Hiking, Soaking and Fishing along Aufderheide Scenic Byway | Willamette National Forest

  1. For my birthday earlier this year we spent a relaxing weekend in the Willamette National Forest along Aufderheide Scenic Byway. A little bit of hiking at Constitution Grove, some soaking at Terwilliger Hot Springs and some fishing along the South Fork McKenzie River. The north end of the drive was closed due to landslides and the Middle Fork Complex Fire which kept the crowds away a bit. This was the first time we visited this area and despite it being fairly close to Eugene we were impressed with how quiet and secluded it felt.

  2. Nice call out! Surprisingly when I threw some green drake patterns the fish weren't interested, but saw several of them. 🤷🏻

  3. Great. Stop promoting places for humans to go trash. That’s what happens. I don’t understand this sharing mindset here and elsewhere on social media. Just enjoy your time and stop fucking sharing everything.

  4. At the hot springs it was for sure. There are 4 pools, the to one was too hot for me to do anything but take a quick dunk. The middle two were great and the bottom was too cool for me.

  5. Nope not travel bureau, just an Oregonian sharing the places I love. I caught one that was maybe 2 inches bigger, but they were all pretty small in those headwaters. Really healthy looking though.

  6. Watched the video, stopped in to correct the naming of the springs in the video, saw that in the paragraph description OP got it right. So awesome to see!!

  7. Ha ha thanks! From googling and talking with friends it seems most people call it Cougar Hot Springs now. I probably should've left that out of the video to stop the spread of disinformation... 😬

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