Ubisoft working on NFTs for other titles

  1. There’s already been morons in other titles spending up to $300,000 a pop. You’d be surprised how well it works when a couple of idiots give you millions of dollars.

  2. Anyone who has ever bought any in-game item has basically bought an NFT that they don’t actually own, cannot ever sell, and can be confiscated from them at any time…

  3. I stopped buying their shit because of them basically getting MeTooed every other week. Like jfc, is it really THAT hard to run a company and not sexually harass your employees??

  4. The last Ubisoft title I played was Far Cry (2004) sometime in the spring of 2006 on Xbox. I’ve never played any Assassins Creed games and I’m sure I’ve missed some gems along the way, but I won’t go anywhere near Ubisoft generally.

  5. Ea, Activision, ubi... All used to be great. Now I only pay attention to games from them which are super highly rated.... Which is none

  6. I was trying the crew 2, then noticed the upgrade system for the vehicles is gear score system from the division. They're so fucking lazy with game mechanics.

  7. I really hope they see Elden Ring completely dunking on everything people hate about their games and decide to do... okay couldn't even finish that sentence.

  8. At least they are protecting your wallet by having a simple label that tells you which games are made to be obvious dumpster fires.

  9. Ubisoft are dead to me as a game developer and publisher. They already were even before NFTs. This latest anticonsumer move is even more nails in an already nail strewn coffin.

  10. This news coming on the heels of an F1 NFT game that got shut down yesterday, and all of the NFTs associated with it becoming completely worthless.

  11. Didn't they also announce the Breakpoint game isn't getting anymore major updates anymore? The one with Quartz items or whatever?

  12. Anyone that buys NFT (at least those NFTs) deserve to be scammed. Crypto though it's quite different. It's a real investment category now (if you don't go in every shitcoin only based on hype).

  13. I don't understand why that's bad though. If the game didn't have NFTs, then your purchase would be even more worthless now, right? Nobody can explain to me why NFTs make gaming worse. Nobody can explain to me why NFTs make gaming better either though, so it just sounds like the most ridiculous thing on both sides.

  14. I bought a house with crypto. Cult? Just because it’s high risk? Ok Reddit cult, thanks for the financial advice. 🤦🏻‍♂️

  15. The only ubi game that caught my attention in the last couple years is immortals fenyx rising. Still not able to buy cause of it being only available on the epic store, which is pretty expensive where I live.

  16. Their only recent game that interested me was Riders Republic, tried it through their subscription thing and I was bored after 10ish hours. And yet I think I have like 50 hours on Descenders

  17. For Honor has been the best, most unique game they've released since the Ezio trilogy. I still play it to this day.

  18. Every few years I spend $15 on a month of their game pass thing, play all their games as much or little as I want, and then cancel

  19. I'm surprised they're still calling it NFTs and haven't just rebranded the concept with another name.

  20. I think the sole purpose of having NFTs in games is to appeal to the cryptobros, so it makes sense to keep the name, I guess.

  21. It's a shame that Ubisoft holds the rights to some of the coolest and greatest video game franchises on the market, yet they do some dumb cartoony "how do you do fellow kids" shit or NFTs.

  22. How big of a fucking downfall this company took..ruined both of their biggest franchises and doing shit like this

  23. Check out this video by Upper Echelon Gamers for the utterly disrespectful, willingly ignorant, malicous and greedy corporate shitstorm that brought us here.

  24. There hasn't been many games that have offered cross game cosmetics in a while but an NFT is not the way to go. Offer the continued support and transfer of those kinds of things rather than adding a price to something you can never trade, gift or even sell online. You can sell something irl but digitally it can be gone within moments of the game shutting down. A good example is assassins creed series. Every game has their own unique version of the previous titles clothing for the main character and sometimes other characters to wear. Not one of them is free. Every single one has to be bought ranging from 2$ to 20$ due to bundles. Ubisoft wants to make money and the only way to make their games more appealing, which is not their job, is to add nfts.

  25. You motherfuckers can’t even stop pre-ordering games, go ahead and talk about voting with your wallets cause you’re going to lap this up too.

  26. I'm inclined to think the pre-order crowd doesn't use reddit, and probably belong in the super casual gamer category who doesn't really explore more than the few triple A titles immediately on-screen.

  27. NFT's is met by nearly universal negativity. But they continue to push NFT's into their games. Why? Because their games still sell like crazy. And they will continue to scam their customers as long as their games sell like crazy. It is simple.

