We all sure love da orkz. But what’s your other army and what do you like about it?

  1. I also play Thousand Sons. Tzeentch models in general drew me into the hobby (I like wizards and bright colors) but a lifelong love for the Lads brought me here.

  2. Yeah I like bright Colors as well. Currently thinking about a bright coloured ork warband. A bit of everything Chaos army is also on my horizon

  3. Black Templars! The opposite of orks, comically xenophobic and religious. Coincidentally my second go-to army and arch enemies of orks. Cool medivial knight aesthetic.

  4. None in 40k thus far (over 12k painted and still going), though I am looking at a small First Born/Rynns' World Crimson Fists army using the new HH MkVI kits one day.

  5. I'm new to the hobby so only have kill teams and the dominion orruks. But I wanna build big armies for Grey Knights, Tau, and Da Boiz. In Sigmar I will build orruks, Gloomspite Gitz, and the Nighthaunt.

  6. Iron Ravens painted as GWs Paul Norton's colour scheme. I love Orks more, the marines are for Krumpin practice.

  7. Unironically Tau. Main army is melee focused, second army ranged focused and my third army (Thousand Sons) is psychic focused.

  8. Astra militarum. Love the idea of poorly trained and equipped troops slugging it out with the worst the 40k universe has to offer. Plus tanks and deathstrike missiles.

  9. Love me Bad Moons, but with Orks being mostly a horde force, it's nice to have something a bit more elite so there's less to paint. I recently started collecting chaos and I have like 1200 PTS after spending half as much as I have on my green boys so that's nice. Plus their models are pretty brilliant, some of them it's like painting something out of a HR Geiger drawing. I've got an old Imperial guard force too that I like, since it's fun to have someone play the standard humans, it helps you grasp some of the crazy stuff the other races have!

  10. Orks are the first big force I'm making but I'm thinking of starting an astra militarum army they look really enjoyable to paint

  11. Geanstealer Cults becausew I still get to take Imperial Guard tanks and do fun conversions with them, just with a different flavour.

  12. Imperial Guard, I love Tanks and the thought of regular humans being handed sub optimal small arms and armor. Through grit, sacrifice and the firepower of their vehicles they go toe to toe with the horrors the galaxy has to offer

  13. Orks are my number 1 favorites, but my number 2 is shockingly T'au. I just love the idea of a coalition of minor aline races bandkng together to survive the hell of 40k. I run them as Dal'yth because I like to use a lot of auxiliary units like kroots and vespids as well as proxying some fire warriors for Demiurg, Gue'vesa, and anything else I can find

  14. I like the thousand sons cuz the phycic powers are fun and the models all have excessive levels of drip

  15. Death Guard 🪰🪰🪰. Tons of details and I love their story. They believed nothing could bring them down and they thought they were the toughest. Like the saying goes “ pride goeth before the fall.” And they fell pretty hard.

  16. Orks are my second love. I got into the game on Thousand Sons. The egyptian space wizards spoke to me. I love their aesthetic, and I love killing people with mind bullets. Orks were my second choice when I was starting out in 8th, and when 9th started and I had a fairly solid thousand sons force painted, I started in on the ork army.

  17. Tyranids was always my main army before I picked up orks. Haven’t actually gone back to them since! Have a custodes army also, but actually haven’t played a game in 9th with it yet.

  18. Newbie here, in the works of building an ork army with a lot of black templar units for a second. Love the lore, love the look!

  19. For Age of Sigmar I go Hedonites of Slanesh. I do have a good number of Slanesh Demons so when the new demon codex comes out(if it ever does) I'll probably grab more of them once done painting.

  20. Four varieties of Imperial Guard; a city garrison based on the UN (and Judge Dredd, to a fluff if not modelling extent), a rebel army as a kind of personal bodyguard for a Hess-esque general, a penal legion and a requisition for an Inquisitor stationed on a feudal world.

  21. I’m still starting out with them, but I’m going w Tau for my next Crusade campaign w my friends. I’m a weeb for sure, and just dig the general aesthetic. I also got to play with them a bit with the previous Kill Team Ed and really liked them. Stealth Suits are super cool to me. Also looking forward to some more reliable shooting 🙃 But if Squats come out this year I’m gonna audible so fast.

  22. My first army was Admech … 6000 points give or take … next was Salamanders … around 4000 and counting.

  23. Adeptus Mechanicus. Having Orks and Admech gives so much variety. You want rank and file soldiers who stay away from melee combat? Skitarii. You want so many models on the table at once your opponent just walks out? Orks.

  24. Word Bearers, I love the lore and hopefully their new chapters traits don’t suck, I also have a successor Blood Angels chapter who I love to play too

  25. Haha. That sounds awesome. You clearly put a lot of thinking into it. Listen, I’m thinking about doing pink or purple skinned Orks and really need to write some more for them. I know most people will hate it, but what the hell. Amiright?

  26. My other army is Blood Angels! Cause they are so cool lore wise and well red and green really pop on the table lol! Feels like a very bloody Christmas!!!

  27. Yeah I picked up some nids, but mainly for painting and wanted to get into chaos, which I still might do, but damn those squats are cool

  28. Imperial Fists. The Fists are my first and primary army. And they play very, very differently from Orks. They are much more focused on shooting the enemy rather than entering melee, which is a nice and refreshing change from the usual melee focused armies like Orks that I play. Plus using heavy weapons with the Fists just feels so good (even if I usually get tabled in any serious gameplay).

