ultimate gme play?

  1. Keep on smoking... See that car pulling up? that is the Sheriff coming to dispose YOU , and throw all your stuff out on the curb.

  2. If the float was ever locked up GameStop would just sell more shares. Shorts exited positions forever the fuck ago. There have been short volatility players taking advantage of the low liquidity. Short volatility for a couple months. Enter an entropy swap before you release the pressure. Use the profit off the entropy swap to buy a shit ton of puts and slam the price. Rinse repeat. Hedge funds have profited like crazy of gme the past year. Locking the float has made it easier.

  3. The big squeeze happened get over it. This is not a yearly event for the stock. There will be gamma squeezing off and on. Piss away your money on GME calls no one is stopping you.

  4. BUT … can’t do covered calls with DRS shares. The really dumb ones consider options crime and option players traitors. Most never get past applying for options trading with their brokerage.

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