Unpopular Renner take, I understand her and I would do the same

  1. Idk, I'm Pretty sure most of the sub here would trade their humanity and kingdom for just immortality and magic alone- Renner gets love & happiness too? Psh- if that's not the easiest decision idk what is.

  2. People has this ideal justice/moral that is so far off reality its like they live in a bubble.

  3. I doubt that it is an unpopular opinion at all, objectively speaking she did the right thing, she simply fulfilled her dream and guaranteed her safety, that is what we would all do, she was simply lucky to have incredible abilities that attracted the attention of Nazarick.

  4. It was objectively right for her to murder her father and poison an orphanage so she could keep a person as a pet for all eternity.

  5. People are saying that she represents an example of Ainz's "Do whatever is takes to find happiness," philosophy, and they aren't wrong. The point is that "Do whatever it takes to find happiness," is actually evil, and the show keeps pointing that out.

  6. Exactly. Even Ainz himself acknowledges he only gets away with so much because he has so much power and so many resources on his side. If he encountered someone with more of both but opposing viewpoints he'd be crushed. People like Climb, Gazef, Arche, and so on were never wrong for having the selfless desires that they did, they just didn't have the power needed to achieve them, at least not over what Nazarick possessed.

  7. Add to love, she also desired peace and safety... Which the Kingdom did not gave her with the nobles and the Empire breathing down their neck.

  8. This is why i like overlord. It doesnt have bland villains that do evil for no reason at all. Those are just methods to fullfill their own personal goals. Khajit and Zach could've just been background characters without any backstory but even they had selfish dreams like reviving their mother or finding a sold off sibling.

  9. This isn't unpopular. For anybody who has the full picture from top to bottom, getting out of Re-Estize while also getting the best deal possible is not really a controversial opinion.

  10. Another take is anyone with her mind knew there was nothing they could do to stop them from doing whatever they wanted with the Kingdom, either become a victim or switch sides with benefits. It's also what Raeven did as well.

  11. I always respected that she gave those orphans a “last meal”. Whatever evil deed she wanted through that, at least they died with full stomachs.

  12. If you'd poisom orphans and murder your father to lock someone in a room for the rest of thier lives like a pet you are a piece of shit.

  13. Despite some people claiming that this is not an unpopular opinion, there sure is quite some objecting views from both sides in the comments. So this game is no exactly unpopular, but more a part of the controversial views.

  14. I guess it depends where you look :D I felt like an impostor, I'm glad there are people who agree with me

  15. Kudos for Renner actually having the mental fortitude to pull through to her end game. Genius or not, she could’ve easily reduced to a simple psychotic princess who projects her stress onto others, or collapse under the neglect and fear from others. In a sense, while Climb didn’t take her to the traditional happy resolution, his introduction to Renner’s life did save her from any self-lament. Climb was Renner’s sun, no matter how twisted her sickly-adoration in him it did became.

  16. Renner is a good reason never to have a "one world government". You might roll the dice on who leads it only to have it be a self absorbed child like Renner who sells out all of humanity for some alone time with her forbidden lover

  17. she already saw what will happen to Kingdom, so she took a side to survive. She’s not necessarily being evil to the Kingdom or hate them. turning into demon kind might a way to secure that

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