  29. I've got an army of chaos terminators, renegade Salamanders Astartes stil quite early in the process of falling (so not much physical degradation or as many spikes as the kits allow for), stomping about with a contemptor and a blob of cultists.

  30. I don't have any other armies yet but I think I'll start a loyalist Emperor's Children army once the new Horus Heresy starter set comes out.

  31. I have a guard army I loosely based off the Finnish defence forces. 33. arktinen jääkäripataljoona, led by Ylil. Parviainen, with assistance from Lord Commissar Ivanov, the only non-Finn in the group.

  32. Drukhari because they are having just as much fun if not more then orks and it’s more fun playing the true bad guys

  33. Blood angels. Their unique tactical squad box looked so awesome. I fell in love with their lore shortly thereafter. My friend and rival at the time played tau, and this was 7th edition tau. His strength in shooting led me to want to lean further into melee. The rest is history

  34. Necrons because we literally have a bent back old man HQ model so I can live my dreams of future me going 'get off my planet you damned kids'

  35. Orks are a tertiary fun army for me. My mains are 40K White Scars, 30K Iron Warriors, and a side project gone mad of Imperial Guard ("It was just going to be 1000 points!" he insisted as he realized he didn't actually have enough case space for his 12th Leman Russ).

  36. Mainly Orks but I have tried other armies including space wolves. Almost got a 1000 point list of space wolves painted. Next on the list is word bearers

  37. Imperial Guard. Orks taught me how to paint but the guard started my eternal foray into warhammer 40k. And yes, my pile of shame is massive.

  38. Have my old firstborn army from waaaaay back in 4th when I started. I used to run them as a dark angels successor but now I go Black Templars to keep my old Emperor’s Champion in the list.

  39. I just started collecting February 28, and am over 9600 points into Orks. I'm slowing down for my next army; Leagues of Votann! If I'm not playing little short green guys, I'll be playing little short flesh colored guys 😂

  40. Grey Knights because I wanted something completely opposite the orks and to get into an imperium army, and I thought they were the coolest choice with their aesthetic and lore

  41. I just recently started collecting Orks so I probably won't be building another army here soon, but I do think I've settled on Sisters being my next army. The reasoning is that I like their lore and overall vibe. Also a pipe organ missile launcher?! How could I not love that?

  42. I used to collect more than two armies but I trimmed it down to just Orks and keeping the Eldar that my cousin gifted me.

  43. 42 "flying hogs" Ogryn Commando group. Guard. Custom regiment that comes from a high gravity world. They field only Ogryns as boots on the ground and the rest is vehicles. It's Fluffy, but terrible.

  44. Besides orks i really enjoy Necrons and Grey Knights. When im in a rut of ork army lists or just cant decide on what to do for fun, i go to the tomb worlds or take a small vacation with the knights of titan purging daemons and TS and DG

  45. Space marines: I have a custom salamander successor chapter. Marines are just too iconic to the setting for me to miss out on. Plus there’s never a shortage of things to paint.

  46. My second choice is close between Space Wolces and Death Guard. If I weren't already working on AOS, I would likely get the new 30k box set to start on both of them.

  47. For Kill Team, I've got a whole slew of Kroot. I just freaking love Kroot. I'm worried that I'll eventually have so many that they'll be able to serve as a full 40k army.

  48. Ultramarines as they are easier to paint and getting started IMO. It’s my learn to play army. Then Custodes for the elite and small Modell count, especially compared to Orks. But Orks still have the greatest minis, I just love the Boyz, Buggies and Squigs. But they are challenging to paint 2k or more.

  49. Still struggling with if I want to go with an existing chapter (imperial fists, raptors or salamanders) or if I should go for making my own 🤣

  50. Blood angels were my first love when I started playing in the late 90s. I played a few games with them in 9th pre AoC and they are super squishy compared to back in the day haven’t played them since AoC because I’ve loved painting my orks and building them I feel like they fit me better from there lore and mentality I feel like they are the army I should have picked way back then but what did I know I was like 10 yrs old

  51. Been doing Black Templars and Custodies. BT are just Beakieboys pretendin to be Orks and dem Golden Lads got some great loots.

  52. Orks are my main boyz. But I recently finally got a full death guard 2k list. They’ve been a lot of fun being such a completely different playstyle than Orks.

  53. I just picked up 2k of Death Guard too, but have only played 2 games with them. I feel like they're actually pretty similar since my DG is very melee - centric... but while Orks are very glass cannony/attack buffing, DG to me feels much more tanky/debuffing.

  54. Love Dark Templars. I like being a half step back in terms of the melee-ranged balance from orks. They encourage me to think a bit more as my normal play is to shunt some boys into whatever they have on the objective

  55. Drukhari, tyranids and now also started chaos a while back. I just love the playstyle of drukhari, and a horde of nids is really impressive to look at. Chaos has some amazing models so that's what drew me to them

  56. Yeah chaos has amazing stuff and I also just started with some nids. Still working out the paint scheme but then I want to collect the bigger bugs, cause they look so cool

  57. I've started collecting/painting some Custodes, it's a really nice change paint-wise to do something a bit more uniform and going for a cleaner look (and having non corroded metals). I've not used them in a game yet, but i've got a couple of options list wise that are 7 and 8 models repsectively, a big change to the normal number of models i field with my orky boyz.

  58. Thousand Sons were my first love back in 3rd Ed. Mostly for their lore(Magnus did nothing wrong). I haven't done anything with them yet because my pile of Ork shame is too large, but I've started collecting them again on the side and I love how much more they are fleshed out.

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