I'm not liking this. I'm not liking this at all

  1. i mean, i have no proof, but they literally turned off our power an hour before the last one hit. so i'm told, they usually do that so it'll be easier to bring back, which i don't know wtf.

  2. It definitely makes a huge difference — above ground lines you can lose power even during just a normal ass rainstorm, and your outage might only affect your house or just a couple of houses, so it ends up super low priority.

  3. As someone who was directly in the path of Ida last year and sustained 140mph winds, I know what you are about to go through and feel really bad about it. I hope the buried power lines does make a difference, though, because 7 weeks without power is not any fun.

  4. I was living in Seminole County during Irma was it that hit like right on 9/11 anyway they said we had buried power and not only did we loose power the afternoon before the storm hit, but we were out for 6 days following that.

  5. Ours is in the process of doing it. All the equipment is there but they haven’t actually transferred it from the telephone/power pole to the stupid hole in the ground. We live in the “City of Trees” too

  6. My place is probably going to lose power. The power lines run along the two roads that lead out of my area and they do not look sturdy at all right now. So we'll probably be stranded too.

  7. The part you might not know is your neighborhood is probably fed by a OH dip pole just down the road. A tree takes out that feeder (very real, happens all the time) and you are out too, along with the rest of the neighborhood. Littler easier to fix, but you are probably fed by Overhead lines just outside where you live.

  8. I am by no means an expert, but I have been repleatedly told by experts that the News is about the worst place to get hurricane info.

  9. The NHC has been TERRIBLE this year. The euro and icon models are proving to be the most accurate with this storm so far. ICON currently shows hitting orlando as a strong cat 2, exiting the state out of palm coast-ish and hitting the Carolina’s. You’re correct that mainstream news is the worst, but it’s because they’re tracking the NHC which has Texas in its path just a couple days ago. Icon and euro have been consistent with a west coast direct hit and cross-state path for days.

  10. For real. It swerves out of the path at the last second? Well, No one could have predicted that.. But two weeks before the storm is here they'll tell you its definitely going to kill you.

  11. The last hurricane that went through here—in 2017 I think it was— knocked my power out within hours. I love and welcome stormy weather but I am worried about that. Being without power in Florida is a nightmare.

  12. This is what I get for taking a vacation... just take a break they said, fly away and forget everything back home for a week... stay the hell away Jim Cantore!

  13. If you are in a hotel then you are completly safe. Just order some room service and if you have a device that can download something download a whole season of a cool show and enjoy the ride.

  14. Yeah, but even if it does it'll have weakened substantially by then. What'll push it east is a high pressure trough that'll weaken the steering current, and once the eye gets onshore it'll weaken quickly. It'd probably still be Cat 1 going over us, but by the time we know that part of the track it'll be too late to do anything. It's why you prepare, prepare, and then hunker down and wait.

  15. Yes, this storm is projected to take a similar path to Charlie did in 2004. Saying, “it’s a cat 1” is naive as you see others posting on reddit.

  16. The issue isn’t the category It’s the fact that it’s projected to stall and throw Orlando 10-13” of rain

  17. Literally am forced into work on Wednesday to meet with my boss and have to take PTO if shit gets crazy Thursday but may be too late

  18. Seriously people, by the time the storm gets near Cent FL it will be a TS. No big deal! FL rookies buying up all the water like ohh they will be returning that on Sat

  19. Easy to say no big deal if you aren't going to house full of family from Tampa, I'm already being driven crazy by my dad and tonight I'll probably have my brothers dog running around pissing on everything.

  20. am i missing something or does this really not seem like a big deal at all? I feel like im missing something

  21. Floridians like to pride themselves on downplaying hurricanes and treating them as non-events for some reason. I am a lifelong Floridian and while I'm not freaking out I am still prepared to sit tight and let it do whatever it is going to do. You can only prepare so much for the unknown.

  22. At the bare minimum, it's going to dump more rain on us within the span of 2-3 days than I think we've ever had in the 20 years I've lived here. That plus sustained wind means soggy soil, so lots of flooding and trees being uprooted and taking out power for days/weeks. If that doesn't concern you, then you should be fine.

  23. Orlando will be fine. It will be Cat 1 by the time it’s to us and that’s a regular afternoon thunderstorm for us.

  24. My power has already been out for a week because OUC and my landlord can’t decide who’s responsibility it is to fix it so I guess it can’t really get any worse for me

  25. As per usual, Floridians are over-hyped and freaking out with the first hurricane in a long time. It isn't that serious with anything Cat 3 and under.

  26. I swear everyone here just moved to Florida this past year. We are inland, and will not nearly see it as bad as those on the coast. My family lives near Tampa and they aren’t even that distressed over this, it happens every year, it’s not the end of the world.

  27. Hotels are where everyone who has the cash goes after the storm passes to get AC/power and some reprieve. You're lucky if you're already booked into one.

  28. Absolutely. As far inland and structurally sound as commercial construction is I wouldn't worry about those.

  29. Stop spreading your anxiety Dr. Doom. It's literally so early to tell. This is the same fear mongering the news does. Tryna scare ppl. Relax.

  30. For people in the Casselberry/Winter Park, how bad has power outages been historically? I think my apartment complex has buried power lines so I’m hoping to have minimal power loss, but I’m trying to manage expectations

  31. the forcasts are showing the storm intensity dropping more quickly as it goes onshore than usual for a hurricane. the main intensity remains though to the west of tampa in the gulf, this is all on thursday evening.

  32. man, that euro model always nails it. its the only one that was wildly off course compared to the others many days ago

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