game required you to get a specific amount of kills or playing a specific amount of matches or something similar. This timeline is the fucking worst.

  18. The stat is meaningful in only that it tells you how garbage OW1 was with fluff crap. 12,000$ worth of cosmetics, and maybe HALF of that at best anyone would want. I was hoping that OW2 would move away from the cosmetic bloat but based on the stuff people have been showing from the new store, it looks like not.

  19. yeah no shit? now imagine you have to buy all cosmetics in league dota call of duty battlefield etc. that dosent mean anything but overwatch bad right?

  20. not to mention that NOBODY wants every cosmetic. You can equip one at a time per hero, wtf is the point of having more than the one you want? I have the legendary skin I want for every hero in OW1, and have never spent a dollar in-game.

  21. yes it does because overwatch for the past 6 years allow you to get all cosmetics for free at good rate unlike the other games

  22. I don’t play f2p games, so I’m probably a little naive about this sort of thing, but why is that a controversial take?

  23. No shit? Ow1 has 32 characters and all but like 5 have at least 110 different cosmetic items. Like buying all air jordan variations will probably cost millions of dollars but I don't see anyone being mad because of it.

  24. I think it's a little misleading for stuff like sprays and voice lines to be taking up thousands of dollars in this statistic.

  25. Overwatch has like 300 legendaries across 30 heroes. It's expensive because there are just so many of them. The vast majority of players probably use 2 or 3 skins for like a handful of heroes at most.

  26. Same reason people say you don't need them. At the end of the day, it's all about fleecing the masses and then said masses defending the shit because they're the ones who ate it, so therefore YOU need to eat it too.

  27. Collecting full sets of cosmetics in games used to be a reasonable playstyle that some people very actively enjoyed.

  28. Honestly who cares if it s only cosmetics? Also this is literally like saying "buying all the clothes in the shopping mall would cost xxx dollars".

  29. Sure, if it cost $60 or $70 to access the shopping mall in the first place. And if there were countless other shopping malls that, after paying the $60 or $70, did let you have everything for free.

  30. Online gaming completely bait and switched consumers when they capitulated their use of loot boxes. In comparison to the new systems, loot boxes were a God send. Halo Infinite is the same way. There is an awful rotating shop with ridiculous prices and you can't earn anything yourself for playing the game. Everything has to be bought with money.

  31. When the entire gameplay loop centers around endless matches to acquire some kind of currency and progress your account/character with more and more items and customization, it becomes an integral part of the experience, that is literally designed to be a main driving point.

  32. I don't get complaints about cosmetics in this day and age. Even if people wanna act like "back in my day", back in your day games weren't persistently updated for years to come and all that was involved in game dev was constantly churning out as many titles for as little expense as possible aka how many assets can you flip.

  33. Yeah but the main comparison people are making is OW1 which WAS box-price AND had liveservice in the form of new maps, characters, balance patches, events, gamemodes.

  34. I don't like cosmetic mtx because in alot of games the cosmetics you own is a form of progression on it's own. It also incentivizes creating good cosmetics for people to buy and less time spent on creating good cosmetic rewards through gameplay.

  35. I'm confused as to why people are upset; did they change the way cosmetics are obtained? I haven't played Overwatch in a minute but last I played, getting cosmetics was a joke. You didn't have to spend a dime because loot boxes at the end of games would give you cosmetics and if you had a duplicate, then you got coins instead to buy the ones you were missing. Unless you were really impatient, I always had enough coins to purchase the newest skins right away.

  36. If you don't wanna spend any money then comparison wise, in the past, they had 6 events every year which came out with 4-5 Legendaries (I'm just gonna talk about Legendary skins here as that's what 99% of the playerbase really cares about, and other cosmetics also line-up in the old/new comparison), that's 27 (4.5x6). Plus they added 3 new characters per year who had 2 (Not counting the recolours) Legendary core skins each, so 6. You could get a total of 33 Legendary skins per year in the past without paying a cent more than what you paid for buying the game.

  37. wtf I paid good money for my Costco membership and now you're telling me I can't take all three million dollars worth of goods home for free?