  28. The universal negativity is only from people invested enough to post somewhere like reddit. The vast majority of customers are not those who get online about the game.

  29. Hey, remember when they offered NFT's for one of their games and essentially rendered them entirely worthless by no longer providing support for said game?

  30. i don't get it. what's the point specifically of an NFT for this. if you want to make it so only one person can own this item then you don't need an NFT there's plenty of games where there's items with limited availability.

  31. Man they made some of my fav games in the past but the last 5-6 years they have just become a shit hole company. Sad to have to leave them behind but I can't support this.

  32. We should learn our lesson from cosmetic transactions in games. It isn't enough to not buy yourself. You need to refuse to play with people who do buy them.

  33. I still don't see how NFTs will lead to better games or make experiences better for players. As far as I can tell, it looks like it will either be used to replicate things you could already do with traditional databases just so they can advertise NFT/Crypto/Blockchain buzzwords or to facilitate new monetization or play-to-earn schemes. I'm just not seeing any benefits to plans like this.

  34. It's unreal how out of touch major game development studios are with what their fans want. The only companies I trust with their IP's are FromSoftware and Valve at this point

  35. I wonder what the reaction will be when our entire monetary system is crypto based and every transaction we make online through game services like steam is literally the same as an NFT

  36. Cryptocurrencies are never replacing regular money, even most of the idiots/grifters/gamblers that buy into it realized that a long time ago.

  37. I'm only 17 and I want drugs, prostitutes and gambling but somehow those things aren't available to me to be delivered directly to me on my couch 24/7.

  38. If there was a poll on which AAA gaming company would be most likely to pump out NFT's, guaranteed Ubisoft would've been top 5. These guys are doing everything they can to be the next EA; Its embarrassing.

  39. Why the fuck would anyone give two shits about a pair of digital pants in a game with a serial number on them? If their goal is to turn game assets into nfts and allow players to carry them over into other games send to indicate that players can buy content to use in multiple games meaning that there needs to be less new assets and items added into new games. It all seems like a giant scam intended to take our money and deliver as little content as possible.

  40. My last holdout for anything Ubi is Beyond Good & Evil 2. That's my most anticipated game of my adult life. But IF it ever releases and they pull NFT shit, I'll hate it but I'll drop it and never look back.

  41. What happened to the F1 NFT game? Oh yea, it got shut down and the NFT’s are all worthless now, just like all NFT’s ever. The greed is palpable.

  42. NFTs have been failing left and right so far in the gaming industry and Ubisoft STILL want to push forward with their plans? Talk about tone deaf as all hell.

  43. Just like with microtransactions, the game will be balanced around it. If you want to play the game you will have to give a shit.

  44. There are lots of kids who game. Most of them will not be able to understand the complexity of why NFT's in games are bad investments.

  45. If activision actually pushes NFTs into the next call of duty, expect them in everything else. Once it’s successful with call of duty, everyone will hop on it. Ubisoft is probably betting on activision

  46. Ubisoft don't really know what they are doing anymore. They used to innovate, now it seems like they just chase trends fort big rewards.

  47. I personally dont care. I have never bought a single title from Ubisoft and dont plan to change that. Even pirating their games doesnt seem worth it.

  48. Sounds like a corporate idea nobody actually expects to perform but needs to be done pro forma for shareholders.

  49. That's fine. I stopped buying their generic copy & paste trash years ago. Ubitrash can eat a bag dicks for pushing this garbage into games.

  50. The saddest part is that Breakpoint is a good game now. It has all the bones to be a great game, even, a remarkable game. But whoever had the vision behind what it could have been was crushed by The Usual Ubisoft Bullshit. The immersive military sim is hidden beneath layers and layers of pointless menus and interfaces and microtransactions.

  51. I would only be interested in this if it actually fulfilled the promises of NFT bros and let bring an AK-47 in to historical Assassin's Creed worlds.

  52. I'm just dying for an assassin's creed battle royale game where I can use my NFT's to create my own cool Ezio.

  53. I would prefer to play games for entertainment, not to grind crypto or flip NFTs. I think this attempt to commodify leisure time will just lead to worse leisure.

  54. Gaming doesn't produce anything. Game-to-earn is an orwellian nightmare. I hope this crash and burns just as the D3 RMAH did.

  55. That money has to actually come from somewhere, if you're getting paid to play that means someone else is paying both you and the devs even more. It's inherently ponzi-esque, even before we get into the mountain of problems with the tech itself.

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