Spotted in Lake Mary. Parking lot was half empty. She was in there 8 mins waiting on food. Fuck anyone who is so lazy that they park in the fire lane.

  1. I’ve seen videos of people in NYC hopping on top of cars and walking over them when they’re blocking the crosswalk

  2. Crosswalk likely leads to the ramp. As a part time user I'd really like to key the cars of people who do this but I'm afraid I'll get beat up and lose what function my legs do have

  3. I'm with ya, but I never minded the fresh air and entertainment that came along with rounding up carts in the Kmart parking lot. 🤣

  4. For real, you can push it around the entire grocery store, making it progressively heavier as you're going, you get all the way out to your car unload it to where it's in its lightest State and you can't walk it 15 ft?

  5. The "back the blue" stickers are nothing more than empty political virtue signaling. But, I agree with your point. This just shows the hypocrisy more nakedly.

  6. Were I a traffic cop, any kind of that pandering would ensure I'd take even more time with them. A friendly chat. A monologue on the courtesy they showed in supporting [insert pandering sticker here]. Give 'em a decent time-out, I would.

  7. they do this like crazy at a neighborhood Walmart I go to. I can understand if they’re old and their spouse can’t drive much but it’s always a middle age man who waits for his middle aged wife with spots open right in front of him but I guess his loving wife can’t walk a few inches 👑

  8. Agreed. Yeah this woman left her car fully parked with no one in it lol. The lines were clearly visible to her on the road that it’s a fire lane/ no parking.

  9. This is when you get obnoxious, if you’re with someone, and walk inside and loudly talk about “who would stay parked outside for so long?? That’s not allowed. Whoever did that is an garbage person”

  10. Can you take pictures of cars with their license plate in public situations like this and send it over to the police department? Or does it just get ignored?

  11. Most likely ignored. I just think the police have failed in enforcing every other road law so why would they care about this? Lol. Good idea though, regardless.

  12. Dude, what enforcement? The only enforcement occurring anymore is pointless harassment, or the typical “show up 4 hours late, take some notes, and do nothing else”

  13. I might have seen this exact vehicle in the parking lot of Publix in Lake Mary a few days ago. They went about 45mph down the aisle I was in, rolled a stop sign, and then hooked a left turn in front of the store and peeled out, tires chirping. People walking all through there and the driver did not care at all.

  14. I'm slowly coming to terms with the fact that traffic laws, as well as all the other vehicles on the road, are invisible to the typical Florida driver. People drive, and park, as if they are the only vehicle around.

  15. I’m fine with people parking in the fire lane. Fire fighters are allowed to do whatever they have to do to get around it. There was a picture somewhere on Reddit where they smashed someone’s windows to feed the hose through.

  16. Honest question, why does this bother you so much? It’s like not taking their cart back. Yes it’s shitty and lazy but in the grand scheme of things it really isn’t that huge of a deal. By your own admission, it was 8 minutes. That’s really not a very long time.

  17. In this circumstance there were about 50 open spots she could have parked in. The closest being right next to where I was. Instead, she decided to break the law. Is it really that hard?

  18. K but I’ve seen so many other people who do this, why does this person need to be blasted on the internet and not the copious amount of others

  19. Found the owner of the vehicle lol. You want me to post everyone who does this? This person is the one who was doing it when I went in. Do you want me to sit outside and scope everyone out?

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