  38. Kind of stripping the comparison, aren't you? It'd be like Costco abolishing their membership and increasing prices ~100x but the people who still have membership time get the food court hotdog at $1.50. Obviously since there's competition on the market for Costco they'd just go out of business but Blizzard is the only one able to sell OW content.

  39. I've played from launch, taken some long breaks from the game. I've never dropped a single cent on it and I've like 500+ unopened loot boxes, a squizzillion credits and pretty much any skin.

  40. Okay, like I get overwatch is a whale farm, but I don't think anybody is Realistically expected to own or even want every cosmetic in the game.

  41. When I played sports in high school I bought one pair of cleats and I was fine. Never saw anyone complain about how much it would cost to buy every available pair of cleats on the market. I don’t understand the point of complaining about trivial stuff like the cost to buy every single cosmetic item, obviously it’s going to be high. And if it’s too high for you, don’t buy it. Non-issue

  42. Ok? This is pretty common for most F2P games, moreso for those who’ve been around for over 6 years (yes OW is going F2P now, but it effectively has 6 years of buildup time when it comes to its pool of cosmetics).

  43. The price we pay for making OVerwatch 1 the scapegoat for lootboxes when, in fact, it has the most generous lootbox implementation as compared to other AAA games.

  44. Times like this make me think TF2 has the better monetization model. Not to mention you can actually trade the items.

  45. Some hate to hear it, but no one is forcing you to buy it. If enough people agree with you that this is wrong, then Blizzard will change their ways or they'll go away. On the other hand, if enough people feel it's worth it, then that's their business.

  46. Yep. Imagine if someone did the math on CS go or TF2. Is will be the same outrageous number...

  47. How anyone can continue to defend Overwatch 2 is beyond me. I was super hyped for it when they announced it, but they’ve made literally everything worse.

  48. We want companies to stop the use of gambling mechanics. This is the alternative. We can't have it both ways people. Either take the gambling or accept the higher-than-average prices on skins.

  49. They didn't. People are just so invested in the idea that OW2 will be dead that they can't handle the idea that it might do okay and so resort to spreading misinformation or framing neutral or positive things about OW2 (such as all the anti-smurf measures) as negative.

  50. I’m gonna be honest… most of the points hating on OW2’s monetization system have been really not great.

  51. One thing that is a distinction for me, is cant I unlock the one thing I'd want, or is this random?

  52. This is the buy what you want cost so no randomness. Realistically, at least 95 percent of those unlocks are trash. I have probably close to 4 to 5000 unlocks in ow and have used less than 100 to 200 of them. Probably 50 on a regular basis.

  53. This doesn’t matter to me since they are strictly cosmetics. It’s when they start letting people upgrades for characters that it’ll be a big problem.

  54. I got back into OW1 because of OW2's imminent release but MAN. It feels like every time they drop information it kills the hype more and more.

  55. Wow I’m glad they would have such a variety so people could get what suits their personality

  56. I have 689 hours in Overwatch and unlocked 90~95% of every Hero cosmetics without paying anything, I did the weekly free boxes events and only played during new seasonal events and when new Heroes were added..

  57. I don't like this criticism. This just means that there are so many cosmetic options that no matter how casual or serious you are, there will always be differentiation. That's good for players who enjoy paying for these features.

  58. And on the other end of the spectrum, I have been playing Splitgate for just over a year and have basically all of the cosmetics. For free. Flex.

  59. At least you arent paying 60 just to pay more for skins lmao like battlefront. Dont play free games. Its that easy

  60. Wait? So if they make a lot of cosmetics, it cost to much to own them all but if they don’t make enough cosmetics then they are lazy and need to release more skins?

  61. I think everyone owes Jeff and the original OW team's some credit for trying to hold back the floor of bullshit for as long as possible. In the end, Activision got it's way, and so another great game is killed, for quick cash.

  62. I miss the days when you just paid for your game. Mobile gaming has completely ruined the monetization in the gaming industry.

  63. I cannot believe they fucked this up. As an older dude who competed in OW in a couple leagues, I was hoping to scratch my itch again and I can see it’s dead before arrival

  64. If this was about another game's cosmetics, no one would care. The only reason it makes front page on this sub is the hate boner y'all have for Overwatch.

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